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Cassie and I were talking about preparing lunch a few hours later when my phone rang. “It’s Alex, I’ll fill you in when I get off the phone.” I said grabbing my phone.

“Hey sexy.” Alex answered.
“Hey you.” I giggled.
“How you doing? Take it you got back alright?” He asked.
“Yeah fine. Cassie and I are just catching up. How’d you go last night?” I replied.
“Hell, simple as that. Somehow the tracks were lost.” AJ informed me.
“Ouch, that sucks. How long that gonna take to re do again?” I asked.
“An extra day or so. Thank god the producers are here in town and free and studio most importantly.” Alex sighed.
“How long you going to be in NYC for?” I asked.
“Be another few days. Totally sucks.” He replied.
“I thought you liked NYC?” I said.
“Yeah I do like NYC but I wanna be home.” He told me.
“Know what you mean. While I liked New York, here for me LA is home. But I’ll always call Australia home.” I said.
“Can imagine. Hey I gotta get going. Guys and I doing something for You Tube. Check it out in an hour or so ok.” Alex said.
“No problem. Take it easy.” I replied.
“Love ya babe.” He said and hung up.

“Ok, what was all that about?” Cassie asked the minute I got off the phone.
“What? Don’t know what you are talking about.” I laughed.
“It’s Alex calling. Girl you hooked up. I wanna know all.” Cassie squealed. I filled her in on Alex without the fact that Alex/AJ was from Backstreet Boys. I didn’t want to let anything or anyone ruin anything.

Monday morning I began job hunting again, landed my old job back which was fantastic. Worked all week with my lunch hour going to clubs for auditions for open mic night sessions.

Collapsing on the sofa getting home from work before getting ready for a bar that night, Cassie and I caught up before she went to work. “I’ll take grocery money and do the groceries on the way home. You sleep in.” Cassie told me as she finished eating her dinner.
“Thanks, I’m sleeping to lunchtime get up and catch up on the laundry then go to the gig tomorrow night.” I replied.
“Free Sunday?” She asked.
“The girls from work and I are going to Santa Monica for the day, they wanna treat me.” I replied apologising.
“That ok, Sunday night, dinner?” She asked.
“Sounds great.” I replied

Arriving at the club, the manager asked for the CD, band cancelled last minute. Instead of 1 song I’d got 2 songs like everyone else. I was halfway on the program list so had the first half to prepare and come down, 2nd half to get over it. The 2 songs I was going to do – Inside Me, a song I wrote and produced and a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun”. Before going backstage I could sense something was directly watching me but chose to ignore it. Backstage, got a text on my blackberry, from Alex, “break a leg.” It read.

I first performed Inside Me then did my 2nd number. Both got a big applause for. Getting back into the crowd, I checked my phone. “Were fantastic.” It was another text message from Alex. Before I had a chance to do anything Alex was standing in front of me.
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