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Getting home around midnight, things looked different. There were more cars than normal around our apartment block instead of the normal 10 or so cars in the parking lot. There were that many cars I had to park out on the street which I hadn’t done before. Walking into the block, lights were flashing and there was commotion going on and tape blocking the stair way, police tape.

“Can I help you Mam?” A Police officer asked.
“What’s going on?” I replied confused of what was happening looking up at the apartment door open, police going in and out.
“I’m afraid I cannot give you any information. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” He said his hand gesturing for me to leave.
“But I live in that apartment. I live with Cassie.” I told him.
“Have you got some proof of identification?” He asked.
“Sure.” I replied going into my purse and showing him my drivers licence.
“Ms Day I’m afraid that Ms Stevens is helping us in regards to several matters. As you live with her, I would like you to accompany this officer to the Police Station to answer some questions to help the investigation.” The officer replied, a hand raising up to get a fellow officer to come over to me.

I didn’t make a fuss, I followed the officer to an awaiting police car and went to the precinct with him. “I would like to contact my lawyer.” I asked as I was taken into a interview room.
“Why would you like to call your lawyer? Have you done anything?” The officer asked.
“I would feel comfortable if I had a legal representative.” I replied.
“Ok.” The officer replied.

About hour later Ross arrived. “Have you said anything?” He asked as he sat down next to me.
“Only that I live with Cassie.” I replied.
“Good, good on you.” Ross said.
The police officer and another police officer sat opposite us and began their questions.

“Can you please state your relationship with Ms Stevens please?” The first officer asked.
“I am her roommate. I have lived with her for just on 6 years.” I replied.
“How did you come to live with Ms Day?” The second officer asked.
“I was working at a restaurant where she was working and we became friends that way.” I answered.
“How long have you worked at that restaurant for?” The second one asked.
“I was there for 1 year before obtaining employment at the legal firm where I am currently. Mr Ross Slater is my lawyer.” I replied.
“Your boss is your lawyer?” The first one asked.
“Ms Stevens is currently in the process of leaving our company to work for a music company to set up her music career. Very good prospects. Myself and her employers legal team are in the process of organising the legal aspects. As I am sure you are aware, Ms Stevens is from Australia and has sponsorship from myself. We are transferring the sponsorship over to the new music company.” Ross stated to the officers.
“Have you always lived in Santa Monica with Ms Day?” Asked the second officer.
“Before my client answers any questions, why is she being asked questions?” Ross asked.
“Ms Day has been arrested for drug dealings and murder.” The first officer told me.
“WHAT???” I shrieked.
“You had no idea?” The second officer asked.
“No, no idea whatsoever. If I had any idea I would have mentioned something.” I answered.
“How has Ms Day been of late?” I was asked.

“I have to admit that she has been moody. We work different hours, she works at night, I used to work mainly during the day but I have been working into the night, into the early hours of the morning.” I explained.
“Such as?” The second officer asked.
“Well a few weeks ago, I gave her money to go and great groceries on our budget on her way home from work and she didn’t have any money or brought groceries. She said that she was having to pay off for some things at work and pay people off. That’s all I know.” I stated.
“How has her mood been of late?” The first officer asked.
“Very moody, snapping at me when I asked her something.” I replied.

Finally being allowed out of the police station having signed paperwork, Ross drove me home. “Thank you so much. I didn’t want to jeopardise anything. “ I said.
“You did the right thing. Personally I don’t want you staying here tonight, not alone. Have you got anywhere where you can stay?” He asked.
“I suppose I could stay at Alex’s.” I replied as he drove into the apartment block. Getting out of the car, Alex was standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“What happened? What’s going on? I have been so worried about you!” Alex exclaimed putting his arms around me.
“I’ve been at the Police Station since I got home. Cassie has been arrested for murder and drugs.” I told him.
“WHAT?” Alex exclaimed.
“It’s ok. I was with her. She called me. I’ve advised her to get some of her things and stay somewhere for a while.” Ross said.
“You’re staying at my place. You’ll be right.” Alex told me.
“I can’t. No.” I answered.
“Where will you go?” Alex asked.
“I would advise you to go with Alex. It would be wise.” Ross said.
“I got security and everything. You’ll be safe.” Alex told me.
“Take tomorrow off, Sarah will be right. Give her a chance to work on her own.” Ross suggested.

Going in the apartment it felt weird. “Have you got much stuff? I would take as much as we can and come back another time.” Alex asked.
“Not all that much. Some stuff is in storage, mainly just clothes and papers.” I replied trying to walk in my room to pack a bag.
“Want me to get some things?” He asked coming into my room.
“I can do my clothes, just whatever you can get and all.” I sighed.
“It’ll be alright. Everything will be ok.” Alex tried to assure me.

Half an hour later we are arrive at his place. I had never been to his place so I didn’t know what to expect. “Our places are almost like the Whitehouse, so secure it’s not funny. If a fly comes through here, it doesn’t get out.” Alex told me as we got out of the car.

We get inside and I drop my bag. His place is so big. All of the apartments could have fitted in and still have room. From the front door, the lounge room is to the left, entertainment room to the right, kitchen and dining room to the backyard straight ahead with the bedrooms up the spiral staircase. “You ok?” He asked.
“Yeah I suppose.” I replied. He gently took me by the hand and my bag in his other hand and lead me up the spiral staircase, with various prints on the wall of photos and movie prints.
“Have one of the rooms here, ya own bathroom, the works.” Alex said as we got up to the top of the staircase and pointed to the rooms around on the top floor. I took one that was next to his bedroom.
“Why so many rooms?” I asked.
“Seems crazy doesn’t it? I don’t know. Every so often the guys all come here after we have finished at the studio as I’m closer and its good for when Leighanne and everyone come here to LA. The other guys have the same thing. At the moment Baylee is loving spending time at Nick’s place when he and Leighanne are here in LA with Brian.” Alex explained ending with a laugh.
“Hehe that would be cute” I said.
“Yeah.” Alex said as we sat on the bed.
“Thanks for this. I owe ya.” I told him.
“It’s cool.” He replied putting his arms around me.