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Two weeks later, Denise and I went to go and get Alex from the centre. He was coming home. Denise had been in contact with the guys and let them know what was happening. If they wanted to, they could come over that night and see him, Alex was prepared for any situation. When we arrived, Alex was in his room waiting. He hugged both of us tight. Walking out of the centre Denise took his suitcase and walked on ahead, Alex holding my hand, pecking me.

Home about lunchtime, his dogs met us at the door, tails wagging eager to see him. “I missed you guys so much.” Alex cooed kneeing down to pay attention to them. Denise had lunch with is before she left Alex and I alone together.

The two of us alone, nothing but silence in the house, we stayed on the couch just holding each other, feeling each other, bonding together like we used to.

“Brian called this morning. He and Nick are coming over tonight.” I mentioned to Alex as he was stroking my arm, his arms around me, I was in between Alex’s legs stretched out on the couch.
“Ok, cool. Nothing about Howie or Kevin.” Alex replied.
“Little James is teething, Leigh’s been having a rough time with him, Howie be round in the morning. Kevin, he’s outta town. He’s organising something for me. Don’t know what or anything.” I replied.
“That’s alright.” Alex said now wanting to kiss me.
“You want to?” I asked.
“I want you so much.” Alex whispered looking into my eyes, no sunglasses in sight.

Brian and Nick turned up around 7pm, bringing in Pizza. “Nick was craving for it.” Brian said.
“More like, yikes I forgot my credit card.” Nick added.
“Who was driving? Who locked his keys in the house?” Brian asked him.
“Not again! Nick! You like did that when?” I whined.
“This happened before has it?” Brian asked me.
“Thursday wasn’t it? You called me to take ya to like a grocery store or something?” I reminded Nick.
“Whatever, whatever. Brian’s dropping me around Angel’s place on our way back to get my spare set.” Nick said. Alex was coming downstairs from our bedroom.

“Hey guys.” Alex said wondering what would happen. I had never seen him this nervous.
“Hey wassup man. Soda?” Nick asked throwing Alex a can of soda.
“Yeah thanks.” Alex replied opening the can of soda.
“You looking good.” Brian commented.
“Thanks, yeah I feel good.” Alex nodded sitting down on the kitchen bench next to me.
“Dude, we got your back alright. We were like assholes, yeah even Rok here, but last night Brianna explained the situation. We’re so sorry man.” Nick apologised to Alex going over to Alex, Brian doing the same thing.
“Thanks man. Means a lot.” Alex replied as he hugged Brian and Nick.

Once we had finished dinner and I put the trash out, Nick coming outside with me, he was saying Brian wanted to have a few words with Alex, just apologising and all from Brian in the way Brian wanted to. Nick and I were playing ball with the dogs who were wanting to have a play of fetch.

“You really do love AJ don’t ya?” Nick commented as we were sitting on the grass next to each other throwing the balls at the dogs for catch.
“Ah, yeah Nick. I love Alex so much. Why you ask?” I replied.
“Nothin, it’s nothing.” Nick quickly said.
“Nick, spill.” I warned him.
“I’m just looking out for the both of you. I love ya guys so much. For some reason for a while I had been wondering if this was all a scam or something. Just wanting his money and stuff.” Nick confessed not looking at me, throwing the ball even harder for the dogs to run.
“You think I would have done all this witness protection crap, lying to you all, all that time, the extra work to try and NOT get Alex to marry me. I went through hell in witness protection. I worked my ass off before meeting you guys to get some permanency work to stay here as a citizen. If I was using Alex and you guys, would I have not called outside help for a few things I wanted to get done? How could you say this? Why do you think I did what I did in Vienna?” I shrieked quietly.
“Anyone would have done that. Just to be linked with that.” Nick sarcastically said.
“What has gotten into you?” I asked.
“Nothing, I was just wondering.” He replied.
“You are being such a jerk tonight.” I told him.
“Whatever!” He remarked.
“Seriously, before you walk in that door, tell me what is going on. I want this cleared up before going inside. Alex only got out of rehab today and he doesn’t need this shit.” I warned him.
“Stop treating him as if he’s a baby. He ain’t.” Nick retaliated back.
“Least I was there for him and didn’t think he was whacko or something. You were the one that ditched him when we got back to the United States. You brainwashed everyone against him.” I said.
“It was their calling. After the first time in rehab he swore he would never go back to the way he was. Then you came along and ruined all that.” Nick replied.
“Oh ok...so blame this on me. Blame every single second on me. Alex was actually sick, he was sick. But he is on track again.” I stormed at him. Silence.

“I love you alright. I love you.” Nick stated as I was walking back inside the house, dogs running behind me.
“WHAT!” I shrieked quietly not wanting anyone to hear, Nick catching up to me.
“I do. After what happened in Europe, how you were there for me, Lauren wasn’t I realised that there was something deep inside that was missing. Lauren and I had something but I feel different when you are around.” Nick said.
“I’m sorry. I love Alex.” I replied sincerely.
“But what about...” Nick began to say.
“What about what?” I asked
“Then what was all this stuff I heard about how you wanted to be with me?” Nick said.
“Nick, that was well before I even left Australia. I was a teenager, like every girl was saying and is saying about you.” I let him know.
“Oh.” He quietly replied.
“I do like you, a lot. Alex is the one I love.” I said.
“Can you see yourself being with him for the rest of your life?” Nick asked me.

“Guys, what’s going on out here?” Alex called out.
“Just talkin man. Thought leave you and Rok talkin while Bri and I talk work.” Nick told him.
“Geeze ya could have talked inside. Freezing out here.” Alex mentioned as he came over and put a jacket on me.
“We’re cool. It’s all good.” I spoke him, holding Alex’s hand giving him a kiss.
“We gotta get going Nick. If ya wanna get your keys from Angel’s we better go. I know how long you talk to Angel for and I got phone calls in the morning before heading out to do some recording.” Brian said.

Not long after Nick and Brian left, Alex and I decided to call it a night and it had been a long day. “I love you.” Alex said.
“Love you too.” I replied as we kissed each other.
“Every waking moment, I was praying for the day we would get to do this. I’ve missed this and you so much. Nothing else matters now.” Alex confessed, his fingers running down my body, looking into my eyes.
“Me too. Me too.” I added.
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