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Our next featured story will be #90 on the list! I can't even believe it!! So for the next 10 I would like to feature who you would consider the top ten writers/authors on the site. That's the thing, they have to have a story on this site to be included as a featured author/story.

Of course most of these people will have already been featured and if they only have one story, it might also have already been featured but since it's a special occasion, I am willing to bend that one rule. Most of the authors have more than one story anyway lol

I originally was just going to feature my top ten but I realize it wouldn't be fair to some since I have different tastes than a lot of you! So, give me yours as well! Then what I'll do is try my best to spread the love around a bit! Keep in mind it's all opinion. We all can't and don't' love the same things. Some of my favorite stories might be some of your least favorite and I know for a fact some of your favorites I hate lol It's your own personal taste and preference.

I really do hope all of you give some input! If not, you can't argue with the end result!

I'll give you the choice of either posting your lists right in here or if you feel more comfortable PMing them to me (if you don't want people to see who you are picking because you're afraid you'll offend some) then do it that way. The results will show up on the features waiting line! :)

Is this our top ten of all time, or should we stick to current authors who are on the forum to discuss?

I would go for all time. We could always discuss in their absence

I'll be back to post mine after I've thought about it :)

I will be back with a list lol.


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