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At the hospital, the guys were in Howie’s room. When Kevin and I walked in, their heads all turned. “You alright?” We asked them all.
“Meh! Can’t complain.” Nick replied.
“What happened?” Kevin asked.
“We don’t know. We didn’t even know AJ had a gun.” Brian replied as he and Kevin hugged.
“What he do to you guys?” I asked shocked.
“Just a few bruises with me, I’ll be alright.” Nick said.
“Twisted ankle.” Brian said.
“Broken ankle, couple rubs.” Howie told me.
“I am so sorry! If I had continued on with him and I together...” I apologised.
“Bri, you didn’t know what was going to happen. None of us did. We were just talking about this. How on earth he got a gun.” Brian said.
“We know he can have a bad attitude and all but never this bad. I have known him for a while and never thought he would be this bad. Something is up with Alex.” Howie said.
“It’s the accident, simple as that. Either he saw something or did something?” I suggested.
“Bri, ya nuts. Did something?” Nick asked as he let me sit on his lap.
“Yeah totally.” The others agreed.
“Come on guys. Look at it. I love him as much as you guys, but look at the facts. He surprised me without you guys knowing about taking me to Bendigo, everything going great and then the crash. After the accident, when I come to, he doesn’t want to look at me. He won’t talk about the crash, either pretends to be tired or something.” I stated the facts.

“AJ wouldn’t do that. He was so excited for the baby. I knew he was out there baby shopping. Toys, necessities. The works. You almost didn’t have to do a thing.” Brian quietly told me, putting his hand out to me.
“Something is definitely wrong.” I concluded.
“We still love ya.” Howie said taking my hand, Nick cuddling up to me.

Leighanne and Leigh arrived that night, worried sick but relieved Brian and Howie weren’t seriously hurt. Lauren was on her way back, she managed to call Nick in between flights. Nick was in my hotel room playing on the computer with me when she called, Nick breaking down when she called, me taking over the call in the end. “Stay with him. Don’t leave him alone.” She pleaded.
“No worries.” I assured her.

Following morning, I was allowed to see Alex. For only a short time. I walked into the jail, Kevin wanted to come with me. This whole tour we have bonded so well. He became like my big brother. Sometimes a bit to over protective.

The moment I laid eyes on Alex, my heart melted. I fell in love with him even more but I was still angry for what he did but I had to put it out of my head.
“Hey.” I said as I sat opposite him.
“Hey.” He replied not looking up from the floor, his head sunken.
“How you holding up?” I asked.
“Yeah ok, could be worse I suppose.” He replied, head still down.
“Yeah spose. Know some countries where its disgusting in places like this.” I commented.
“How the guys?” He asked.
“They are alright. Just few cuts and all.” I replied.
“I didn’t mean to get that far. I didn’t.” He told me.
“Wanna talk?” I asked.
“That’s all you wanna do...talk. Shit Brianna, you wanna do something else?” Alex groaned.
“I’m sorry, I just want to know what is going on with you.” I stammered. The whole world does. I muttered underneath my breath.
“I don’t know alright. I don’t know. Just go alright.” He snapped wanting to go back to his jail cell.

“I still love him, no matter what he says.” I told Kevin as we were going back to the hotel room.
“Don’t tell what happened alright? This is between you, Alex and me alright. Don’t want the guys getting more angry towards AJ.” Kevin warned me. The events were just starting to hit the guys.
“Nah, I wouldn’t. Wouldn’t know what to say” I replied. When we got back to the hotel, the guys were just wanting some quiet time to get over what happened, Kevin was making phone calls about what happened, but not making comment on anything. Between Kevin and the guys management, they rescheduled everything.

That night, in my hotel room, I was on the computer checking my emails, looking at what websites were saying and also what the fans were saying. Some were really concerned, some were wanting to attack Alex. To try and distract me I was watching the movie The Hangover and a tub of ice cream when there was a knock on my door. “It’s Nick.” He said to let me know it was him as I wouldn’t answer the door unless I knew who it was.

“Nick what you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in bed or something? Be with Lauren?” I asked surprised looking at the time.
“She’s asleep, I couldn’t sleep so went online and noticed you were online so thought would see ya.” Nick explained.
“You alright?” I asked as he sat on the chair next to me where my computer was on the table, helping himself to a spoon of ice cream.
“Just can’t sleep. Can’t believe all the shit that’s happening. We all start of well, have a bad time, then when we are on a high something bad happens. Again it’s all thanks to AJ.” Nick sighed, the spoon stabbing the ice cream.
“So you decided to come here and stab my ice cream?” I asked trying to make a joke.
“How can you be so calm with all this? Aren’t ya mad at AJ?” Nick questioned me, his eyes focusing on the ice cream falling off the spoon back into the container.
“Why be mad and all that? Won’t get anywhere. Yeah course I’m mad at Alex but I love him.” I replied sitting down next to him in front of the computer, moving the lap top aside digging in another spoon.
“You still love him?” Nick asked puzzled.
“Yes I do. I know it’s not Alex doing all this. Something is wrong with Alex. He means so much to me. We are just taking a break from each other, he says we are over but I know we aren’t.” I explained.
“Don’t you think you have your head in the clouds or something? What if he doesn’t change? What if...”Nick went on.
“Nick, trust me on this one. I am positive that there is something medically wrong and its going to be proven. Something happened around the time of the accident. It will come out, all in good time.” I cut in.
“Just thinking, you and he would be parents now.” He commented.
“Yeah.” I sighed. A few minutes later, Lauren was knocking on the door.

“Thought I’d find you here.” She remarked as she came in, seeing Nick at the table.
“Sorry. Just couldn’t sleep.” Nick apologised, Lauren standing behind him, leaning down, her arms around him, Nick turning his head sidewards, giving Lauren a kiss.
“It’s ok. Just got concerned. Knew you wouldn’t be in with Brian and Howie and naturally thought here.” Lauren said as she sat down next to Nick, their hands holding each others.
“I got more ice cream in the freezer.” I suggested getting Lauren a spoon.

Next morning, the guys decided to head back to Los Angeles. Doing a tour with 3 guys, amongst all the controversy was going to much and making security hard for them. The guys emotions were taking its toll. They would return back to Europe and finish the tour but at this moment, they wanted to be home with their family. Kevin wanted me to go back with them but I said no. I needed to be with Alex. He needed me.