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We stop off at a all night subway and get subway and go to one of the beach car park lookouts. Sitting on the park bench in front of the car huddled under a blanket we talk more about our albums.

“What kind of stuff do you want on there?” Alex asked me.
“A bit of everything. I want to be out there. Come out with a bang. Get people talking.” I replied.
“You don’t want it to be out there. Give people a wakeup call, sure.” He suggested.
“Oh yeah, I wasn’t going to go over the top.” I told him.
“Tell ya what, lemme talk to the guys, see if ya spend a few days with us. See what goes on.” Alex suggested.
“I thought you were done writing.”I asked.
“We aren’t. We wanna do a few more before deciding the final cut. We got all the writers and all but none of us are totally happy.” Alex replied.
“Bummer.” I added.
“Yeah I suppose so.” Alex laughed. For a few moments we were in silence.

Deep inside I had been dreaming of this all my life. Spending a morning at a beach nuggled up with someone I cared about. I wasn’t trying to let Alex know. “Ya right there?” He asked.
“Yup fine.” I smiled.
“Spill.” He said.
“It’s nothing, the early sun got to me.” I laughed.
“Nah doesn’t work with me.” He said.
“It’s corny, real corny.” I laughed.
“I’ll be the judge of that” Alex told me.
“It was this. What we’re doing now.” I said.
“Really?” Alex asked surprised.
“Yup, just sitting like this at the beach with a guy I like.” I told him.
“That’s cool.” He replied as he kissed me on my lips before we went into a deep and passionate kiss.
“Come on, get you home. You gotta rest up.” He spoke a few mins later.

Outside my apartment building we sat in the car for a few minutes. “You wanna come inside and meet Cassie?” I asked.
“Not just yet. Wanna keep a low profile. Soon though.” Alex replied putting a hand over mind.
“No worries.” I said as he leaned over and pecked me on the cheek.

I get inside and begin fuming. Cassie was asleep on the sofa in the lounge and no groceries done. She had promised. Wasn’t the first time either. With no food literally in the house, I went out and got breakfast. I wasn’t to give in to do the groceries. Having breakfast along one of the cafes opposite the beach, I saw some of the people from work and spend time with them not telling them anything of what was going to be happening with my life.

Opening the front door later that afternoon, Cassie still was in the same position on the sofa when I first saw her earlier in the day. I had enough. Cassie didn’t work enough hours to be this tired so I decided to do the next best thing.

“Cassie, wake up. It’s 4pm already. Get up will ya do something.” I snapped at her trying to tidy up the apartment.
“Huh? What?” She said half asleep.
“4pm Saturday. No groceries. I’ve worked my ass off this week. You promised you would me out Casssie.” I told her in no uncertain terms.
“After work, the guys and I went out for early breakfast. Guess lost track of time.” Cassie casually replied getting up from the sofa stretching her arms and yawning.
“And what about the groceries?” I asked.
“Ah yeah, see I forgot I had these things to pay at work to people, stuff I bought and then I loaned a few bucks to people...” Cassie began to explain.
“Damn it Cassie. When are you going to learn” I whined.
“I’m sorry ok. I’ll be getting paid Monday.” Cassie apologised.
“Well that’s all fine and dandy, Monday, but we are here Saturday with no food or anything and we only have $20 to last us til then. Here, get up and get these groceries, I want to see the receipt to.” I snapped finishing writing a shopping list giving her my $20.
“Fine, fine.” She groaned getting the list and money from me putting her shoes on and going out to get the groceries.

In my room I sorted out all my washing into sections before going out and starting to wash my clothes. While Cassie was gone, I sent a text message to my friends saying that something had come up and couldn’t make it to the markets. Least I had the day to sleep in and catch up on things.

Monday morning I went and saw my manager about everything. I wanted him to know what was going on before anyone else knew.
“Naturally I would want you to be my lawyer.” I told Ross.
“No worries, it’s ok. Do their management and legal team know you are here on a visa and need sponsoring?” Ross asked.
“Alex is talking to them today and they will be getting back to me and to you also. They know the situation and fully aware of it.” I replied.
“No worries, I don’t think there will be a problem. I will call the temp agency, get someone in and you can train them as you know what’s going on and stuff and take it from there. You will always have a job here.” Ross said as he got out of his chair.
“Thanks. I just feel bad for coming and going back and forth.” I apologised.
“This is LA.” He laughed.

Getting home from work late Monday night, I knew Cassie would be at work so I was hoping that she would have done the groceries...or the place tidied up at least. When I walked in, the place was tidy to some extent but no groceries. There was instead, a note left on the fridge with money on top.
“Didn’t have time to get groceries. Pay was late coming in and got called into work earlier than normal. Grab some take out and I will bring groceries in.” It read.
“Yeah right.” I mumbled.

Sitting on the sofa having Chinese for dinner writing some songs, my phone rang.
“Hey wassup?” Nick said when I answered.
“Not much just having dinner chilling out. What about you and the guys?” I asked.
“Just going over some stuff. Wanna come on over and spend a couple of hours with us? Lauren is here and wanting female company.” Nick said.
“Am not!” I heard Lauren laugh in the background.
“Yeah alright sure. Be there in about 20 alright?” I told him.

Driving into the car park, Alex met me. “You would have had trouble getting in, no car park people here and all.” He said as I got out of the car and we hugged each other.
“It’s cool.” I replied, taking his hand and walked into the studio.
Getting into the studio, everyone gave me hugs and stuff. “What’s wrong?” Howie asked?
“Nothin, what makes ya say that?” I replied as I sat in between Alex and Brian.
“You don’t seem alright.” Brian added.
“I’m fine, just fine, no need to worry about me. So what ya been up to?” I assured him.
“Been cooped up here all day long.” Alex whined resting his head on my shoulder.
“Awww poor you. I’ve been stuck in the office all day long with deadlines and stuff. Had my lunch at my desk in between meetings.” I laughed.
“Did you talk to ya boss?” Howie asked.

“Yeah I did. He doesn’t seem as though it will be a problem. Just gotta do extra paperwork as I’m on the visa and stuff like that. As long as your legal team and all know it’s fine.” I replied.
“Kewl. I didn’t think it would be much of a problem. Especially since you work in legal.” Nick said.
“Yeah, damn laws.” I laughed. For the next few hours we just hung out listening and talking about the songs of what we thought and stuff for the album.

Leaving the studio about midnight, Alex and I made arrangements to have breakfast before I started work at 9am. “I’ll pick you up, surprise ya and take ya to work and all. When ya finish, ya here in the studio.” Alex said.
“I’m what?” I asked shocked.
“Oh, we forgot to tell ya did we? Oops! Well, tomorrow afternoon, Nick wants to have some time with ya. He isn’t recording tomorrow and gonna work on some stuff for ya. That ok?” Alex mentioned.
“Ok, no worries.” I laughed and got in my car.

Alex picked me up just before 7.30am and I was ready at 7am as I was still an earlier riser no matter what time I went to bed and he took me to Literati Cafe in Brentwood for breakfast. “So what you gonna do about your job? Going to quit your job and start the music?” Alex asked as we had our fruit juice.
“Not until I know that everything is official and all. I have stopped and started jobs too many times over the years thinking I had something and then it backfired on me.” I replied.
“You know everything is going to be fine don’t ya? We’ve been through hell ourselves with the managing and stuff and we wouldn’t do it to anyone else.” Alex said.
“Yeah I know, I just don’t want to take advantage and everything. I want this to be right for all of us.” I replied.
“It’s ok, it’s cool.” Alex smiled at me putting his hand out.

At work I was introduced to the new temp and took her through the procedures we do and let her do some work to get her into the groove of things so there wouldn’t be any problems. I had good a good feeling about this new girl, Sarah. She had a good idea of what I was talking about with the legal terminology and that she didn’t ask too much questions.

“There can be times where you do have days where you have a million things to do at once and all due at the same time. What I have learnt is that you can get anyone to help you. If you are unsure about something and its for a manager, ask the assistant manager not the admin team. One thing they stipulate here. If they are on a call, email them, they will email ASAP. Never be afraid to ask questions, even if its as simple as, how many copies of this page do you want me to print?” I explained to Sarah as we were going through the induction of her employment at the law firm.
“How come are you leaving?” Sarah asked.
“I’ve been given a career opportunity and this is my chance to grab it. I have been dreaming of this for years and this is my break, hopefully to make it in the world.” I replied.
“Where abouts you going to?” She asked.
“I rather not say at this stage but here’s hoping you will know in a while.” I replied as I was grabbing some folders off the shelf and went back to our desk.

Finishing work at 7pm, Sarah long gone, Alex met me at the front of the building. “Gee, feel weird being in here. Underdressed.” Alex commented as he met up with me.
“Ya fine. Some come in with jeans and shirt at times and they work here.” I laughed.
“How was work?” He asked as we got into his car.
“Work is work. Haha. Nah it was alright. The chick that is taking after me is pretty good. She is experienced and she knows what we are going on about. It won’t be long before she has my job down pact and breezing through it.” I said.
“Your just too good.” He laughed.
“Ya just saying that.” I giggled.

Arriving at the studio, all the guys were there, in the dining room deciding what food to have. “It’s just us here so thought we would do something different.” Howie said.
“We got Sushi, pizza, Thai, ah, what else?” Nick commented looking around.
“Oh and we got these.” Alex said opening the bag he brought in with us, chicken and fries.
“Dig in.” Brian said grabbing a plate and grabbin some food with his fingers.
“Why didn’t ya tell me?” I whined at Alex hitting him on the arm jokingly.
“Slipped my mind?” Alex smiled.
“Yeah yeah whatever.” I laughed as he pulled me in towards him and he kissed me.
“Woooooo.” Brian went and laughed as Alex and I pulled our lips apart.
“Get a room will ya! Some of us are trying to eat here!” Nick whined as he put some Sushi in his mouth.
“Never mind them.” Howie said.