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I'm a Tourism graduate in a Catholic university, and aside from travelling and doing extremely different stuff like extreme and outdoor sports and particular interests, writing is my most laidback form of relaxation. It develops my vocabulary, enhances my creativity, and appreciate other writers' literary pieces too. :D

I'm also a writer who seldom gets reviews. Haha. =P



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Series by scarlett

They were a group of different individuals who's gone through one whole day of detention in high school. From there, a bond formed that took them to greater heights in their life, realizing the importance of friends, family and love.

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Here's the gang...

KEVIN He looks like the typical jock but he's actually a geek. He's the youngest among the brood of three men from the influential Richardson family and is pressured by the demands and expectations they have from him.

NICK He's gay, he's okay and that's what drives his father crazy. He's one of the brightest in his sophomore class but it's not enough for his dad. What will make him go back to the other side?

BRIAN The silent-type who worked his way to finish school, unlike his rich friends. No one knows what really goes on in his mind. And it often drives his friends crazy.

LEIGHANNE She's the prom queen and she can have the opportunity that she wants right in front of her. She's pressured by her family to do things they wanted her to be but in her heart, there's only one thing that she wants.

SAMANTHA The typical wild child, the one who's often misunderstood but undoubtedly, the smart one in her class. She speaks her mind and knows what she wants...a good life for her mother and her sisters.

JADE She acts like a boy and never cared about anyone else. But beneath the strong surface is a vulnerable person who just wanted a complete family and someone to love her.


SOON ...




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Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
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Genres: Alternate Universe, Dramedy, Humor, Romance
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MONARCHY SERIES I (5 stories) : Hail to the old kingdom of Arkadia, a small but rich kingdom in Europe. Five princes live out the best of their royal lives full of fun, privileges and protocols, as well as hardships and heartaches. But love conquers all, as well as family values.

This is the story of Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick as they live out the best of their lives belonging to a dynamic MONARCHY.

1 - HOME



4 - DUTY





MONARCHY SERIES II (2 stories) : The legacy lives on...but in another face. What happens when someone in the past came back to remind them of what have been gone a long time ago? And what will the former princes do when one of the members of their new generation decided to bring back the monarchy and aimed themselves to be royals again?







MONARCHY SERIES III (4 stories) : They are famously known as the notorious princesses of the kingdom of Volzenburga. They lived in a privileged life and yet, there's still so much to learn on how to live it. Deprived childhood, genetic birthright, mysteries and scandals. This is not some ordinary kingdom to live in ...





Parent Series: None
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Group, Other
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Content
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