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Starting next month i'm going to feature stories from authors who have already been featured but also will continue to feature newer authors as well.

Please leave some suggestions for stories you'd like to see featured. Keep in mind, it's best if they are finished or long enough that they can be discussed in the forum.

It's also nice if the author/authors are also people who post on the forum. They don't have to be, but it's a bonus because then we can get a discussion going.

You can recommend yourself if you'd like I promise i'll keep the  ::) down to a minimum.

I also have the right to say no to anyone douchy lol Because I can.  8-)

Happy recommending! lol

Featured story list

August - Beautiful Lie by BiLittrell
September - Fearful Renegade by Scoobiegang
October - Song for the Undead by Julie and Rose
November - Ray of Hope by Kevmylove
December - Last Christmas by Rebellious_One
January - The Time Watcher by Pengi

I would throw evergreenwrite r83's name into the hat!

She has been quite a dedicated writer/updater! I notice her on the most recent page all the time and I believe she has finished "With the Band" and it seemed to be quite popular! :)

I agree about Evergreenwrite r83.  With The Band was a really good story and I'm trying to catch up with the sequel Cruise Control at the moment. 

Another one I'm reading is Shades of Gray but I can't remember who it's by.

Shades of Gray is by Kellie but she doesn't post on AC.

Unless there's another one?

I'm going to put in my vote for evergreenwrite r83 as well!  I loved With The Band, it's a really fun read!


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