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“Ms Angeles, I am from the Department of Justice. Here is a summons of your request to appear at the Los Angeles Superior Court in regards to the case of Ms Day.” A District Attorney said handing me a piece of paper.

It had been 3 months since I ran out on the guys, on my life. The only person I called was Ross in case he needed to call me. I told him that I wasn’t living at Alex’s anymore, he advised me that he had received information about the case with Cassie. He picked me up in a secret location and took me to a secret location of where he told me where I would be living. I was going to be in witness protection. Cassie’s “friends” were known to cause trouble and he informed me my life was in danger. Severe danger.

I was given a whole new identity and relocated to Tampa Bay. I was not to let anyone know of where I would be or anything. Ross was going to handle everything for me. Only Ross and the Department of Immigration knew where I was. My visa was extended on special circumstances because of the court case and I would be granted American Citizenship in exchange for my testimony. I felt bad for doing what I had done.

Ringing Ross, I informed him of what happened. “I had a feeling it would be happening soon. I have been making arrangements for when you to come here. I am flying down to Tampa a few days before the trial to let you know what is happening.” Ross informed me.
“Do you know how Alex and everyone is?” I asked.
“You know I can’t tell you that. Alex is still asking for you, everyone is.” Ross replied, tears welling up in my eyes.
“You don’t think...” I began to ask.
“We’ll see. I can’t promise anything.” Ross cut in knowing what I was going to say.
“Please?” I begged.

My life in Tampa was alright. It felt weird living in Tampa Bay, knowing that I could have driven past Nick or anyone, knowing that he had a house here and came here every so often. I was working as an administrative assistant for a radio station at 93.3 FLZ Tampa Bay. I had a few days warning of who was going to be on and stuff. The friends I had were jealous of where I was working, seeing all the music and movie stars, getting free passes to events, etc.

This one day, I was working away, typing away minding my own business when one of the morning DJ’s came and told me to make accommodation reservation for someone tomorrow night. “Who for? What kind of accommodation do you want?” I asked
“Nick Carter, he is co-hosting with me tomorrow.” Brent replied. My body froze.
“Doesn’t he live here?” Amanda another assistant asked.
“Yeah but his place is under renovations or something. Told me when I was talking to him a few minutes ago. I said we would hook him up with somewhere to crash. He knows that my place is a mad house with the kids and all and with the mother in law from hell.” Brent explained.
“Ok.” I replied getting on the phone to organise accommodation for Nick.

Finishing work, switching off my light and computer, I heard Brent leaving his office. “See ya tomorrow Lisa. Thanks for organising the hotel for Nick. He’ll love it.” Brent said.
“No worries. Enjoy your night.” I replied politely not wanting to let on.
“Yo! Brent, ya here?” I heard a familiar voice. Nick Carter.
“Yeah just leaving now man. Ah! Crap. Nick, come up here man, in my office. Just gotta handle something.” Brent said as he went back into his office. I panicked.

“Brianna?” Nick asked puzzled. He noticed me. I froze. He discovered me after my new hairstyle, my now American accent, my clothing look.
“I’m sorry?” I replied.
“Brianna, it’s me Nick.” He said.
“I think you might have me confused with someone Mr Carter. Mr Conway has said you can go into his office.” I replied gesturing him into Brent’s office.
“What? Bri, its Nick! We have been worried about ya like crazy!” Nick said.
“My name is Lisa.” I replied. Confused Nick went into Brent’s office scratching his head.

I left work immediately, raced home and locked all the doors and called Ross. “I just saw Nick.” I panicked.
“He what???” Ross freaked out.
“What do I do?” I asked.
“I can’t believe he saw you, he seriously recognised you!” Ross exclaimed.
“Ross, help me. He is here in Tampa overnight co-hosting with Brent in the morning.” I told him.
“Ok, don’t worry. Stay home, only answer to me. Pretend you aren’t at home. Your car is in the garage isn’t it?” He said.
“Yeah it is.” I replied.
Ok, I will call Brent now, I will explain that you won’t be in tomorrow morning and that you need to lay low for a bit. If Nick asks Brent about you, I will tell Brent to tell him something.” Ross told me.
“He can get confused with people sometime, especially if he hasn’t seen them in a while. I’m just hoping Brent will convince him.” I replied worried.

All night I stayed up unable to sleep. I panicked. What would Nick do? If he told Alex that I was here in Tampa, Alex would be on the next plane out or have private investigators out here. I couldn’t run away again, not without Ross knowing. What would Nick say? If Nick was definitely positive it were me, he would be on the phone straight away.

I must have fallen asleep just after dawn as the next thing I knew, my phone was ringing, Ross.
“Well?” I asked when I answered the phone.
“Nick is adamant that it is you. Brent is in a difficult position. He finally convinced Nick to let it go.” Ross said.
“Nick would call Alex, regardless. Alex will be out here by morning hunting me down. He has stared into my eyes. He knows my facial features. He will know when he sees me straight away.” I panicked.
“I knew this would happen.” Ross said taking a deep breath.
“What?” I asked.
“If you say that Alex will definitely know you, I guess we will have no choice. I think we should only let Alex know. Maybe Nick. Do you think the others will be ok with just Nick and Alex seeing you?” Ross replied.
“Nope. I haven’t known them for that long, just under a year and I think that it won’t happen. Cause trouble between them and from what I have been reading and know, they are about to go on tour soon and I don’t want to cause trouble.” I said.
“Ok, I will make arrangements for just Alex, Nick, Brian and Howie. No one else. I know you have the other band members but they will have to deal with it.” Ross replied. Tears streamed down my face.
“Thankyou.” I cried.
“Let me organise things and I will get back to you.” Ross told me.

By dinnertime, it was arranged that we would all meet up at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa Bay the following morning in a private hotel room with security surrounding. Ross made the arrangements for no one to be near the level below our hotel room and no one around while we were going to be there. Ross would pick me up before sunrise and whisk me away.