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Author's Chapter Notes:
I was on a bit of a roll with it, so not so long to wait this time!  Hope you like :)
Chapter 34

AJ and I were in love, we’d finally admitted it to one another. That didn’t mean that everything was suddenly going to be perfect between us, oh no, it didn’t work quite like that in real life.

“You remember saying how you wanted to hear me sing sometime?” AJ asked the following morning as we lay in bed curled up together.

“Yeah, why?” I asked, wondering if he was suddenly going to burst into song here and now.

“And you know how I was saying that we’re nearly done with the CD recording?” he asked

“Uhuh” I said and wondered where this was going

“How would you like to come to the studio today, it’s your day off right? We’re recording one of the songs Nick and I wrote and it would be great to have you there to hear it. Plus it’ll be a good opportunity for you to meet the rest of the guys” he said

“AJ…do they know about us?” I asked. As far as I was aware, our relationship hadn’t been found out and splashed all over the internet, but then what did I know? I didn’t go on those fan forums and gossip sites, for all I knew there were photos of us all over the place!

“How could they not know with Carter around!” he chuckled “yes, they know about us”

“And are they OK with it, I mean the fact that we met in Vegas and…” I began but he cut me off.

“Steph, I couldn’t give a fuck what they say and they know it. I don’t tell them how to live their lives and I don’t expect them to tell me either, we’re all grown men. But I’m sure once they’ve met you, they’ll love you” he said and pulled me closer, kissing the top of my head as I nestled against his chest.

“So they hate me!” I protested “Great!”

“Hate is a strong word. They don’t hate you, they don’t even know you, they’ve never even met you, well apart from Nick…they just…” he began

“Think I’m a gold digging whore?” I questioned and sat up, pulling the sheet up to cover myself. I suddenly felt cheap.

“No…” he protested

“Well what then?” I asked

“Steph, you have to understand, I’ve had a lot of failed relationships in the past and they’ve had to put up with me when it’s all gone to shit. I guess they’re just looking out for me” he said

“Great, so I can expect the Spanish inquisition then?” I asked. I could understand where he was coming from. Wouldn’t I be the same with my friends? Wouldn’t I be concerned if Izzy had married some random guy in Las Vegas? The more I thought it over, the more rational I became.

“Something like that” he grinned and I threw one of the pillows at him.

“Oh you are so gonna get it” he said, throwing the pillow down and pushing the covers back.

I jumped off the bed and ran towards the bathroom, still clutching at the sheet which I’d pulled off the bed, but he was faster. He caught me and pinned me up against the fully tiled bathroom wall, his hands gripping mine above my head, causing the sheet to fall. His body pressed against mine, his desire for me digging in to my stomach and I shivered with anticipation.

“So give it to me then” I teased and his eyes met mine and shone with pure unadulterated lust.

“It’ll be my pleasure” he said huskily and lifted me up and carried me to the shower, where we spent quite some time.

We eventually arrived at the studio and I was so nervous that my hands were sweating.

“Don’t worry” he reassured me and took my hand in his and led the way.

“Easy for you to say” I muttered and he gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

There were a few people milling around inside, all of whom said ‘hi’ as we made our way to where we needed to be. I wasn’t sure, but I could’ve sworn I heard whispers as we passed.

“If we’re not all over the net yet, then we soon will be” he whispered in my ear. He’d obviously heard the whispers too.

“And you’re OK with that?” I asked, wondering how he could be so calm.

“Well I have to be, it goes with the job. I don’t like my private life splashed all over the trashy rags, but I have no choice, I can’t control it. It’s something you’ll get used to eventually” he explained and we carried on until we came to a door “Ready?”

“As I’m ever going to be” I said and wondered whether it was too late to turn back.

“Come on then” he said and opened the door to reveal a few surprised faces and one friendly looking face.

“Hey Steph, good to see you again” Nick greeted me warmly.

“Hi Nick” I said shyly

“Guys, this is Steph” AJ announced “Steph, this is Howie and Brian as you probably already guessed and these guys over here are our studio guys…”

He introduced me to everyone and to my relief, they were all very nice. We talked for a while and then I listened as they began talking about vocals and music and things like that. I’d worried over nothing.

“Told you” AJ whispered in my ear and placed a gentle kiss there before getting up to join the others in the sound booths.

I sat there completely awestruck as they sang their hearts out, giving it everything they had. Anyone who ever doubted the Backstreet Boys singing abilities would’ve had to eat their words if they’d been here listening to what I was listening to. They were that good!

Nick was up first, and boy could that guy sing! But when it came to AJ, it was a whole different story. I can’t explain what his voice did to me, but when he looked in my direction as he sang those lyrics, I wanted to melt. The love I felt for him was immense.

We sent out for food at lunchtime and when it arrived, we sat around a large table in another room eating, chatting and just generally having a good laugh. I could see that they were a genuine bunch of guys and truly got along together. No wonder they’d been wary about me, I couldn’t blame them, I’d be the same with my friends.

I hung around whilst they finished up for the day, and then one by one, everyone left, leaving just AJ and I there (and David, one of the studio guys, although he’d popped out).

“They liked you” he said and moved closer to me, placing his arms around my waist.

“I liked them too” I replied and wrapped my arms around him.

“Good” he said and leaned down to kiss me.

“Mmm” I moaned softly into his mouth as the kiss grew more passionate.

“Fuck…we better stop before I have to have you right here” he said breathlessly pulling away slightly and adjusting his jeans.

“And that would be a bad thing?” I teased

“Sure would be, look up there at the cameras!” he laughed and pointed them out to me.

“Shit” I exclaimed

“Uhuh! Now I know I’m not averse to a little risky business, but I don’t want my naked ass all over You Tube” he laughed and I laughed along with him “and anyway, there was something else I wanted to do while we’re here”

“Hmm like what?” I asked

“You’ll see” he said and wandered over to a mixing desk and started fiddling with buttons until some background music started playing.

“AJ, what are you doing?” I asked curiously but he didn’t answer, instead he turned the sound up slightly and began singing.

“Empty spaces fill me up with holes,
Distant faces with no place left to go,
Without you within me I can’t find no rest,
Where I’m going is anybody’s guess” he sang and I wanted to melt.

Oh god, this song is just so beautiful and his voice…oh my fucking god!

“I tried to go on like I never knew you,
I’m awake but my world is half asleep,
I pray for this heart to be unbroken,
But without you all I’m gonna be is incomplete”

I slowly walked over to him and placed my hands against his chest, then I gripped hold of his shirt, fisting it in my hand and reached up to kiss him whilst at the same time pulling him down against me. I didn’t care if there were cameras watching. I couldn’t control myself. Let them watch, I don’t care.

“Your voice is so fucking sexy” I breathed against his lips “you are so fucking sexy…I want you, right here, right now Alex”

“I’m gonna sing to you more often” he murmured as I began unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest “but let’s move this over here where it’s more comfortable”

He backed me over to a large leather chair situated behind the mixing desk and then sat down with me straddling his thighs.

“Better” he murmured and pulled my top off.

Before long we were both completely naked and I was riding him like a rodeo horse in that leather chair. His left hand was fisted in my hair, pulling at it so that he could get better access to my neck and his right hand was on my hips.

“Fucking hell yeah baby” he called out as I ground down against him, taking everything he had to give “I’m getting close…fuck…oh god…don’t stop”

“Mmm…oh god…oh fuck yeah…yesssssssssssss” I screamed as my body began to tremble.

He gripped my hips tightly and pulled me down harder and faster, bucking his hips upwards to meet mine, until he too was spent. I relaxed against his warm chest, our bodies still connected in the most intimate way.

“Fucking hell Steph, that was fucking amazing” he said breathlessly as he stroked my hair.

“God yeah” I agreed and then suddenly remembered the cameras. I tensed up.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think the cameras are directed this way” he said “and if they are then someone is in for a shock when they play those tapes back”

“But…” I began to protest. He might not care if people saw him naked, but I did! I didn’t want to be broadcast all over the internet fucking AJ in a chair.

“Relax, I’ll go and get rid of the evidence when we’re dressed” he grinned.

I couldn’t get dressed quick enough.
Chapter End Notes:
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