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Joanna had her eyes turned to the ground and looked up when she reached the door. At that moment she felt like her blood froze in her veins and she started to shiver. She could even feel the same pain she had felt that night at the beach when she saw Nick standing right in front of her. She took a few steps back, trying to hide herself behind Angel's back.

It was the same moment that regognition hit Nick why he had the feeling that he knew her though she was looking different in Angel's clothes, her hair done and the make up. The look in her eyes was exactly the same that it was that night. He could see the same fear in it and that was how he regognised her. He instinctively took a few steps back too, feeling really ashamed of what he had done to her. Being confronted with the events of that night was almost too much for him to stand.

Angel looked at Nick, then at Joanna and back at Nick again. She could feel Joanna trembling behind her and decided that it was better to bring her back to the car.

"Hey, you don't need to fear." Angel knelt down on the ground, taking Joanna's hands in hers after she sad down in the car.

Joanna was still shivering and she tried to hold back the sickness she felt when she saw pictures from that night in front of her eyes. "He... he... was... one of them."

For the first moment Angel had no idea what Joanna was talking about. She didn't even want to think about it. When the realisation hit her, her eyes widened. "No... no... this just can't be the truth." she babbled though she knew that it was. The expression of Joanna's face was answer enough. She closed her eyes, trying to handle what she just had heard. Nick was her brother but she just couldn' let him get away with that.

"I'll be right back. Don't run away, he won't hurt you." Angel said and got up to walk back to the house.

"You... you are such a fucking asshole! How could you do something like that?!" she screamed at Nick who was still standing in the door and hadn't move since he had regonised Joanna. Angel's hand hit his cheek real hard.

Nick looked at her surprised. He had never seen his sister like this. "Are you crazy?"

"That was the nice way. You have no idea what I would like to do to you. You never would have sex again, for sure." Angel was still yelling at him, completely out of control.

"I... I... but I didn't..." Nick tried to say though he knew that this would not change anything.

"That doesn't make it any better. Oh my god. I mean if you don't find a girl who wants to sleep with you then go and pay for it. You have enough money."

"I'm... so... sorry." Nick stuttered.

"You don't have to tell me. You have to tell her but I don't think that she would listen to you."

"I know." Nick said. "I was drunk and I wasn't myself."

Angel shook her head. "Then you should not drink that much. That is still no apology. I can't believe what happened with you. I don't know my own brother. I think, I don't want to know my brother." Angel was still angry but over all she was really disappointed.

"Well you know what? You are going to help me. And I could tell you... don't you dare to hurt her again. I'm sure the press and the police would find it very interesting what happened.

His eyes widened. "You wouldn't tell anyone?"

"Believe me Nick, I would do that. You're going to listen to me now."

Angel pulled her brother in his house and took him with her to the living-room. "I really didn't believe that Aaron was right. I thought that you have a heart but now I see how much I was wrong."

Her voice was full of disappointment now. This time Nick couldn't hide behind his alcohol like he usually did and so his sister's word hit his heart. He could feel that he did have a heart more than he wished. He wished that he was drunk, even tried to think how he could get something to drink right now, knowing that it was impossible.

"Okay Nick, you're going to have just one chance to make it undone. Not only for me but for Joanna. Though I think you could not really make it undone. I always thought that I could count on you. You disappointed me too much."

Nick swallowed hard. "Angel, I think I can't help you. I'm the wrong one." He mumbled. He knew that his problem was that he was just afraid. Afraid to admit his mistakes and to try to make it undone. Over all afraid that he would have to show that he has a heart.

"I agree with you that you probably are the wrong one. Joanna is scared of you and she has a reason to be scared. The only problem is that you are the only one that I one who could do that. You are going to marry her. Joanna has to go back to to Mexico and that would be even worse than marrying her. I can tell you one thing... if you don't treat her right or hurt her in any kind of way, not only physically, I would let everyone know what you did." Angel said seriously.

Nick interlocked his hands and was getting nervous. He wished to be drunk again. "She would not want it." he mumbled.

"I could unterstand her. Nobody would want the Nick that you are at the moment. I'm going to talk to her. There is only one thing she is more scared of and that is to be sent back to Mexico. So she is going to do it. I'll let you know what we are going to do next. Keep in mind what would happen when you won't to what I ask you for."

He nodded. "I'm sorry."

"I already told you... don't say that. Show her. You could still save her life."

Angel stood up and was very suprised to see that he stood up too, tyring to give her a hug. She shook her head. "I'll be back." was the only thing she said before she left him alone, realising that Joanna was still waiting outside. She just hoped that she hadn't run away.