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Author Topic: The Felix Awards 2009 -- Winners List  (Read 9282 times)


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The Felix Awards 2009 -- Winners List
« on: August 03, 2009, 07:20:41 PM »

Congrats to all our 2009 nominees and winners!


Part I

1. Best Action/Adventure
Winner:  In the Shadows by Starbeamz and Honey
Runner-Up: On the Rails by Filiklepto                      

2. Best Alternate Universe
Winner:  Satin and Silk by Julilly                      
Runner-Up: If We Were a Movie by Honey
3. Best Drama/Angst
Winner: Someone's Miracle by Kentuckychickr k
Runner-Up: In Memory Of by Chaos                    

4. Best Comedy/Dramedy
Winner:  A Million Little Things by Mare
Runner-Up:  Brian's Corner -uncut by Mersey

5. Best Fantasy/Supernatural
Winner:  Hawk and a Handsaw by Julilly
Runner-Up:  Monster in the Closet by Starbeamz                    

6. Best Historical:
Winner:  On the Rails by Filiklepto
Runner- Up: Satin and Silk by Julilly                    

7. Best Original Fiction
Winner: Being Jamie Baker by Honey
Runner-Up: The Oak Tree by Rach

8. Best Romance
Winner:  If We were a Movie by Honey
Runner-Up: Measure of a Man by goneplatinum              

9. Best Science Fiction
Winner: A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian and Daydream                  
Runner-Up:  Yesterday's Blue Skies by just marina
10. Best Thriller/Suspense
Winner: The Thirteenth Step by Mare
Runner - Up: Fan Friction by Honey
Part II  

1. Best Short
Winner: Dying of the Light by Chaos
Runner-Up:  A Day in the Life of a Lima Bean by Mare
2. Best Novella (less than 20 chapters)
Winner:  Someday We'll Know by Starbeamz2
Runner-Up: Ground Zero by Chaos
3. Best Novel (more than 20 chapters, not part of a series)
Winner:  If Tomorrow Never Comes by Monkey Abu
Runner-Up:  If We Were a Movie by Honey
4. Best Series
Winner:   Nick and Grace Series by Kentuckychickr k
Runner-Up:  Not Like We Predicted Series by Mellzbellz
5. Best Collaboration
Winner: In the Shadows by Honey and Starbeamz2
Runner-Up:  My Perfect Day by Chaos and Spencer
6. Best Cliffhanger
Winner: Ground Zero by Chaos
Runner-Up: Hawk and a Handsaw by Julilly
7. Best Tear-jerker  
Winner: Illusions of Deceit by Frick24x
Runner-Up:  Someone's Miracle by Kentuckychickr k

8. Best First-person POV
Winner:  Just Another Day by Rose
Runner-Up: If We Were a Movie by Honey

9. Most Creative Storyline
Winner:  On the Rails by Filiklepto
Runner-Up: Fan Friction by Honey

10. Most Unusual Storyline
Winner:   Fan Friction by Honey
Runner-Up:  How to Save a Life by Pengi
11. Best Unfinished
Winner:  How to Save a Life by Pengi
Runner-Up: Yesterday's Blue Skies by Just Marina


Best Author
Winner: Honey
RU: RokofAges75

Best New Author
Winner: your_ill_july
RU: CabyBakes

Best Challenge
Winner: It's Your Party, Howie. You Can Cry If You Want To by Honey
RU: Sushi Poisoning by alota_cookin

Best Hero
Winner: Nick in 00Carter by The 00Carter Girls
RU: Brian in One True Friend by AverySpencer

Best Villain
Winner: Brian in Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon by DaniGiggles
RU: Sean in No Matter What by Forever Rebel and LenniluvsBrian

Best Male
Winner: Jack in Sinister Devotion by kevmylove
RU: Nick in My Mind's Eye by your_ill_july

Best Female
Winner: Quinn in Casual by CabyBakes
RU: Crystal in Sinister Devotion by kevmylove

Best Team/Couple
Winner: Quinn and Nick in Casual by CabyBakes
RU: Brian and Nick in Hawk and a Handsaw by Julilly

Best Use of Dialogue
Winner: A Million Little Things by Mare
RU: If You Can't Say No Trilogy by Cecilia
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