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“Who are you now?” Nick asked me once we all calmed down from the hysteria, Alex not letting go of me, his arms around my waist.
“I’m me.” I replied.
“Which is that? Lisa or Brianna?” Nick asked.
“Nick, Oh my god! You thick or something! Brianna of course!” Brian said his hand going up to whack Nick on the head.
“Everything is fine. Everything all over. I can go back to who I was before all this started.” I assured Nick.
“So we can get back to work?” Nick asked me.
“No, not yet. She gotta be with me first.” Alex told him laughing.
“What was the result? What now?” Howie asked trying to get things to a sane level.
“Guilty. Life.” I replied smiling.
“Yes! There is justice!” Brian said.
“What about the citizenship and everything now?” Alex asked me.
“I see Ross Monday next week. He actually wants to see you all next week. Fill in you all in and all. He’s calling your people.” I replied.
“Gee that sounds so yesterday, our people call your people.” Nick laughed.
“So what’s going on here? Rehearsals for new tour?” I asked changing subject.
“You have been catching up on what we have been doing. Haha, yeah, just before you came, your man and Nick were discussing shall we say about who should have moved and all as Nick crashed into AJ.” Howie told me.
“How about an independent non bias opinion? Show me what you were doing.” I suggested.
“You will go for AJ, that’s bias!” Nick said.
“I will not. Now get on with it.” I laughed. The guys got in position and the band began to play “The One”.
“Yeah baby!” I called out every so often.
“Now this is where.” Howie said. Nick and Alex were at the chorus where ‘where you feel like there’s nowhere to run’, when Alex ‘ran’ into Nick. Brian and Howie were going into a run trance towards the left, Alex was to. Nick thought it was straight ahead.
“Well?” Brian asked.
“Let me see after that bit, then I will know.” I replied. They continued on from that bit to the end of the song.

“Definitely straight ahead. Definitely straight ahead for sure.” I told them.
“Ya think?” Nick asked.
“Yeah, it just depends what kind of stage you are going to have. You had the round for the Millennium tour didn’t ya?” I replied.
“Yeah, man that was crazy. I got dizzy.” Alex said.
“You never went to Millennium?” Howie asked.
“Ah, Howie, I was in Australia then. You all forgot about Australia! Damn you all for forgetting Australia.” I laughed.
“Ok, we’re sorry! We’re sorry! We’ve made it up to ya’s...Haven’t we?” Nick asked confused.
“Yes you have. You have been to Australia. I got proof you were in Australia.” I replied.
“Phew! Nah, it’s all good.” Nick laughed.
“Ok guys, back to work.” Brian spoke up. I stood at the edge of the stage while they were rehearsing.

That night, walking into Alex’s place, I felt content. “You right babe?” He asked as he shut the door, putting his keys on the table near the door.
“Yeah.” I replied.
“So good to have you back.” He whispered moving closer to me and held me tight.
“Glad to be back.” I replied.
“While you were away I missed you so much. Made me realise how much I love you so much.” Alex said. I stood back. “What?” Alex asked.
“You love me?” I asked shocked.
“Sure do.” He replied. I was blown away. No one had ever told me they loved me.
“I love you too.” I smiled as we embraced again. “Don’t let go.” I whispered.

We were up in his bedroom just talking, his bed facing the big windows, curtains not drawn, about our feelings and what we wanted to do now that we could move on with our lives. “Mom wants to meet you.” Alex told me.
“Me? She know about me? Everything?” I asked.
“Not everything, everything, geesh! What do you take me for? Yes she knows you, would love to meet you. She says since you and I have been together, I have been more down to earth.” Alex replied.
“I have noticed a few things in you too.” I admitted.
“Such as...” Alex asked.
“One, you haven’t had any more tattoos and two you have slowed down on the smokes.” I told him.
“With the smokes, I admit, when you walked off and all, I was doing them big time but when I found out and all, I returned to normal.” He admitted.
“I didn’t mean to run out. That wasn’t to do with the plan of what happened...” I began to say.
“Hey, now what did we all discuss in Tampa? No explanation or nothing.” Alex interrupted me then he kissed me.
“I haven’t been with anyone either. I wanted Brianna to be with you and not cheat on you. The time I was away, even here in Los Angeles, I wanted to be with you. Like this.” I said.

We watched the sunrise come up like we had done on the beach that morning, just after that I must have fallen asleep.

Later that morning, Alex and I moved my things from the bedroom I was in, into his bedroom. We were both ready for the next stage, the separation brought us closer to another level. The following day, Denise, Alex’s Mum would be coming over.

For dinner that night, Nick and Lauren came over for dinner and movies. Alex knew Nick and I had a connection, even without me spending more time with him sometimes because of the recording.

“You know you got it made here girl. You got Backstreet Boys to open for you when your touring or you can tour them. Open for them. Nick here wants his name on your record, wonderful boyfriend AJ, Kevin as your manager...” Lauren said before Nick interrupted her.
“Kevin my manager?” I asked confused.
“Oops!” She blushed putting her head down.

“We were going to mention it to you before everything happened. With the way the world is and all, money is tight, even for us. Kevin is in a dry spell, things haven’t been working out for him, same with Kristin. We were all talking and thought, you need a manager now that you are on your way and what better of a manager could you have than Kevin. Someone that has been in the business like us, we got screwed over and he knows what he’s on about.” Nick explained.
“Ok, sounds fine to me.” I said.
“I think, wait til things have calmed down with you. Get back into the groove of things. Kevin understands.” Alex said.
“Nick, just answer one thing for me.” I asked.
“What’s that?” He replied.
“With the band, have they found something strong? Have they got a new band or something?” I asked.
Nick didn’t know how to answer. “It’s ok if they have. They are fantastic!” I added.
“Yeah, they have actually formed together as a band collectively, were at a music festival and were signed up to an independent label. Are recording.” Nick replied hesitantly.
“Why hesitant?” I asked him.
“Because you were so looking forward to being with them and all. They were too.” Nick replied.
“Nick, its alright. I understand. I’m happy for them.” I assured him. Once that difficulty was over we went into the entertainment room while Lauren and I watched some “chick” flicks according to the guys while they were playing computer games. A good Saturday night after everything that happened.
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