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Daddy!” Alex Junior squealed. Three years had passed, Alex and I were married and had another child, Alexander Brian Junior. The guys had just finished another tour in Europe. The reunion was going to be at our place, in our new home, just outside of Los Angeles. The kids, James, Baylee, Alex Junior, Mason and Nick’s child Aaron who just turned 4 months were in the backyard running around, Aaron watching on Lauren’s knee. The guys had just arrived home. Nick and Lauren weren’t married but they were as good as it was going to be.

“Hey kiddo.” Alex said hugging Squirt as we called him.
“Bring me anything back?” He asked.
“Nice to see you too.” Alex laughed scruffing his brown straight hair, then pulling out a train Alex bought in London giving it to Squirt.
“Wow! Thanks Daddy!” Alex Junior replied hugging Alex and then running off to the Mason.

“Hey you. Welcome home.” I said giving him a hug.
“Still sexy as ever.” Alex sighed hugging me.
“Quit it will you.” I laughed as he kissed me.
“And how is my cute alien in there?” He cooed at my stomach, 6 months pregnant. I laughed. I knew what we were having but Alex didn’t want to know.

Once all the family reunions had finished with all the kids and wives and all, we all sat down and had a big lunch. The guys decided during the tour that this would be their last for a while, and work together as the guys wanted to spend time with their families and have their lives as normal as possible.