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6 months pregnant and in Australian summer wasn’t that great. We were in Australia earlier due to problems in South America. We thought this would be a nightmare for everyone concerned but just had a few readjustments and had to add additional shows for a couple of cities. Fortunately Melbourne was one of those cities.

Kevin had no problems with the pregnancy and everything. My schedule changed a little bit, finishing my promos earlier than expected and opening up for Backstreet Boys. I would have the final month at home in Los Angeles, Denise staying with me in case anything happened. It was her first Grandchild after all and I needed a mother.

When we arrived in Melbourne from Sydney, security made way for all of us so no one of us would be trampled on and especially for the kids, scared. It was emotional coming back home.
“How long since you been here?” Leighanne asked as we were following the boys to the hotel.
“Nearly 7 years.” I sighed remembering all the sights I missed.
“Least we got time to chill here.” Lauren sighed.
“Amen!” Leigh laughed.

I was only two hours away from where I used to live. I only had one day of press work and the rest I was on my own. I wanted to go and see what had changed. That day I had a few media spots to do with the following day to myself until sound check.

Following morning, sun was shining, beautiful summer day without being too hot. “Come on, we’re going out.” Alex told me after we finished breakfast looking over the Yarra River as we were staying at the Crown Casino hotel complex.
“Where we going?” I asked as I was getting my bag.
“Just get in the car and see.” He laughed putting a hand behind my back.
“You drive here in Australia? Alex you know we drive on the other side of the road? Everything is the opposite here.” I reminded him.
“Reason why I’m not driving. Come on, car downstairs.” Alex replied. Going down the lift and into the car park, I was wondering what he was up to. Some landmarks were still where they were when I was last in Melbourne, but it wasn’t until I saw the sign for one place I knew where we were going.
“BENDIGO!” I squealed.
“That alright by you?” Alex asked turning to face me as we sat next to each other in the back seat of the black Mercedes Benz that was driving us to Bendigo.
“How did you know? I never told anyone about Bendigo. I haven’t told you about that.” I asked, questions flying a million miles an hour.
“Relax, I did some investigation. I have people you know. Haha. Seriously I was talking to Nick a while ago and he mentioned something of Bendigo, just slipped ya mind might have and then he mentioned it.” Alex explained.

Couple of hours later, we arrived in Bendigo. It was how I remembered. As we were at an intersection I realised that we were turning to the main road of the cemetery, where my parents were. Dad buried and Mum cremated. Mum and Dad together. Getting out of the car, I knew directly where to go, Alex not that far behind me. Mum and Dad weren’t far from the main road.

“Alright babe?” He whispered standing behind me, pecking me on the neck, arms around my stomach.
“Yeah, I seriously never believed that I would be back here. I thought I wouldn’t be able to come back here. I feel so bad for leaving it so long.” I replied.
“They would understand, your dream, your life.” Alex said.
“If I had known we were coming here...” I began to say.
“You would have brought these?” He asked showing a bunch of roses, 2 dozen red roses.
“How?” I asked.
“Stop asking so many questions.” He replied.
“Thankyou.” I said as he knelt down and put the roses in the holder.

“I thought of a name for our child.” Alex mentioned on our way back to Melbourne late that afternoon.
“What you thought of?” I asked.
“If it’s a girl, Michelle Pamela or boy Michael” Alex replied.
“Don’t know the male version either do ya?” I laughed.
“Gotta get a baby name book and find out don’t we?” Alex replied.

Halfway back to Melbourne, the driver, Alex and I were talking about the heat and the show that night, Alex was allowed to miss sound check just this once when something happened. We were hit. I couldn’t move, I could hear Alex murmur but couldn’t hear anything from the driver.