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Hello everybody, I thought I would update my page. I've been a member for almost three years, wow time sure does fly by. I love to write, mostly about Nick or AJ, even though my favorite boy is Kevin. I also love to read, although I don't have much to time to lately, but I do try to check out as many stories as I can.

I'm not the best writer, but I love to help others, even if it's not with writing, at least getting their ideas out. I do it all the time with Leigh Anna and Kristal. It seriously works, to talk out your thoughts. So you can just hit me up on AIM and we can get to brainstorming. 


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1. alota_cookin

Is great at leaving you on a cliffie, and twisiting her stories to no end. Love ya girl!!

2. honey

She's got the romance going on!

3. RokofAges75
Someone I look up to!
4. Sapphire
She wrote about a subject that is usually not written. Good job.