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You can call me Min, Minnie, sometimes i even get called Minnie-Min or Minnie Mouse. I've been writing since I was probably about twelve or thirteen. I love reading as much as I love writing.

Been writing fanfic since I was probably thirteen. Started with BSB of course, and over the years have expanded.
I write various ones depending on my mood, but seem to always come back to BSB and Or/Aaron.

I think for the most part you'll probably see stories from me
starring BSB, Nick or AJ, Aaron, Jesse McCartney.

PS- Reviews do help me to write. It's a motivator for me :). So if you get the chance be sure to drop a review. Thanks

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Series by kissesxoxo
Summary: A.J will teach you a thing or two :-).
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The Island series, is about life growing up on a small island.The Titles in the series are as follows:Book 1: Island Paradise

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