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Packing my bags, I sent Kevin a text message saying thanks for everything and was heading back to LA that night. With no money to get a cab, I was getting to JFK by the subway. Opening the door to put the bags outside the door, I saw Alex standing in front of me.
“Kevin told me. I’m so sorry.” He said.
“Thanks. These things happen.” I replied, getting the final bag and shutting the door.
“Where you going?” Alex asked.
“JFK, 9pm flight.” I sighed.
“ Got ages even by New York standard.” He said.
“Not when ya going by subway.” I replied.
“I’ll take ya.” Alex offered.
“Thanks but I’ll be right. Beside don’t you have to be in the studio?” I asked as we walked down the stairs to the front of the block.
“Not for me, no. I was in Times Square chillin when Kev text me saying show was cancelled.” Alex replied.

Accepting his offer, we went to a cafe on 5th Ave he liked and he wasn’t bombarded by people.
“So what’s next for ya?” Alex asked as we ate dinner, burgers and fries.
“Start back Monday morning looking for work. Start from scratch. Daytime job, night – singing. Gotta be real about it.” I told him.
“Good plan. Get back on the horse straight away.” Alex said. At that moment the both of us said nothing. We had a moment where we looked into each others eyes, his hands on top of mine.

On our way to JFK, Alex got a call that he had to be in the studio. “Just drop me off, I’ll be fine.”I assured him.
“I feel bad.” Alex said.
“I understand. I appreciate what you have done tonight.” I assured him.
“I’ll give you a call tomorrow.” He promised me giving me a hug.

Arriving at LAX, the first person I saw was Cassie, holding a balloon for me, arms open for me. “It’s alright, it’s gonna be ok.” She told me.
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