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The following morning, I tidied the house up with Alex’s Mum, Denise coming. “Why you cleaning? The place is clean?” He asked me as I was straightening the cushions in the lounge.
“I just have this thing for when people come over, meeting people for the first time or for a while.” I replied.
“Bri, it’s just Mom.” Alex told me.
“Exactly, your Mum, meeting the girlfriend of her one and only son.” I stated.
“You expecting Mom to be some wicked witch of the west do ya?” Alex asked.
“When it comes to girlfriends yes.” I replied.
“Mom is fine. Sometimes she doesn’t act like a Mom. Everything will be alright. I promise.” Alex tried to assure me as I continued to clean the house, even though it was spotless. I guess it had something to do with my life in Australia. Living with my parents, before they died.

Just before lunchtime, Denise drove up the driveway. My heartbeat began to beat three times as fast. Standing next to Alex watching her drive up, he held my hand to give me some kind of reassurance.

“When Alex told me you were from Australia, I couldn’t believe it. He has always had a thing for Australian girls.” Denise said as we sat outside in the sunshine overlooking the garden and pool that was magnificent.
“It was just by accident on how it happened. If it wasn’t for me catching the earlier flight, this wouldn’t have happened.” Alex told her.
“Has he tried to improve his accent?” Denise asked.
“It’s still the same, so British but he’s catching on.” I laughed.
“She’s trying to get me to eat that Vegemite crap. Ugh!” Alex added.
“Hey, its just like how you guys go with your Peanut Butter and Jelly and Nutella.” I told him.

“How are things going with your music?” Denise asked.
“Nick told me last night, basically we are at stage one again. I had expected it, after what had been happening. Ross is catching up with us. He’s going to fill us in on what happens with everything and naturally my citizenship.” I informed her.
“It has been assured that you would be given citizenship? What if it backfires?” Denise asked concerned.
“Brianna will go back to Australia Mom.” Alex told her.
“I wasn’t saying anything.” Denise defended herself her arms in the air.
“You didn’t need to.” Alex replied back.
“I was just wondering what would happened with your relationship.” Denise said.
“If we can handle the past few months of no contact, as if we didn’t exist basically, we can handle being different continents apart for a while. Anyway, we are going on tour just after the summer, Brian has some gigs for his album and his Christian music so Brianna can use her Australian passport. We’ve checked it all out. Both Ross and our legal team.” Alex explained.
“Excuse me.” I said as I got up and went into the kitchen with some of the dishes we had used.

While I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher to let Alex and Denise have some time together alone, I was watching from the kitchen wondering what they were saying/doing. From what I could gather, Alex was defending me. He and Denise were beginning to get louder. I just stayed inside the kitchen then all of a sudden he and Denise come storming back into the kitchen.
“Brianna, I’m sure you are a fantastic woman, Alex sure has told me a lot about you but I’m sorry, I don’t think you are right for Alex. It seems to me you only want to be with him for your career and your stay here in American to be permanent.” Denise blurted out before walking out the door. Alex was just fuming and yelling at her.

Once she left, I went upstairs to leave Alex alone, let him calm down. Without saying anything, I just ran myself a bath, that way Alex could do whatever he wanted to do without me getting in his way.
“I’m sorry. I had no idea.” He apologised later on when he calmed down and he found me, standing against the bathroom door shut.
“I expected it.” I confessed.
“You did? Why?” He asked.
“Alex, look at the circumstances. I’ve been here for what nearly 6 years, my visa about to expire, no music deal, I saw you on that flight to New York, get into a relationship with you. Then I am in the middle of a murder and drugs trial, granted full American Citizenship no questions asked...” I went on to explain, before he cut in.
“Mom knew all this. I told her, I told her everything apart from the witness protection and crap when you were going to be here in LA for the trial. She was fine about this.” Alex said.
“People can change their mind.” I tried to mediate, try and make him see it from another view.
“It just sucks, I thought it was the right time.” Alex sighed.
“Let her calm down for a few days, see how things go...”I suggested.
“And what if it doesn’t? What if she is right out angry and all?” Alex asked now sitting on the floor against the wall next to the bath.
“I had all these scenario’s while I was in protection. If that situation does arise, I have made a rational decision.” I replied.
“Such as?” He asked removing his glasses rubbing his face to try and lose the stress.
“We remain friends.” I simply said.

“No way. Bri, I love you so much. You have been the best thing in my life in such a long time. No way could I be friends with you. I want what we have now. This is how we belong.” Alex firmly told me.
“Alex, she’s your Mum. If there is anyone needs to have, it’s their mother. Believe me I know.” I said.
“I just...” Alex began to say.
“You just nothing. You know I’ve lost my parents. You still have your Mum. I have heard and seen too many of this happening and it always ends in a all round split. They lose their partner and the parent. They end in the middle. I will not let it happen.” I firmly told him.
“She will come around. I think once the Citizenship comes through, she may be ok.” Alex sighed.
“It will be ok.” I tried to assure him but he couldn’t see it.