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FS for January Story # 96: Rewind by Carter-Orange

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Hello and Happy New Year! It is my pleasure to start off our top five with one of my favorite people.

Steph is a great writer which I will elaborate on shortly and Rewind is one of my favorites.

Here is the link to the story:,

If you have never read it, you should give it a go. If you already have, feel free to stop in and let Steph know how completely awesome she is!

Happy reading!

What can I say about Steph to do her justice?

I am admittedly one of her biggest fans, not only because she is an exceptional writer but because she is an equally exceptional human being. Still, I was having trouble thinking of all the ways Steph rocks so I decided to ask some of our fellow writers.

Julie aka RokofAges said:

"One thing I love about Steph is her diversity as a writer. She's written a little of everything and is willing to try anything - and that goes for reading, too!"

This is so true. Steph will pretty much give everything and everyone on the site a chance. She's one of the most un-judgemental people I know and always has something good to say about everything. As far as her writing, she's a risk taker, pure and simple.

Rose said:

"I love her creativity as a writer. She always seems to have a new idea that is nothing like the last one, finding new ways to surprise us with every story she writes."

I think one of the best examples of this is her story "Rewind" where she took a has been Nick and gave him one more chance to redo his life. The other would be "Save a Prayer" she wasn't afraid to go to overly dark and gory places to tell her story. Making Nick into the hero and not the victim we all tend to make him out to be.

Tracy said:

"I haven't read a lot of her work, but I like how she writes her characters, they're well developed and unique plus she's great with dialogue"

Steph puts a lot into her characters. They seem realistic and authentic but most importantly the are fun to read. Her dialogue makes her plots flow and bring all of her scenes to life.

Lore said:

"Steph is such a great writer because she can take inspiration from anywhere and seamlessly integrate it into whichever story she's working on. Her stories complex yet there is an ease in which she writes that make them liked by all, no matter the genre she writes."

Not many have the ability to jump from one genre to another with the ease that Steph seems to do it. She can write something completely dark one minute then can write something happy and fluffy the next.

So, there you go. In summary, Steph is awesome and very worthy of her number five placement on this list. Of course if you were to ask her if she belongs here she would say no and that is just one more reason why I love her to death.

Congrats, Steph on being featured this month as well as your engagement. You deserve the best!

Yay Steph! You should know you're one of my fave people on here. :) Writing wise and just in general.

Yay, congrats Steph!!  I have read Rewind and loved it too!

Purpura Lipstick:
Yay Steph! Well deserved!!


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