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Three months had passed on and the tour for the guys was starting. US in every state including Alaska and Hawaii. This delighted fans especially in Hawaii. I was in the process of finalising my album and was going to be promoting at the same time, with Kevin by my side. I didn’t know America at all apart from a bit of New York and Los Angeles and obviously Tampa. I hadn’t ventured anywhere else. At a few interviews, Nick was with us for the interview and Alex occasionally.

The first city we were in New Jersey. It wasn’t so far from New York so we had a few days in NYC. I thought we would be crashing at Kevin and Kristin’s place in New York City but turns out this wasn’t the case. Management like to have the guys stay at a hotel for security reasons although they could go back their own place for something but not to spend the night.

Trenton, New Jersey was the first stop. Kevin and I drove to Jersey for the promo at a radio station there. This was my first interview. Testifying was easier than this. One slip up or sound and it was known globally.

“Brianna meet Tracy. She’ll be doing the interview this morning.” Kevin said to Tracy. Kevin had been a friend of Tracy’s throughout the years. Tracy had always supported Kevin’s work outside of Backstreet Boys.
“Nice to meet you. So, you are with the boys? They are a crazy bunch aren’t they?” Tracy said breaking the ice.
“Including Kevin?” I joked.
“Hey watch it!” He laughed. A few minutes later we went into the radio booth where we were going to be doing the interview. We had it agreed that I would only be asked questions about my music career and nothing else, that was with every media commitment.

“So Brianna, you are starting your tour with Backstreet Boys today or tonight, however you wanna take it. Excited?” Tracy asked.
“Oh yeah sure am. Couple of months ago, I just finished doing a small tour with Brian for his Christian music and loved the touring. I have always had the travel bug.” I replied laughing.
“How did you get signed up? It was a pretty funny situation wasn’t it?” Tracy asked.
“Haha, yeah. Like everyone, trying to make it big in LA. I went to New York to audition for Aladdin. I got the lead but unfortunately, financial backing went down. On the way to New York from LA, I was sitting next to AJ McLean on the flight. Anyway between them two Alex and I formed a friendship, followed by the guys, Nick, Howie and Brian. While I was working at a club one night, Alex surprised me and apparently Nick heard me on the phone and wanted me on his record label. And Kevin wanted to be my manager.” I explained.
“Wow, so lucky.” Tracy said.
“I wouldn’t say lucky. I would say fortunate. Like most people would say, right place right time but it is so hard work. They work me so damn hard.” I laughed.
“Tell us about your single. Deep inside me. You wrote that a few years ago didn’t ya?” Tracy asked.
“Yeah, I was working away at a restaurant and saw a situation and it hit home to me. That night I sat up for hours writing that song. The more I wrote and heard the song more the more I realised that it was about my life and how I felt overall as a person.” I said.
“And the album coming up in the next month, tell us more about that.” Tracy asked.
“I am totally blown away with it. With some of the songs, I have written myself, Howie and Brian have polished it off you could say and with their help, this has gone beyond my wildest expectations.” I replied.
“Before we let you go, everyone wants to know...how are you going to survive touring around with Backstreet Boys...How long you going away for?” Tracy asked laughing.
“If I can survive hours locked up in the studio with them for almost 24 hours, I think I can handle it. We know our boundaries. Once we finish the US in a few months, we head down to South America, then we go to New Zealand and my hometown Australia.” I replied. After that they played my song.

“When we get back to New York, have we got time for Alex and I to be alone?” I asked as Kevin was driving back to New York.
“Ooooh, I don’t know. We can see, depends what time we get back in there. Why?” Kevin replied.
“I just need to tell him something.” I told him.
“Why can’t ya call him or whatever?” Kevin asked.
“I need to tell him in person.” I replied.
“Everything is alright isn’t it?” He asked concerned.
“Yep, fine.” I smiled at him looking at the scenery.

Got back into New York City around lunchtime and the guys were in Howie’s hotel room with Leigh and their son James. James and Nick were on the Playstation 3 battling against each other in Guitar Hero, Nick obviously winning but convincing James that he was winning. Everyone laughing with Howie trying to help James. “I can do it Daddy. I winning.” James told him.

“Hey there! Congrats!” Brian said soon as he realised we were in the hotel room.
“Thanks.” I replied as he hugged me followed by the guys.
“God you make me like a god!” Alex laughed.
“You are.” Leigh joked.
“I thought you were fantastic. Conrgatulations!” Howie said.
“Thanks, ah guys, can I pinch Alex for a bit?” I asked.
“Everything alright babe?” Alex asked.
“Yeah fine, just wanna tell you something. ALONE.” I replied enforcing the alone bit to everyone.
“Bye Bri.” James said.
“Bye champ.” I replied.

“So what you wanna tell me?” Alex asked when we were in our hotel room a few minutes later.
“I don’t know how to tell you this.” I sighed sitting on the edge of the bed.
“What is it? Bri you alright?” Alex asked worried.
“Geez, and with the tour, everything getting back on track with your Mum...” I was blurting out.
“Bri, what is it? You got me worried.” He pleaded.
“I don’t know how to tell you. This wasn’t meant to happen.” I began to get upset.
“Bri, just tell me.” Alex said.
“Remember when the trial and everything was over, first night back?” I asked.
“Yeah, what about it?” Alex replied.
“Remember it was my first time?” I asked.
“Yeah, sure do.” He replied cuddling me. Just then his phone rang.
“Answer it.” I told him.
“It’ll go to voicemail.” He said as he got his phone and pressed ignore and switching phone off.
“So you were saying.” Alex began as he turned off his phone.
“Alex, I’m...” I began to say when the door knocked.
“Yo, AJ, we gotta get goin man, Bri you coming?” Nick called out.
“Five minutes dude.” AJ called back.
“No now, I was given my marching orders. If I have, you two have yours. Jen just tried to call ya.” Nick said.
“Fine!” He muttered putting his head down in frustration.

At the venue, we got wired up and started sound check. Alex tried to get it out of me what I was trying to tell him, even tweeting me on our tweet pages privately but I wouldn’t saying no. He kept giving me looks to see if I was alright but I kept smiling at him. When it came time to let the fans in for a meet and greet, I hid away, getting on Twitter to answer fans. It was known that I was dating Alex and with the guys on tour.

“Hey, Bri. Can you come out here, fans wanna meet ya?” Nick said using his microphone.
“Yeah sure.” I replied walking out onto the stage, nervous. Walking out, I was shrieked and cheered. Kinda overwhelmed me.
“Thanks guys, that’s sweet.” I said walking over to the guys.
“They just wanted to see my latest creation.” Nick laughed.
“Oh puhlease!” I joked.
“So hands up who wanna hear her Bri sing?” Alex asked the crowd who replied in cheers.
“Let’s add a special touch. Guys, take a break.” Nick said to the band as he got on the drums and the guys went to their instruments, Alex bass, Brian piano, Howie on the guitar. More squeals but for the guys, mainly Nick on the drums. I just giggled. “This is rare.” I told the crowd.

After a fantastic show, the drive back to New York seemed so quick. “That was so awesome! Woot!” Nick said as we were on the road.
“How on earth did you learn my song?” I asked them.
“Bri, you forget something? We are machines.” Howie replied laughing.
“Oh yeah. Silly me.” I laughed, Alex putting his arm around me.

Arriving back at the hotel room, we all went into our own rooms, wanted to be with our loved ones.
“So where were we?” Alex asked as we closed the door turning on the lights in our room.
“I was trying to tell ya something.” I replied as I took off my jacket and went into the bar fridge to get a bottle of water sitting down on the lounge.
“Well no one will bug us now. They are all busy. Phone is switched off. Hotels know that when we come back from show, not to disturb us.” Alex told me sitting next to me on the lounge.
“Ok, well....I am pregnant.” I quietly told him.

“Ya wha?” He asked shocked.
“I’m pregnant.” I repeated.
“Oh my god, this is fantastic!” Alex shrieked getting up.
“Is it?” I asked worried, not knowing really if it was or not.
“Baby, this is fantastic.” He replied, his hands out for me to hold and getting me off the couch.
“This is beyond wild.” He added hugging me.
“But timing is wrong.” I reminded him bringing him back to reality letting go of his embrace walking away.
“We can always work things out. The world doesn’t stop women from falling pregnant especially artists. It will be fine.” He assured me, hugging me again.
“Yeah.” I replied trying to sound happy.
“What’s wrong?” He asked as we were getting ready for bed, Alex pulling down the covers for us to get into bed.
“I’m just worried that’s all. Just concerned what everyone will say. Your Mum, Kevin...” I began to say when he cut me off.
“Why them two mainly? That’s none of their damn business. We are entitled to our own lives. We are human.” Alex cut in.
“But...” I stammered.
“But nothing. Babe, this is fantastic. Let’s just enjoy this moment alright.” Alex said putting a finger on my lips then skimming down to my chin and kissed me.

We wanted to allow a good week before telling everyone the news. We wanted to keep the excitement to ourselves for a bit but the girls knew. They knew the following morning when we were downstairs in the gym.

“Ok, this might sound weird, but are you pregnant?” Lauren asked as she was stretching her leg muscles.
“Lauren!” Leigh shrieked.
“What makes you say that?” I asked.
“Well, er normally you would be going for the small weights and you are just on the treadmill walking slowly. Your top is looser than normal almost baggy and I have noticed you have been puking for a while. Guys have noticed too.” Lauren explained.
“That true?” Leighanne asked.
“I am wearing baggier clothes, just coz I want to.” I replied.
“That may work with the guys, but honey, ya one of us now. Nothing is secret.” Leigh spoke.
“So are you or aren’t ya?” Lauren asked.
“I am.” I giggled. The girls stopped doing what they were doing, coming over to me squealing.
“Sssh! Only Alex knows. We were wanting to keep quiet for a week or so before telling the guys.” I added.
“Please, can you keep this a secret?” I begged.

That didn’t last long. The guys ganged up on Alex and I one afternoon at sound check in Chicago two days later.
“What’s gotten into you two lately? You are all super lovey dovey. Making Leighanne and I look nothing.” Brian asked as I was testing the mics which one I felt comfortable with.
“Should we?” I said looking at Alex who was getting a drink of water.
“May as well.” He sighed.
“Ya getting hitched?’ Nick guessed.
“Does she have a ring on?” Alex asked Nick.
“Don’t need a ring these days man.” Howie spoke up.
“Guys we aren’t getting married...Not yet anyway.” I laughed looking at Alex.
“Ooooh. Pressures on ya now man.” Brian laughed at Alex.
“Nah, no pressure at all. Knowin you guys.” Alex laughed back.
“So, we gotta tickle ya to get it outta ya?” Nick asked.
“He will.” Brian joked. Alex moved over towards me, standing behind me.
“We’re pregnant.” I announced. Just like the girls, the guys were the same but to Alex giving him high fives and all.

“How far are ya?” Brian asked after all the hysteria.
“Ah about 4 months.” I replied, Alex kissing me on the neck.
“Relax, it’s none of yours.” I laughed.
“All mine.” Alex grinned putting his arms around me.
“Told Kev?” Howie asked.
“Have to now.” I replied.