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Two months into my life in New York, we had a rare weekend off. I had planned just to relax and go over the production. On the Saturday around lunch time, my phone time and found it strange it wasn’t Cassie.

“If you want to, would you like to come over and have dinner with me, Kristin, Mason and a few friends?” Kevin asked.
“Sure that would be great, thanks.” I replied. An hour later, I was pressing the doorbell on their apartment. Brian Littrell opened the door.

“Hey Brianna, how are ya? Come on in.” Brian said as if I had already met them.
“Thanks.” I replied following behind him. Going to the patio Kevin greeted me.
“Got here alright? I would have gotten Nick to come and get ya, but he’s hopeless driving in New York.” Kevin said.
“I’m not hopeless, just a bit cautious.” Nick Carter piped up.
“Nah, it’s all good.” I replied as I moved away from Kevin’s hug.
“Yo Alex, ya Aussie chick’s here.” Kristin called out.
“No way.” He replied coming outside with Mason running ahead.
“He liked ya from the moment he saw ya.” Howie Dorough added.
“Little did he know about how I knew it was you.” Kevin said.

Over lunch we talked about production, the guys new album coming out soon and the guys wanting to know more on me. Inside with Mason asleep, Kevin got a phone call – John. The look on Kevin’s face sensed something was wrong also giving me a cold shoulder which they noticed.
“Alright hun?” Kristin asked.
“Yeah fine.” I replied trying not to sound distracted as Kevin walked out of the room. Five minutes later, he walked out of a room, his expression, more concerning.

“Ah Brianna, we need to get to the theatre, urgent meeting.” Kevin said.
“What’s wrong?” Kristin asked getting up standing next to Kevin.
“I’ll tell you when I get back. Not sure what time.” He replied
“Take it easy man.” Alex said.
“Thanks, I’ll catch up with ya later guys. Brianna ya ready.” Kevin asked getting his car keys hugging Kristin.
“Bye, nice to meet ya.” I said as I walked out the door with Kevin.

Arriving at the theatre, hour later, everyone was puzzled and confused. “We wanted to tell you all at once, face to face.” Peter the Director said.
“The investors in this production, had high hopes for this. We all had a risky gamble given the economic crisis globally. The money that was invested has gone. All of us production staff have lost money. This means we need to cancel the production.” James, the assistance Director continued.

We all couldn’t believe it. There were many in my situation. Packed up everything and moved to New York. There was only one thing I wanted to do – call Cassie. After saying goodbye to everyone, I made my way back to the apartment.

“You are leaving JFK tonight, 9pm” Cassie said when I told her.
“What you mean?” I asked.
“Check ya email. I just got you a return flight tonight for you. Girl as much as it sucks you gotta come back here and try again. New York wasn’t for ya. While you were talking, I made the reservation.” Cassie explained.