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While going through some of the stories in AC, I noticed some of the skins used do not include the posting rules as something to click on, so I am also posting them here beause they are important and should be followed.

Submission Rules
We have very basic submission rules:

1. Proofread your stories or get yourself a good beta reader! Stories with excessive mistakes will be removed from the archive. You may resubmit stories removed for this reason after they have been corrected.

2. Anything I find overly offensive (yes me, it's my archive and I can allow what I want to Wink) will be removed. I find anything that PROMOTES/ENDORSES/ENCOURAGES etc hatred of a religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation offensive. All posts containing any of the above will be deleted and the authors will be banned; It's not a freedom of speech/censorship thing--I have no qualms with you posting elsewhere (well I do, but I respect your right...) but it's my archive/website so...I get some say in what's here Wink So nyah nyah

3. Please make sure to use the correct category for your story.

4. Include all content warnings that apply! (Warnings do include Slash, so make sure you mark it if your story contains it!)

5. Please do not abuse the script. It will do no good, and will only get you banned. I consider non-story posts an abuse (use the forums to discuss things!). And posting a story more than once. Or posting someone else's story. There are probably other things that will come up and I'll tell you those too if/when they do...

6. Stories that promote/endorse/encourage sexual relationships between an adult and a minor will be removed. If it is a story that deals with the issue but is *tastefully done* are acceptible.

If you don't agree to the rules, don't post...


~ The mods

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