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Working in LA, I was like everyone else. Trying to make it big in the world. I wanted to be a singer. Before I left Australia, I made sure I a career instead of just a waitressing job. I was working a 9-5pm. That made it perfect as I was performing at a few bars/clubs/restaurants at night. I had a friend who I knew that gave me studio time late on a Sunday night.

Having breakfast with my flatmate, who worked night, she suggested musical theatre. In New York. “I just settled myself here.” I said.
“I’m just reading this Aladdin they are doing. You’ve seen it right? Cassie asked.
“Sure” I replied as I gulped my orange juice and got out of my chair and left the messy house and walking out the door to go to work at the law firm I was working at.

Later that morning I looked at flights from LA to New York. I pondered at the opportunity. “Could be good.” I said to myself. By lunchtime I booked the flights and accommodation. Audition was Saturday afternoon.

Friday night straight after work, I went to LAX. As expected a 2 hour flight delay. Going over the script I had my iPod on for the soundtrack. Little did I know that when it came to boarding I almost missed my flight. Due to this, I was put in first class. Isle seat. Next to me, on the window seat was, Alexander McLean from Backstreet Boys.

After dinner I tried to concentrate on the script but having Alex next to me it didn’t help. I had a big crush on him. Him and Nick Carter.

Alex dozed off while on the flight but woke up when he accidentally with his leg, kicked mine. “Sorry.” He apologised.
“It’s cool.” I replied.
“Aussie huh?” Alex guessed
“Yup, in one.” I replied.
“I love how you guys talk.” He laughed.
“Ditto.” I said.
“I’m Alex.” Alex introduced himself.
“Hey I’m Brianna.” I replied.
“Sweet. What you got planned for in New York?” He asked.
“Oh, just an audition on Broadway.” I replied.
“What’s the production?” Alex asked.
“Aladdin.” I said.
“And let me guess, you are going for, ah, what’s her name, ah yeah, Jasmine.” He said.
“Yeah, my friend told to go for it or not come home.” I laughed.
“I think you better do it then.” Alex said.
“Yeah, what about you? What you doing in NYC?” I asked.
“The guys and I are recording there Sunday. I’m flying out early to catch up with friends. Guys wanna be home an extra day.” Alex replied.
“Sounds good.” I said.

The rest of the flight, we chatted about everything, except for our careers.

Flying into New York around 4am, the first place I went after my bag was to get caffeine. I sent a text to Cassie saying I got to NYC eventually.

After having a few hours sleep I got up and rehearsed a few hours before heading out.

Arriving at the American Airlines Theatre on 42nd Street, I filled in the registration papers and information that was needed. While waiting for the audition it was discovered that we would only be performing the theme song, A Whole New World. That had always been a favourite song of mine and had these ideas of performing the song but never had the opportunity to do it.

On stage, I had finished my audition when was a huge applause, more than the others had received. My voice and choregraphy had wowed everyone that much they even brought out the Producer, Kevin Richardson, who was playing Aladdin on stage.

“I’d like you two to perform it. See how it blends in.” John the Casting Director suggested. After Kevin and I did brief introductions we performed it, again with a huge round of applause. Auditions finished finally around 6pm after delays and the last minute fellow auditioners. Having limited money I grabbed something from local cafe before making my way back to JFK Airport for the flight back home to LA.

Wednesday lunchtime, eating lunch at my desk, slaving away, my phone rang. I had just been given the part of Jasmine. I had til Friday to get to New York, for rehearsals starting 9am Saturday morning. In 2 days I had quit my job, found a cheap run down apartment on the other side of Manhattan and flew over to New York. Majority of my think were put into storage.

I had no idea what to expect with musical productions. After all, 5 years in LA trying to make it. The first few days we mainly got to know each other and build a trust using exercises.

Cassie and I remained in contact every night and was so supportive of me, even reading lines with me over the phone or on the internet through messenger.