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The plot for this story just came to mind and I had to write it down. I'm not really concerned with the ages in this story, I just thought of it and typed it as I went along. That's about it.

Mel is determined to get her parents back together after they have a fall out.
Can she make them fall in love again?
Or will it be just a big bust...

Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick, Other
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Sexual Content
Series: Lyrics
Chapters: 5
Completed: Yes
Word count: 4891
Read: 1389
Published: 03/05/09
Updated: 03/08/09
Story Notes:
Another one of my much older stories. I figured I'd post it on here and see if anyone likes it. Well here you go, Enjoy. :)

1. Part 1 by nickslilmami [ - ] (1295 words)

2. Part 2 by nickslilmami [ - ] (576 words)
This story isn't very long but maybe I'll continue it and make it longer someday. But hopefully you still enjoy it. :)

3. Part 3 by nickslilmami [ - ] (831 words)
Yet another part, enjoy! :)

4. Part 4 by nickslilmami [ - ] (952 words)
This is the second to the last part of this story, I know it's short but hey ideas come and go. Hopefully you enjoy this.

5. Part 5 by nickslilmami [ - ] (1237 words)
The last part of the story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who reviewed. :)