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Brian and I started the tour in Lexington KY, Brian and Kevin’s hometown. Everything had been all smoother sailing with the management, Kevin my manager and we were in the process of getting people to join the band but it was causing problems, the people we selected weren’t getting on with each other. Kevin was going to try and work it out while I was away with Brian. Alex and Denise, patched things up. I was right, it was the Citizenship that was getting to her. We have spoken a few times and we are building up the relationship.

The afternoon of the show in Lexington, Brian introduced me to his family back home. Also he wanted to have his Mum’s cooking. A decent home cooked mother meal. “What is up with you? You smiling over a roast?” Brian laughed as we ate dinner.
“It’s the fact that it’s a real home style roast. The mother’s touch.” I replied as I passed him the butter for the roll he was breaking into it.
“Mother’s touch!” Brian remarked.
“Leighanne would do it.” His Mum added.
“She’s my wife. The mother of my child.” Brian said.
“When ya home with her, when she has time, get her to do a roast.” His Dad said.

After the show, we went back to the hotel room, which we were sharing, and just chilling back. We made our phone calls, Brian to Leighanne and Baylee and I was calling Alex.

“You know what we should do?” I asked as were chilling watching the TV to settle us down for the night before we were on the road again to the airport to go to South Carolina.
“What’s that?” Brian replied.
“It’s been a while since its happened from what I can tell, let’s get online for a bit, well mainly you, and tweet to some fans. Give them a shock.” I laughed.
“Why just me? People are knowing you now, ya AJ’s girlfriend. Ya have a following.” Brian told me. “Ok, ok.” I laughed. Before we did, we decided to take a photo of ourselves together on his Blackberry, and tweeted it out to the fans.

When we finally decided to call it a night, we got up out of the sofa at the same time, some reason our heads bumping into each other. What happened then, shocked me. Brian looked into my eyes and he kissed me.

“What was that?” I asked moving away from him. Brian couldn’t answer me. We were both in shock that this had happened. I would have never thought that Brian of all people would do this.
“I...I....I....” Brian tried to bring some words out.
The whole night, I lay awake wondering what to do, what to say, what to I don’t know. In my own bed, next to Brian’s, I heard him tossing and turning. Deep inside me, I always thought, even though he was true to Lauren and faithful, and according to both Brian and Alex, the best he had ever been with a woman, Nick would be the one.

As the sun was rising up, I quietly gotten up and gotten dressed, packed my bag and sat down in the lobby waiting for Brian to come down. We were needing to leave for the airport around 8am to catch the mid morning flight. I couldn’t look at him unless I needed to. When I had to look at Brian, I could tell he had the same feelings as me. In public we went on as if nothing had ever happened.

The flight from Lexington to St Louis putted more strain on what we were feeling. Halfway, the aircraft had engine trouble and with Brian being a bad flyer, this panicked him. With nothing else to do, I assured him by holding his hand. I think he was taking as a sign or something else.

Getting into our hotel room, a few hours before rehearsals we talked.
“For that split second I thought you were Leigh.” Brian said.
“Well I’m not. Nothing like Leighanne.” I replied.
“This will never happen again. It ends here. I’ll go downstairs and see if I can get another room for myself.” Brian told me.
“It’s all booked out.” I reminded him. Just then, the phone rang. “Alex” I whispered.

“Hey you.” I said answering the phone.
“Hey yourself. What’s happening? You in St Louis yet?” Alex asked.
“Yeah we are. We got here like what? An hour or so Brian?” I replied looking at him.
“Yeah be about that.” Brian called out.
“Brian alright?” Alex asked.
“Will be, halfway here we had drama, we’re all fine, so don’t worry. Just had some engine trouble, one blew up but we’re alright.” I replied.
“Leighanne know?” He asked.
“No. He will soon though.” I replied.
“I’ll let ya go, call me later alright.” He said.
“Yup. I love you.” I replied.
“Love you more.” Alex added then we got off the phone.

“So what now?” Brian asked when he got off the phone. At that moment, I felt sick, running to the bathroom.

“You right?” Brian asked when I came back from the bathroom.
“Probably the turbulence and all. Happened to me one time.” I replied sitting down on the couch.
“Just take it easy.” He suggested.
“Yeah I will. Don’t worry not that we can rest much.” I tried to break the ice with a laugh. We had a awkward silence.

“Brian, we need to talk about this.” I said after a few minutes.
“I know, I know.” Brian repeated a few times bringing his hand to his forehead hitting himself.
“On the plane this morning, coming here when we had the turbulence you held my hand, the way you held it...” I began to say.
“Way I held it?” He asked puzzled.
“It wasn’t in a scared way, you weren’t gripping onto it as tight as one would.” I replied gently. Brian remained quiet, not looking my way.
“I’m sorry. Leigh and I are having a few problems, no one knows, only you, how it will stay. This was just a once off, a mistake.” Brian asked turning around to face me, hoping I was going to say yes.
“Yes. You know I love Alex so much. No one will ever know what happened.” I replied.
“Just.......one.......more......time?” He slowly asked looking sideways, his eyes telling me of his loneliness.
“You know the answer Brian...” I began to tell him before brought me forward to the couch we were near and we gently kissed for a while. Whatever I tried to do, I couldn’t break the kiss apart. He had me trapped in the corner of the couch. I didn’t feel anything for Brian. Just as a friend.
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