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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hmm, I'm hoping this next chapter won't be a letdown!  I'm not sure it's wild enough, lol.
Chapter 36

“So what do all these Californians like to eat at parties?” Izzy asked as we grabbed a trolley and walked into the air-conditioned supermarket.

“I have no idea!” I replied “I’ve never been to any parties here, only out for dinner with AJ. I guess the same kind of stuff as we’d have back home”

“Well if they don’t like it, it’s tough shit!” she laughed and we began loading the trolley up with goodies like an assortment of crisps and dips, salad, cooked meats, potato wedges, bread rolls, mushrooms, marinated chicken strips, sweetcorn, pasta, rice, chicken drumsticks and goodness knows what else. Then we made our way to the alcohol aisle, Izzy had grabbed another trolley as we were going to need it by the look of things.

“How many people are coming Iz? I don’t think I’ve got that many friends” I laughed

“Better to be prepared Steph, and besides, you said your friends from work were coming, and your neighbours, and not to forget the wonderful AJ. We’ll get through it all, don’t you worry” she replied and lifted a case of Bud from the display and placed it into the trolley, quickly followed by another.

“Don’t forget the vodka” I said and picked up a couple of bottles of Smirnoff and placed them in “oh and some Jack Daniels and some…”

We soon had everything we needed for the party, now all we had to do was get it all home and prepare it.

“Wow Steph, we really did well didn’t we” Izzy exclaimed when everything was more or less ready.

We’d dotted fairy lights around the place, and also placed tea lights in little glass holders all over the house and garden, which would give off a lovely soft glow later when the sun went down. I didn’t want harsh bright lights as it would spoil to look I was going for.

“We did” I replied as we stood back and marvelled at all of our hard work “I just hope the guests like it”

“They will…and if they don’t, they have no taste” she giggled “come on; time to glam ourselves up before they all arrive. I hope that fit Lucas guy is just as fit close up”

“He is” I reassured her “but he’s married remember?”

“A mere detail” she smiled “and besides, I’m on holiday, we all know that whatever happens on holiday isn’t for real…well, apart from you getting married to AJ, now that was something you couldn’t just pretend never happened”

“I’m actually glad it happened” I said “although at the time I was completely mortified”

“How could I forget!” Izzy laughed

We went upstairs to get ready for the party, we had plenty of time, but we wanted to make an impression (well Izzy wanted to make an impression on Lucas; I just wanted to look good for AJ). We had an assortment of clothes scattered all over the place whilst we decided what to wear, giving each other our opinions on what looked good and what looked too over the top for a simple house party.

“Definitely too much” I said as Izzy gave me a twirl in a heavily sequined dress which I’d forgotten I had.

“You think?” she teased as she struck a pose in the mirror “hmm yeah, I think you’re right”

“What about this one?” I asked her opinion as I stood in front of the mirror in a brightly printed halter dress, which was backless.

“Are you going to wear those silver sandals too? Perfect” she replied

“You sure?” I needed reassurance

“Of course I’m sure, when am I wrong?” she teased and I had to agree, she did know how to put an outfit together.

We were just finishing our make-up when the door bell sounded.

“Someone’s keen” Izzy said and I rushed down the stairs to see who it was, hoping it was AJ.

I looked at my reflection briefly in the hall mirror before opening the door to reveal AJ standing there looking sexy as hell.

“Mmm baby, you look good” he said as he removed his dark sunglasses and put them in his shirt pocket, then stepped a little closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“So do you” I replied as I eyed him up and down appreciatively. He was wearing a check shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, jeans and a pair of converse on his feet.

He placed his lips to mine, kissing me softly before whispering in my ear “But I think this dress would look better on the bedroom floor”

He walked me backwards into the house and closed the door behind us, his lips connected with mine in a most delicious kiss.

“Ahem…party remember” Izzy called from halfway down the stairs “you can devour each other later”

We pulled away from each other slightly, but his arm remained draped across my shoulders “AJ, you remember my friend Izzy don’t you?”

“Of course. Good to see you again Izzy” AJ said

“Nice to see you again too AJ” Izzy smiled

“You don’t mind if Nick comes tonight do you? I didn’t think you would, so I asked him along, he should be here soon” AJ said, looking at his watch.

“No, I don’t mind at all” I replied

“The more the merrier, right Steph” Izzy grinned

“Right” I agreed “we have enough food and drink here to cater for a small country”

“So, do you need my help with anything at all?” AJ asked “I’m pretty good in the kitchen”

I laughed out loud at that comment, but had to agree that he was pretty good in the kitchen, just not at cooking!

Izzy covered her ears and walked away laughing to go and check everything looked perfect, leaving us alone once more.

“I’m pretty good in other rooms too” he breathed against my ear and kissed down my neck, sending tingles all through my body.

“Oh god” I moaned softly at his touch “we have to stop this, the guests will be here soon”

“Until later then Mrs McLean” he murmured and placed a lingering kiss on my ever so eager lips.

“Later Mr McLean” I promised

“Will you two get a room or something!” Izzy exclaimed

We snapped out of our lust fuelled moment and I ran upstairs to re-apply my lipstick whilst AJ went into the living room to sort out the music.

At eight o’clock exactly the bell rang and Izzy rushed to answer the door.

“Lucas, how good to see you again” she greeted him and stepped aside to let him in. I shot her a warning glance as if to say ‘off limits’ but she ignored it and immediately began flirting outrageously before he’d even had the chance to get through the door properly.

Next to arrive was Nick, bottle of wine in his hand and a warm and friendly smile on his face.

“Hey Steph, thanks for the invite” he said as he stepped inside and handed me the bottle “nice place”

“Thanks” I replied and took the bottle into the kitchen to put with the rest of the drinks. Nick followed me.

“What can I get you to drink?” I asked

“A beer would be good” he replied

“Here you go, help yourself when you want another” I advised and indicated to the fully loaded fridge.

“You know the other guys would’ve come too, but Brian’s wife is here for the weekend with their kids and Howie, well he’s on a date tonight. This party kinda was short notice” he tried to explain

“It’s OK Nick, I understand” I reassured him. The party was short notice, and I still didn’t know the other guys that well. I didn’t expect them to want to come to a party at my house.

“But I’m sure there’ll be plenty more parties, in fact, we usually have a party when we’ve finished recording a CD” he said with a cute lopsided grin

“Hey Carter, you trying to hit on my girl?” AJ teased as he walked into the kitchen and placed his glass down on the work top, and then slipped his arms around my waist from behind, nuzzling my neck with his stubbly jaw.

“Busted” Nick laughed and threw his hands up into the air in mock surrender, making us laugh.

The doorbell rang and more guests arrived, this time it was Jared and his boyfriend Jack.

“Fuck Steph, you never told me Nick Carter was going to be here” Jared squealed as he hugged me close, barely containing his excitement at seeing his favourite Backstreet Boy up close. He’d been left speechless when AJ came into the coffee shop one day to meet me after a shift…

“Oh my god Steph, AJ McLean is out there and when I asked if I could get him anything, he just said he was waiting for you” Lisa blurted out excitedly

“AJ’s here?” I asked. He hadn’t said he was coming to meet me. I thought he was working. But it was a nice surprise.

“Backstreet Boy AJ McLean? How the hell do you know AJ McLean?” Jared poked his head around the door inquisitively, one hand on his hip and the other waving a cooking utensil wildly in the air.

“Erm…” I began but was unsure what to tell them. I couldn’t very well tell them he was my husband, that was a secret very few people knew. So I decided to tell them a part truth “I’m kind of seeing him”

“Lucky bitch” Jared said “although he’s not really my type”

“No, we all know what your type is!” Lisa teased

“Tall, blonde and gorgeous” Lisa and I said in unison

“Like Nick Carter” Lisa added

“You got that right” Jared replied “so anyway, how’d you meet AJ McLean?”

“We met in a club” I replied, and it was the truth at least

“Well, we better not keep you from your date, but we want all the goss tomorrow!” Lisa said and I rolled my eyes, collected my bag and rushed out to where AJ was stood looking sexy as hell, waiting for me.

“Jared, I didn’t know” I replied and wondered if he’d be able to keep his cool in Nick’s presence.

“You have to introduce me” he squealed again excitedly, forgetting that Jack was stood there a little awkwardly.

“OK” I whispered “but just remember, he’s only a guy, a straight guy…”

“Only a guy?” he cut in “Steph, he’s fucking Nick Carter!”

“OK, OK” I said “now let me get you and Jack a couple of drinks. What are you both having?”

“Sex on the beach” Jared replied and looked Nick up and down like he was something tasty to eat.

“Beer for me please Steph” Jack replied and I went to get them, then told them to make themselves at home and help themselves to more drinks whenever they wanted.

I was saved from anything further by the bell ringing again, this time it was my boss Ronan and his girlfriend Louise, closely followed by Krissy and her friend Evaline whom I’d got to know through her regular visits to the coffee shop.

“Thanks for coming at such short notice” I greeted them and wondered where Izzy had got to; after all, this party was her idea.

“Thanks for inviting us” they answered and I got their drinks, all the time looking for Izzy. Come to think of it, where was Lucas too?

A few more people arrived, my other neighbours Justin and Rob who were a couple of surfers renting the house a few doors down (they were also quite new in town and so we had that in common, and we often quite literally ran into each other whilst out jogging), Maddie and Kameron who lived the other side of me, and John Thornton, who lived next to Maddie and Kameron and had heard us invite them and it would’ve appeared rude not to ask him too.

So now I had quite a house full and the party was livening up with everyone introducing themselves and getting to know one another. AJ had appointed himself as the DJ and played a mixture of great music, both old and new which blended seamlessly. He must’ve been through my CD collection.

“Ah, there you are” I called out when I spotted Izzy walking in through the French doors, closely followed by Lucas “I’ve been looking all over for you”

“I’ve been here” she replied, but I didn’t believe it for one moment “just going to grab a drink”

“OK” I said and watched her walk away towards the kitchen. AJ had now been joined by one of the surfers (Rob) and they were deep in conversation. I was happy to see that everyone was getting along and went to talk to Krissy over by the food table.

The party was in full swing as the sun went down and my little tea lights were glowing softly and giving off a beautiful glow all over the house and the garden. The drinks were flowing freely and everyone was getting quite drunk, me included.

“How about a party game?” Izzy called out above the music “we could play Twister or the Wii, or whatever!”

“Great idea” Nick replied “or anyone got a pack of cards?”

“Nick, we are not playing strip poker” AJ laughed

“Did I mention anything about strip poker?” Nick looked AJ in the eyes “No, I didn’t…but now you mention it, it could be a good idea”

“No, no way” I cut in “because I’m crap at cards”

“Hmm I’m kinda warming to the idea of a game of strip poker” AJ murmured in my ear and ran his hand along my bare back, caressing my skin in slow circular motions.

“You’re insatiable” I whispered in his ear

“Too right I am…for you” he replied and then we realised where we were, so put each other down and focused our attention back to the party.

“How about a drinking game” Ronan suggested “we always used to play a game called Fuzzy Duck back home, anyone know it?”

There were a few “no’s” and a few “yes’s”, and so Ronan explained the rules of the game and we decided to play that. I mixed up a huge glass jug of assorted drinks which the loser would have to drink three fingers of. Needless to say, by the time the contents of the jug had all gone, we were all feeling the effects!

“Look what I found” Izzy called out, getting everyone’s attention.

“No Twister?” Lisa asked “I love drunken game of Twister”

“Unfortunately no, I don’t own that game” I replied and knew where this was going, I knew she’d found that old deck of cards.

“But we’ve got playing cards” Izzy waved them in the air, much to my horror.

And so Nick and AJ got their wish, we played strip poker. Although this time, I was luckier in cards than I’d ever been. After quite a few rounds, I was still fully clothed (although to be honest, all I had on was a dress and a skimpy little pair of knickers, I would’ve been naked in no time if I had lost) whilst Nick was down to his boxers, AJ had removed his shirt, Lucas was topless and everyone else had removed at least one item of clothing.

“I think I’m gonna call it a night” John slurred and rose to his bare feet, picking up his shirt and socks as he did so.

“Is it because you’re losing John?” Krissy laughed and eyed up his very well defined chest.

“No” he lied “I…”

“It’s OK” I said “thanks for coming anyway”

“I’ll see you out” said Krissy who leapt to her feet and disappeared with him whilst we decided amongst ourselves whether to carry on with strip poker, or play something else.

“Thank god for that!” exclaimed Ronan when we’d decided to play something else “another item of clothing and I’d be down to my birthday suit!

“I already am” Nick reminded us, one hand covering himself up and the other hand throwing his cards down “thank fuck for that”

“How about truth or dare?” AJ suggested “I’ve not played that in years”

“Me neither” I agreed

“Sure, sounds good” Izzy agreed “should be very enlightening”

“Very” Lucas agreed and eyed her up and down.

We all grabbed ourselves another drink and a few snacks and then made our way back to the living room for another game.

“Hey, where did Krissy get to?” asked Lisa

“Probably just in the bathroom” I replied but I went to check anyway, finding that she wasn’t there, or anywhere else in the house. Strange. “Krissy?” I called out, stepping out into the warm night air “you out here?”

“Fuck” I heard a voice say and a bit of shuffling and then some giggling and realised someone was out here and I’d found them in a most compromising situation. So that’s where Krissy had got to, and with John too!

I went back indoors and we started the game.

“I’ll go first then seeing as my name is first alphabetically” AJ took control and began “this one is for Nick”

“Great” Nick replied and closed his eyes for a moment, as if sensing the question was going to be a tough one.

“Nick, have you ever peed in a pool?” AJ asked with a smirk

“You know damn well I have” Nick replied and we all laughed “now it’s my turn! Steph, what’s your wildest fantasy?”

“Fuck” I muttered, I wasn’t about to reveal anything like that, so I had no other choice “Dare”

Nick’s eyes lit up “hmm” he ran his hand over his chin as if in deep thought “I know…you have to give someone a lap dance and make it look good”

“Thanks Nick” I said sarcastically, but I wasn’t going to back out of it. I stood up and walked over to the stereo and selected an appropriate song.

As ‘Slave For You’ by Britney began to play, I slowly made my way over to AJ, giving him what I thought was my best ‘fuck me’ look and flung my hair around whilst swinging my hips suggestively. Shit, I hope this looks OK! Then I dropped to my knees in front of him, looking up into his eyes before placing my hands on his knees and sliding myself up his body so that my chest was up against his face. I then climbed onto his lap and began to grind down against him, whilst throwing my head back and wishing we were doing this in private and naked.

“Oh fuck baby” he moaned “so fucking good”

“Erm…I think that was convincing enough” Nick interrupted and I reluctantly got off AJ’s lap and excused myself to the bathroom. I needed to cool down.

I was just closing the door when I felt the weight of someone behind it “you can’t leave me like this” he said and closed the door behind us, locking it.

“They’ll know what we’re doing” I protested

“Fuck em” he replied and soon made me forget that we had a party going on downstairs.

We walked back into the party a little later, slightly dishevelled but apparently unnoticed. They were still playing truth or dare and by the look of things, Jared had opted for a dare, he was applying make-up and looked like he’d had some experience.

“Let’s get another drink” I said and led AJ into the kitchen, where we found Izzy all over Nick. Nick of all people! What had happened to Lucas? She’d been determined to get into his pants since the moment she saw him.

We left them to it, grabbing a couple of beers and rejoining the rest of the party.

I didn’t know what time the party had eventually ended, I must’ve passed out at some point because I woke up to find I was on the floor, my head in AJ’s lap whilst he was asleep leaning against the sofa. The living room looked like a bomb site and was littered with plates of half eaten food, empty beer bottles and cans, half empty glasses, empty glasses, crisps squashed into the floor. It was all signs of a good night!
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