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Author Topic: The Felix Awards 2008 -- Winners List  (Read 7292 times)
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2008 Winners


1) I can't believe you went there! (Most creative storyline)
Winner: Hawk and a Handsaw by Jullily
Runner Up: Stay With Me by Mersey
2) No you did NOT end your chapter there! (Best cliffhanger award)
Winner: By My Side by RokofAges75
Runner Up: Ground Zero by Chaos
3) You had me on the edge of my seat! (Best suspense, mystery, or action fic)
Winner: Ground Zero by Chaos
Runner Up: Shadow Woods by Mare
4) The Hanky Award (Best tear-jerker)
Winner: Broken by Julie
Runner Up: Gone Without Goodbye by LenniluvsBrian
5) The Panky Award (Best romance)
Winner: Whitmore Lake by Honey
Runner Up: Under My Skin by Mellzbellz
6) Are you sure this is fiction? (Best first person POV)
Winner:  Not your Average Cinderella Story by Honey
Runner Up: Ground Zero by Chaos
7) WTF? (A little out there, a little unusual, but it works)
Winner: Shadow Woods by Mare
Runner Up: Yesterday's Blue Skies by Just Marina
8 ) Great things come in small packages! (Best short story)
Winner: A Momentís Pause by BehrBeMine
Runner Up: Stay With Me by Mersey
10) Size matters. (Best stand alone long length story - 20+ chapters, not part of a series)
Winner: No Matter What by Forever Rebel and LenniluvsBrian
Runner Up: Learning to Trust by Sweet18_2003
11) I can't wait for part four! (Best series)
Winner: Hearts don't Lie by Tri
Runner Up: Biblical Trilogy by Mare
12) Best Costume (Best AU story)
Winner: Yesterday's Blue Skies by Just Marina
Runner Up: Once Upon a Time by Starbeamz2
13) Best online date I've ever had (Best collaboration)
Winner: Code Blue by Julie, Rose, Bianca, Starbeamz, drama_queens, Louise, Sabra, Shauna, Rachel
Runner Up: 5 Backstreet Boys in Search of a Plot by Mare, Mersey, Just Marina
14) Maybe this will get their butts in gear! (Best unfinished story)
Winner: Thirteenth Step by Mare
Runner Up: If Tomorrow Never Comes by MonkeyAbu

Voted on awards

1) When I grow up, I wanna be like you! (best author)

2) There can only be one... (best challenge story)
Into the Woods by Mare

3) Most likely to run over your grandmother while kicking a baby. (best villian award)
Proving Them Wrong by Starbeamz (Summer)
4) Most likely to save a cat from a tree while simultaneously putting out your next door neighbor's house fire. (the hero or heroine award)
Not your Average Cinderella Story by Honey (Howie)

5) Most likely to make you wretch when you see them together in public because they are all over each other 24/7 (best couple award)
Broken by Julie (Claire and Nick)

6) Keyser Soze Award for best Plot Twist.
Ground Zero by Chaos
7) 1000 (Tongue) Lashes. (best use of dialogue)
Why I'd Do It All Again by Mare
8 ) I spit milk out through my nose! (best comedy)
5 Backstreet Boys in Search of a Plot by Mare, Mersey and Just Marina
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