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“How did you know I was here?” I asked in shock as we hugged.
“I got contacts. Listen, the guys heard you as well and we want, well Nick mainly wants to talk to you. He’d come but if he came, 100 people would follow.” He replied.
“Now?” I asked.
“Yup come on.” He said taking my hand and leading out the door to an awaiting car.

“What’s going on? Why am I needed now?” I asked as I got in the car.
“I’ve been sworn to secrecy.” Alex replied.
“Any hints?” I asked.
“Nope.” He laughed.

Walking into the studio all the guys were there. Brian and Howie were in the booth with Nick at the control panel. “Sounds cool guys.” Nick told them.
“Guys B’s here.”Alex said.
“Surprise you did we?” Howie asked.
“Just a tad.” I laughed.
“Sorry about New York. Totally sucks.” Brian said.
“Hey that’s life. Just proves it wasn’t meant to be and something better would be coming soon. Roll with it.” I replied.

“How about now?” Nick asked.
“Sorry?” I replied puzzled.
“Kevin told us how good you are and tonight sealed the deal.” Nick said.
“Ok...” I replied slowly.
“Ya know how I got my own record label? Well I want you on it.” Nick said.
“Excuse me?” I asked shocked.
“I want you to do an album on my record label.” Nick said.

I couldn’t believe it. Shock. Disbelief. “Ya having me on. Right?” I laughed.
“Nope, no joke.” Nick laughed back.
“Oh my god. I can’t believe it.” I squealed.
“Here’s the thing. I aint got my own studio, per say. I’d be hiring this place. I know you don’t have a band but we can one of two ways. One I got some friends looking for a female lead or we could look for a band.” Nick suggested.
“Gee I don’t know. I really don’t know.” I replied.
“Relax babe, you don’t need to make a decision right here and now.” Alex said putting his arms around me.
“Paperwork aint even been done.” Brian said.
“At least sleep on it over the weekend.” Howie piped up.
“Something we can’t do. Back in we go.” Alex said.

For the next few hours I sat in the control room listening to them. Alex had that hidden spark. He seemed livelier than I had seen him in a while. 3am, they quit for the night. “Kid will want a feed.” Howie said.
“Mine got bball in the morning.” Brian yawned stretching his arms up in the air.
“My woman would be wondering where I am. Surprised call aint rung.” Nick said.
“Er Nick, it’s off.” Howie laughed.
“Never mind, mine was on.” Brian assured Nick.

We get downstairs and it’s just Alex and I alone. “Come on, I’ll take ya somewhere. Grab a bite to eat and all.” He said.