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Monday morning first thing, Ross met us all including Kevin and the guys legal team, sitting in the boardroom office. As it was an official thing, it seemed weird to see the guys in work gear, especially Nick shirts and all. Deep inside I melted, and not just because of the summer heat.

“Right, first thing is first. Witness Protection program. That will cease at the end of the week. While Brianna is not in Witness Protection, she will have security for when she travels to and from places.” Ross told us getting straight into things.
“Did you know about this?” Brian asked me, swivelling his chair round towards me who was a few chairs in front of me.
“Yes. Everything relating to the Witness Protection I know about.” I replied looking at him first and then the guys.
“Because Brianna has been in Witness Protection for a while and because of her career, readjusting to this new reality will be difficult. Therefore she will have access to a Psychologist at least once a week. Even though she had access to everything while she was in Tampa, presuming leading a normal life, she will need to adjust being Brianna.” Ross continued. Alex squeezed my hand and Nick lifted his head a bit to give me a bit of a nod, facing opposite me.
“Alex, we were thinking of this for you too. Seeing as you are Brianna’s partner.” Ross added.
“Ok, thanks.” He replied not knowing what to say.
“You will be surprised on how you will need to see one. We have had men like you saying, nope, no way, but they end up seeing our Psychologist.” Ross said.
“How long will this last for?” Howie asked curious.
“However Brianna needs it or wants it. It’s totally up to her. Brianna had a tough case with her and it was lengthy compared to some cases.” Ross replied.

“Second, is Brianna’s Citizenship. We have worked with Ross and the District Attorney of Los Angeles. The District Attorney is allowing full citizenship. To quickly smooth things along for everyone, it will be for this week, Friday at 5pm.” Ross stated.
“Friday?” I shrieked. The guys and I looked around shocked.
“Yes Friday at the courthouse in the judge’s chambers.” Ross informed us. Alex gave me a great big hug and there were congratulations all round from the guys.
“It will be a low key affair and be brief. Would you guys be able to come?” I spoke up.
“Try and stop us!” Nick said.

The next thing on the agenda was my career. “This is where Kevin comes in.” Michael, one of the guys lawyers spoke up, taking over from Ross.
“When we did the managing a few years ago with Krystal and we each have down our own over the years at some times, I wanted to get back into it. When Nick was telling me about Brianna coming onto his record label and that her starting out in the biz, he approached me about considering being a manager.” Kevin spoke up.
“It may look as though we are keeping it in the family, we ain’t, well we are but you know where I’m coming from.” Nick said.
“I’ve had both our legal team and Ross go over the contract I set up. You naturally will need to read it but that can be later in the week.” Kevin told me.

“As for music wise, I don’t know if you were aware of this or not, but I got a few shows coming up over the next few months. I need a female vocalist that will come with me. I have a few names who can do it but I want to see if you wanted to experience the touring side of things.” Brian asked me.
“Sounds good, unless I don’t have any other commitments.” I replied looking at the guys.
“Ya free.” Nick told me.
“Mr Manager?” Alex asked Kevin.
“Don’t ask me, I am not her manager yet.” Kevin replied.
“Well?” Brian asked.
“Sure, why not?” I replied shrugging gently.

“Now you musically.” Nick said looking straight at me.
“Yes...” I replied looking back at him.
“As we told you the other night, Shane and all are set up doing their own thing. They couldn’t turn down this offer they were given. So, we are back to square one. This time, going to have get people in to see if they have got what it takes.” Nick explained.
“That’s fine with me. I had suspected it anyway.” I replied.
“I’ll help you with that if you want me to. The guys would be busy doing rehearsing for the tour and then Brian on top of that will be rehearsing his small one.” Kevin suggested.
“Yeah that’ll be great. Thanks so much!” I replied looking at Kevin.

By late morning all of this has been discussed and the guys had to go back to work, leaving Ross, Kevin and I to go over the contract in more detail and for Kevin and I to discuss the new band set up.