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Author Topic: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)  (Read 3492 times)


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The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« on: August 01, 2009, 05:05:29 PM »

*Note: Now that the real-time posting has been completed and the order of the threads are kind of messed up...if you want to read the entire ceremony in order, there is a link to the next section at the bottom of each "presentation" (first post on all threads except the Opening Number Spectacular, where the link is in relpy#6 (or the 7th post)). Alternately, the threads are numbered starting with the Opening Number Spectacular as (0) and Action (1), and so on. Or alternately if you don't plan on commenting as you go or reading others' comments, you can view it here.

Larry King: Tonight. An Absolute Chaos exclusive. We are here at the site of the tragedy—

Chaos: Tragedy?! What tragedy? Oh great...what'm I going to be sued for now...?

Larry King: That after years of high profile exclusives and prestige, I've found myself doing Red Carpet interviews for the Felix Awards...

Chaos: ...

Larry King: So, it says here that you are the owner of Absolute Chaos?

Chaos: Well, I pay the bills, but I wouldn't really call myself the owner exactly.

Larry King: So you've stolen this site?

Chaos: What?! No! I just mean that really, although I pop in now and again, the site really is run by my site mods, Mare and Julilly, who I cannot thank enough for the way they've kept this place running smoothly and for organizing things like this event tonight. I also will take this moment to give credit to the awesome judges panel--especially those who took on extra categories when other judges dropped out. And last but far from least, I need to give credit to Tri for her awesome Felix Award graphics!  

Larry King: So what you're saying is that you're a freeloader.

Chaos: ...

Larry King: You enjoy taking credit for other peoples' work?

Chaos: I'm not Tanja, if that’s what you’re asking! Besides, I'm the first to admit that I don't do a whole lot other than pay the bills and stop in to do occasional script updates and chatting. I'm a pretty small cog in the Absolute Chaos wheel. If the various authors or the readers didn't keep coming back to share their stories or comment on others', the site would pretty much be nothing.

Larry King: And yet, it bears your name.

Chaos: You know...I think I'm needed inside. You know, Opening Monologue to organize and all...

Larry King: Wasn't that done already by Mare?

Chaos: ... Okay, so uh...yeah. But I'm actually in the opening number, so...

Larry King: Breaking Story. Chaos--site administrator or chronic plagiarist? More on that, after the break...

Chaos: Gyaaaah!!!
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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards and Opening Number! (Start Here!)
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2009, 05:13:36 PM »

Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler from L&O SVU have mysteriously replaced Larry King as the interviewer on the Red Carpet. Cover up? Conspiracy? Only Chaos knows for sure.

Olivia: It's a good thing we were here to cover for Larry King's abrupt departure.

Elliot: Define good.

Olivia: Well, since there weren't any other reporters around and we do have interview experience. Just remember, we're interviewing authors, not suspects. So be nice.

Elliot: I'm always nice.

*Olivia raises an eyebrow.*

Olivia: Oh look, there's Kentuckychickc r. Rachel! Rachel, can we have a moment!

Rachel: I don't know what it is you think I did, but...

Elliot: We're pinch hitting for the Red Carpet Interviews.

Rachel: Oh. Well...okay. Sure.

Olivia: Great! So, you're nominated for several awards here tonight. How do you feel about your competition?

Rachel: I can only come up with one word that would accurately describe the other stories nominated: amazing.  Honestly.  I have taken the time to read most of--if not all of--each of the stories that were nominated and I was certainly not disappointed.  There is definitely some wonderful talent on these boards that shines through in the stories that are posted.  I send my whole-hearted kudos to every single author for every single story that was nominated--and even to those authors who weren't and have still taken the time to read those who were.  Good luck next year!

*Elliot jots down a few notes in his notepad as Olivia continues the interview*

Olivia: Have you been working on anything new that we can look forward to?

Rachel: Sadly, no.  Due to some recent health issues, the economy's downfall and work I really haven't had the time to do much but just focus on living and breathing and getting through each day as it comes.  And I know I'm not the only one.  I have been trying to update some of my unfinished stories, but I think now would not be the best time to start writing something I know I lack the motivation to finish.

Olivia: Certainly understandable . Sorry to ehar about your health. Hope you get better soon! I'm sure we'll see you inside.

Rachel: Thank you!

*Rachel heads inside*

Elliot: She's hiding something.

Olivia: Of course she's hiding something, otherwise her stories would be really predictable. But remember. These are authors, not suspects.

Elliot: Everyone's a suspect...

Olivia: Oh come on. I bet whoever comes by next will be...

*Several penguins waddle past*

Olivia: Hmm. You may be right.

Elliot: Isn't that Julilly over there?

Olivia: Yes! Can we have a moment?

Julilly: Okay, but better be fast--I'm need inside. Some crisis about the Felix Award banner being too large or something.

Olivia: How do you feel about your competition tonight?

Julilly: It certainly is competition! Everyone nominated is great, and I don't know how I ended up in the same categories as some of these amazing writers.

Elliot: Do you ever post any work under different aliases?

Julilly: I do. I like to see how differently people react without a reputation associated with a particular screen name. Sorry, but I've gotta go.

Olivia (calling after her): Thanks for your time!

Olivia (to Elliot after Julilly is inside): Why would you ask that? She's not a--

Elliot: Not a suspect. I know. I just...needed to satisfy my own curiousity.

Elliot: Here comes Carter-Orange. Ms. Orange!

Steph: That's Carter-Orange. Hi. *looks around nervously*

Olivia: Don't worry, you're not a suspect *she looks pointedly at Elliot

Steph: Not a suspect for what?

Olivia: Nothing at all. We're just interviewing before the awards. How do you feel about your competition here tonight?

Steph: I just want to wish everyone luck, everyone is very deserving of an award.

Elliot: Do you ever post stories under an alias?

Steph: I've posted on a Take That site under the name StephLovesJaso n, but not for a long time.  I usually just stick to Carter-Orange.

Olivia: Thank you! And good luck tonight!

*Steph heads inside*

Olivia: Right...Oh! Sapphire! Hi, we're interviewing some of the nominees tonight. Do you have a moment?

Sapphire: Of course.

Elliot: We know what you did, you know.

Sapphire: Uh...what?

Olivia: Elliot!

Elliot: Sorry. What I meant to ask was how do you feel about your competition for tonight's awards?

Sapphire: In a word? Honored. There are so many talented people on the site and they everyone nominated is so deserving and I wish them all the best of luck.

Olivia: Have you been working on anything new lately?

Saphire: Yes. I have a new story that I'm slowly working on while updating "Mistakes Made...Lessons Learned". It's going to be different from my others tories and deal with some emotional and difficult issues.

Olivia: We're looking forward to reading it!

*Sapphire heads inside, followed by the cast of Scrubs, and a few more penguins.*

Elliot: Fracktrain! May we have a word, please!

Olivia: Are you working on anything new these days?

Fracktrain: Yes, thanks for asking! The Choose Your Own Adventure Series will have some more to it. One is about going back in time and another is about a mystery at Disneyworld.

Olivia: Sounds great. Looking forward to them.

Elliot: Do you ever post under any aliases?

Fracktrain: Yes and I'm planning to add some more.

Elliot: Reeeealllly...

Olivia: Thanks for your time.

Fracktrain: No problem!

Elliot: We'll be seeing you inside...

Fracktrain: Um...yeeeaah.

Olivia: You need to stop asking this alias thing.

Elliot: I just have this feeling in my gut...

Greta Levinworth: Perhaps it's gas...?

Olivia: Oh! Greta!! Great seeing you tonight. You're up for several awards; how do you feel about your competition?

Greta: Well...they all kind of suck, actually.

Olivia and Elliot: ...

Greta: I'm going to win. Everything.

Olivia: ...Do you ever write under any aliases?

Greta: Pshh. Why should I? Everyone loves me already.

Olivia: I'm...sure we'll see you inside. *Greta leaves* Unfortunately. ..

Elliot: Now you see why I ask these things?

Olivia: Yeah, but I think she's an exception, not a rule...I hope.

Elliot: Steph! *motions for her to come over before she goes inside* How do you feel about your competition here tonight?

Steph (aka Sakabelle): I'm up against a lot of really good authors for the award of best challenge.  All these stories are really awesome so to even be nominated in the same category as them is pretty exciting.

Olivia: Any new projects you're working on?

Steph: Yes!  I have been trying to write a sci-fi/fantasy story for a while, but it's still nowhere near ready to post lol

Elliot: We look forward to reading it when it is. Good luck tonight.

Steph: Thanks!

Elliot: Is that Mersey over there?

Olivia: Mersey! Glad to see you here tonight.

Mersey: Thanks. It's good to be here.

Elliot: If you don't mind me asking...what is that you've got in there?

Mersey: My...bag? Oh. A packet of tissue and my umbrella. I know, it's tiny, but the umbrella is made in Japan. Japan has some ridiculously awesome inventions don't you think so? I think it's probably why Backstreet Boys always go there for promos and stuff.

Olivia: You...may be right. (*An aside to Elliot*) Is it me or does she seem a little...off?

Elliot: You're getting here pretty much last minute; where've you been?

Mersey: In my ice cream van giving out ice creams to everyone else on their way to the red carpet. If you see some stained dresses/shirts today, you know they've been touched by my ice cream...that doesn't sound right...right? They're delicious, it's the new milkshake. You can have one too. Here!

Shawn Spencer from Psych: Oooh! Is that Pineapple?

Mersey: Um. No. Sorry...

Shawn: Well, I'm sure it'll still be good. Yoink! *He swipes the offered milkshake and disappears into the crowd heading into the auditorium*.

Olivia: Thanks anyway...

Mersey: No prob. There's plenty more back in the van!

Olivia: There's alota_cookin! Kristal! And...who're you with this evening?

Kristal: I actually didn't have much choice, in who I brought tonight! Baylee, here, is nominated for Best Unfinished and you know how fifteen year old boys are…he whined, begged and pleaded…everything short of a tantrum…until I caved in, and brought him along. He even gave me that pouty puppy dog look, you know, with the bottom lip stuck out and everything…I just…I can't say 'no' when he does that! Damn him for being so adorable!

Elliot: Tell me about it...teenagers! Can't live with 'em. Can't shoot 'em.

Kristal: Uh. Yeah. Right. Um...Baylee, I think we better go....Hey, isn't that Darby over there?
*points* (when the detectives look away, she rushes Baylee inside)

Elliot: I didn't mean anything by it. It's just that my daughter...

Olivia: I know. She's right, though, there's Darby.

Elliot: Mind if we ask a couple questions?

Darby (aka Cabybakes): Sure, but it sounds like the curtain's about to go up.

Olivia: Don't worry, we'll be brief. How do you feel about your competition tonight?

Darby: It's stiff and I feel honored to be among them...lots of talented writers and fabulous stories are nominated!  Lots of luck to everyone!

Olivia: Do you ever post under any other names?

Darby: No, however, back in the day I did have my own website that is still out there in cyberspace with a bunch of terrible stories on it...if I told you the URL I might have to kill you...Well, I've gotta go, don't want to miss the Opening Number and all!

*Olivia and Elliot exchange glances*

*Darby smiles innocently at them before heading inside*

Elliot: Don't go far. We may have a few more questions for you...!

Olivia: She was kidding, right?

Elliot (to all other nominees, readers, writers, and guests): That goes for you, too!

Olivia: Thank you all and we'll see you inside!

Go inside to witness the Opening Number!


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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2009, 06:21:36 PM »

LOL!  Very nicely done!  Trying to figure out who "Greta Levinworth" might be... LOL

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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2009, 06:29:31 PM »

If you're just joining the show (since.. due to... time shifting... on the east coast... yeah okay I can't tell time) just follow along through the links, or if you know how to count you can start at zero and work your way up!
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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2009, 06:31:34 PM »

Loving it! This is great!  :D


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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2009, 07:06:18 PM »

LMAO that was great! I don't think I've mentioned that you guys are brilliant yet today, so... You're all brilliant.
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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #6 on: August 01, 2009, 09:23:27 PM »

I'm late to the party! I am bummed I misse dout on real time but i'm trying to catch up! lol Great job with the red carpet Ash!
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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #7 on: August 01, 2009, 09:49:47 PM »

OMG, you guys are hilarious...so loving this!!!


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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #8 on: August 02, 2009, 04:24:38 AM »

Lol, that was great!


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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #9 on: August 04, 2009, 03:23:52 PM »

I'm sad that I missed this, but alas... it was in the middle of TwiCon.
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Re: The Felix Awards 2009 Pre-Awards Interviews (Start Here!)
« Reply #10 on: August 04, 2009, 04:30:52 PM »

Chaos, I just saw the website - very nicely put together!

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