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A few days later Kevin and I were on our way from Spain to Vienna for our promo tour. As I didn’t have Alex in my life that much I found myself on Twitter answering fans more and spent more time on social networking sites. The guys were due to be in Vienna as well but we had separate hotel rooms, no one letting Alex know where I was. We all communicated through our phones in one way or another.

Having a few hours to myself, we walked around Vienna looking at the sights, Kevin enjoying it as well. “If I don’t get something for Kris and Mason, mainly Kris from everywhere we go, my life won’t be worth living.” Kevin laughed as we were looking at toys for Mason.
“She cool with you touring and all this with me?” I asked.
“Yeah she is. She knows I’ve got the touring bug and all. I’ve missed it but not missed it.” Kevin tried to explain.
“You love the travelling but not the early starts and all.” I guessed.
“Yup got it in one.” He laughed.

Having a late dinner at the hotel restaurant downstairs, Kevin and I were talking about the rest of the tour. Another month left on the road in South America, when his phone rang.
“Hey Nick, what’s up?” He answered. Kevin turned away from me trying not to say anything but Kevin’s face could tell something was wrong.
“What?” I asked Kevin.
“Send it to me on my phone now. Call ya later, and thanks.” Kevin said to Nick and got off the phone.
“Kevin, what’s wrong?” I asked again worried.
“Go upstairs and we’ll talk.” Kevin replied getting up, a beep coming through on his phone.

In my hotel room, Kevin sat me down. “Nick just called and wanted me to warn you about something that would be coming out in the next few hours or whatever, knowing the public.” Kevin said.
“What? What is it? Why didn’t Nick call me?” I asked.
“The guys were at a club just now, saw this and Nick captured it on his phone.” Kevin replied sitting down next to me, opening his phone with the message from Nick. “Sorry Bri.” It read.
Alex was dancing with other women and deeply passionately kissing her.
“It means nothing.” I simply said.
“Not over yet.” Kevin warned me. The women were getting down and dirty with him.
“What do you expect me to say? I wanna kill him or something?” I remarked looking at Kevin.
“I don’t know. I thought you would want to know before it gets leaked.” Kevin replied taking the phone off me as it rang.

On my phone in my bag, I heard a text message. I knew it was from Brian as it was his voice singing, “message from me”. We all had it on our phones for something funny. Brian always had Baylee for home. So cute. I open my phone, get my phone and see the text from Brian. “Call cops.” It read. I showed it to Kevin and he was confused. We called the police and a search was underway. Within minutes there was a police officer, thankfully that spoke English and was helping us. With the use of Brian’s technology on his phone they were able to track him down to where he was.

“We understand that a man has taken the nightclub hostage, a weapon in involved.” The Police Officer said through his accent. Kevin and I looked each other in panic.
“My cousin is in there, our best friends are in there.” Kevin told him holding back his emotions.
“And my boyfriend.” I added. Kevin looked at me. “I still love him Kevin. We are just on a break at the moment.” I told Kevin.
“Are you able to tell us anything?” Kevin asked, brushing a hand through his hair in worry, desperation, looking out of the hotel room window trying to see anything from our hotel room, the club in clear shot view.
“A man with a weapon, hostages, intoxicated. All I can tell.” Officer replied. I looked over at Kevin.
“He wouldn’t. No, he wouldn’t.” I said to Kevin whose eyes were guessing it was Alex.

“Do you have any information?” The Police Officer asked us. Kevin and I looked at each other.
“Brianna’s boyfriend is in there. A few months ago when we were all in Australia, Brianna and Alex were in a accident. Since then, there hasn’t been much communication.” Kevin informed the officer saving me from doing it.
“Since the accident, Alex has been difficult in some way to spend time with. It’s only because of the loss of our child.” I explained to the officer.
“Can you let us know if our friends are in there? Their family is in the United States and one of our friends girlfriends is flying from here to Los Angeles now.” Kevin asked.
“I will make the necessary calls and find out for you.” The officer replied leaving the room to make phone calls.

For the next hour Kevin and I were watching the club from the hotel room. “Please don’t let it be Alex.” I begged to myself. Within a few hours everyone was notified, Leigh and Leighanne catching a plane over to where we were, leaving the kids behind. The FBI was going to tell Lauren when she arrived in the United States about the situation. We had it confirmed that Alex did indeed have a weapon, the only hostages were the guys.

By sunrise, I had enough. All the negotiating wasn’t getting anywhere. “Let me talk to him. See if I can help.” I suggested to the Police.
“Brianna, no. It’s too risky.” Kevin said.
“I have to do something. I can’t just sit here.” I pleaded getting up from the kitchen chair near the window.
“It would be too risky. I won’t let you put your life at risk.” Kevin warned me.
“Kevin, I love Alex. I would do anything. I love the guys as well. They mean, you all mean so much to me. I would do anything for you guys.” I explained.
“But this...” Kevin began to say.
“Kevin, your cousin and your best friends are in there. Please.” I cut in, letting him know I was being serious.
“No, it’s alright. AJ will end this soon.” Kevin assured me.
“I would like to speak to him.” I said to the officer, ignoring Kevin.

Down at the nightclub site, I was all wired up and was given instructions on what to say, how to say it, how to react. “I just want to do this.” I told them.

“Alex, it’s Brianna. I just want to let you know that I love you and everything will be ok.” I said into the megaphone that I was given.
“Let the guys out, and you talk to me. Please Alex. It’s me that you need to talk to. I don’t blame you for the accident. I don’t one bit.” I continued. After a few moments, Nick came out carrying out Howie, Brian limping behind him. Emergency teams, raced over to them to get the attention they needed. Moments later, Alex was being put into a Police car.

“What did he do?” I asked Kevin who was standing behind me, his arms holding me up. Once the guys were on their way to hospital, Alex to the police station in town, Kevin and I were asked to go down the police station to.

After about a further 3 hours down at the police station, we were finally released. The girls were still a few hours away from seeing Brian and Howie, Lauren at least another day or two at the moment. I didn’t want to let them feel alone and all.