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Next morning when I woke up, Alex was gone but left me a note on the kitchen bench.
“I’ve had to go into the studio as you would know. I gotta do some work on the songs, do what you want to do. Chill, do whatever. Call me when ya up. I will have my phone on but one of the guys will answer if I can’t. Something we all do. Love ya A.” It read. I took a few mins to try and come to terms with what had happened in the last 12 hours before I went upstairs to the bathroom and had a shower.

When I finally called around lunchtime, Brian answered the phone.
“You alright? Anything we can do?” He asked.
“Thanks but I’ll be alright. How’s Alex?” I replied.
“He’s alright, worried about you, I will admit that but AJ is just AJ.” Brian replied.
“Hey Bri, its Nick, you ok girl? Ya gonna come and hang out with us?” Nick got on the phone.
“Yeah I am alright thanks. I might come over later on alright.” I replied.
“No worries. I just don’t want ya on ya own that’s all.” Nick told me.
“I’ll be alright, trust me.” I laughed.
“That’s my Aussie gal.” Nick said.
“How’s things down at the studio?” I asked.
“Yeah they are going alright. So far so good but ya never know what might happen haha.” Nick laughed.
“Hey sexy, how my favourite girl?” I heard Alex.
“Yeah ok. Woke up not so long ago and just got dressed and stuff and thought would give you a call.” I replied.
“Sweet. Want me to come and pick you up and bring ya back here?” He asked.
“Oh ok. If ya must. Nick wants me down there to.” I sighed.
“I love the Aussie accents.” Nick called out.
“I’ll pick ya up in about hour alright.” Alex told me.

True to his word, he picked me up within the half hour. He drove right up to the door that I thought he was going to bring the car into the house. “Talk about pick up at the door.” I joked.
“Well I said I would pick u up at the door.” He laughed as I got in, then he put his arms around me and we shared a quick kiss before he drove off to the studio.
“What’s been happening?” I asked.
“Not much really, the guys were wondering about ya. They know the basics. I didn’t know if you wanted them to know everything. That’s up to you. If anything, Nick should be aware and stuff for when you get gigs. While I was waiting like crazy last night, I was thinking about getting ya a bodyguard or something for you. Now I am thinking you definitely would need one. I will even employ one myself.” Alex replied.
“No, you don’t need to do all that. No bodyguards or anything. I want to live my life as normal as possible. I need to remain normal. Please Alex, don’t do it. I’ll be fine.” I pleaded.
“Bri, were you there last night? Your apartment was trashed! Cassie was arrested for murder and drugs possession, you are in a difficult position. Not many people know but you will know now, but the girls and even the kids have one.” Alex said.
“But I haven’t seen them around, well from the pics I have seen and stuff, before I met you .” I said.
“They are there. Just female ones. Don’t wanna start speculation. For the kids they are Nannies and bodyguards.” Alex informed me.
“We’ll see.” I replied slowly, turning away from him looking out the window.

Arriving at the studio, I got out of the car first, then Alex did and we went upstairs to where the guys were. “Ok...what happened on the way here?” Howie asked, noticing the tension between Alex and I.
“Nothing, it’s all good.” I replied as he came over to hug me.
“Spill. NOW!” Brian said.
“Just a difference of opinion. We’ll be right. Won’t we?” Alex told him as Alex stood next to me and put a hand around my back.
“Yeah fine.” I quietly answered as we all sat down around the control deck, me sitting next to Howie not wanting to look at Alex.
“You doing alright now Bri? When AJ told us what happened last night/this morning, we couldn’t believe it. We are so sorry.” Nick said.
“What’s there to be sorry about? I did nothing. I just lived with a roommate who I thought was my best friend here in the USA, my only friend here in the US until I came across Alex. Then I find out from the cops that she is up for drugs and murder charges. Welcome to America!” I replied.
“Bri, now come on.” Alex said.
“What is going on? Really?” Brian asked.
“I’m being told I need a bodyguard. I don’t want one.” I snapped.
“I’m saying she needs one, especially with the last 24 hours and all.” Alex said.
“You aren’t the boss of me. You can’t tell me what to do.” I told him.
“Guys, guys, guys, take a break.” Howie interjected.

“I wasn’t one for bodyguards at first but they are alright.” Nick spoke up.
“I don’t want one now, that’s all. I just don’t feel I have to. I want to try and keep my life as normal.” I told him.
“We understand that. Believe us when we say that we do. We want normal lives, but anyone close to us who spends time with or whatever, needs some protection. In some places where we tour we can’t go out at all. Not even down to the lobby!” Howie said.
“Listen, you still are trying to take everything in, its only natural, ya safe here, just chill here alright.” Nick told me as he knelt down in front of me.
“I’m sick of chillin!” I screamed and ran out of the building.
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