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Author Topic: It's beginning to look a lot like Felix-mas!  (Read 5089 times)
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« on: October 04, 2011, 10:44:15 AM »

It's true, the start of the Felix Awards is just around the corner.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions over the last year. Some of them made it to the final product, some we will continue to keep in mind for future seasons! They are appreciated none the less.

You're going to notice a bit of a shift with this year's awards with a stronger focus on the writers behind all your favourite stories! Make sure you keep checking back here over the next couple of weeks for the start of nominations!

Something to note... you know how we've been trying to get you all to follow those "silly" rules over the last year or so? There was a reason for all of it! Any author that is not adhering to the posting rules (particularly editing, grammar, properly labelled genres and warnings, etc) will not be eligible to compete. If you think at this point that there is a chance something you wrote might not fall into the posting guidelines ask us about it now! We WILL be checking the nomination forms!

Thanks for your time, and here's to another great season! Smiley

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Yay! This is my first time to experience the Felix awards, and I am soooo excited to nominate and vote!  Smiley

Properly labelled genre and warnings got me thinking, though. Maybe I should look at my stories again. Smiley

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This will be my first one too, so I am excited Smiley

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