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FS for February Story # 97: Here We Stand by Rose

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This month belongs to Rose and the story you all picked to discuss is Here We Stand.

Rose has a gift when it comes to catching the boys personalities and mannerisms in her stories and this one is no different.

Here is the link :

Join with us and read this month. Feel free to post your questions and comments for Rose.

Thanks and happy reading! :)


--- Quote from: RokofAges75 on January 20, 2015, 07:20:35 PM ---

Rose will probably gag at this because she hates puns about her name, but here I go anyway.  There's a famous line from Romeo and Juliet that says, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."  Unlike me, Rose has always written under her real name, rather than some pen name or screen name.  She doesn't need one, because her real name is classic and beautiful.  However, she also has a few colorful nicknames that I feel really help to describe Rose as a writer.

1. ZDR

"ZDR" stands for "Zombie Double Rainbow," which is a very appropriate nickname for Rose.  Not only does she enjoy writing about zombies, but she also enjoys writing about... pretty much anything and everything!  Like a rainbow, Rose is a writer of many colors.  She has written across the spectrum of genres, from comedy to drama, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and - believe it or not - even ROMANCE!  She has written short stories, novels, series, and, of course, several epic, neverending collaborations!  (We'll get to those in a minute.)

Like a double rainbow, Rose is very prolific.  In addition to being our 4th favorite author, she is also the 4th most prolific author on AC, with 55 stories to her name (and hell, by the time this is posted, she may have added another one!).  And like a ZOMBIE double rainbow, she just keeps going, even when life gets in the way.  She's been posting stories on this site for well over a decade, and although she may have slowed down in the last couple of years, she's showing no signs of stopping.  Slow and steady wins the brains!

2. Collab Whore

I got to know Rose back in 2006, when she joined the writing team for my old collab "Code Blue."  We've been writing together ever since!  Someone coined the name "Collab Whore" for her the following year, when she pitched the idea for our second big collaboration, "00Carter," right here on this forum.  Since then, we've written "Song for the Undead" and are working on new ideas for when that one's done!  We've also collaborated on "1000 Ways to Kill Nick Carter," "Revenge of the Slaughtered," and a short Christmas parody called "Nick's Zombie Nightmare Before Christmas."

Rose is a great ringleader when it comes to collaborations because she is super creative, passionate, and organized.  She comes up with crazy, original ideas and somehow finds a way to make them work.  She inspires people to write well without being too pushy about it.  She is also incredibly open-minded and almost impossible to offend, which makes her a great writing partner because she's not afraid of getting - or giving - constructive criticism. Rose has raised the quality of my writing, and I firmly believe that my best, most creative work has come out of my collaborations with her.


I actually have to credit Karah for calling Rose (and me) the C-word on more than one occasion.  But before anyone goes and gets offended, we prefer to see it as a term of endearment, rather than an insult.  CUNT is actually an acronym that stands for Crazy Undead Nick-Loving Triple rainbow, which really sums up Rose perfectly.

Crazy - Oh, to live in Rose's brain.  Sometimes we seem to share one (we call it the Siamuse), but trust me, hers is way more creative than mine.  She comes up with the most awesome, "out there" ideas, and I, with my love of logic and realism, find a way to make them work.  I don't consider myself to be particularly creative on my own, so I am constantly impressed by Rose's imagination, especially when it comes to the sci-fi and fantasy stuff she has written.  Read some of her older sci-fi stories, like "Divisions of Reality" or "Born to Be," and you'll see what I mean!

Undead - Well, this one's obvious.  Rose and I were on the zombie bandwagon well before it was a bandwagon!  I have always loved horror, but had never really written one before "Song for the Undead."  Rose brought out the horror writer in me and in herself at the same time.

Nick-Loving - Rose is pretty balanced when it comes to writing about each of the Boys, but it's no secret that she's always loved to write about Nick.  She's shown his softer side in bromances like "Here We Stand" and romances like "Just Another Day," as well as his comedic side in "00Carter" and "Undead," but she's also given him plenty to angst about!  Rose loves to torture Nick, from saddling him with Early-Onset Alzheimer's in "Remember Me This Way" to embarking on an epic quest to kill him 1000 times in the aptly-titled "1000 Ways to Kill Nick Carter."  But hey, we fanfic writers only hurt the ones we love, right??  (Yeah, okay, so Rose is a total sadist.)

Triple Rainbow - Rose is not only one of my favorite fanfic writers, but also a loyal reader and one of my very best friends.  A triple rainbow, all the way!  She is so bright, so vivid, and SO intense!  It was an honor to write this tribute for her, AC's #4 Favorite Author!  Congratulation s, Rose!!!

--- End quote ---

Some other thoughts from your readers :)

Quote from: Carter-Orange on January 03, 2015, 11:20:48 AM
What I love about Rose's stories is that she makes them believable.  Like with Song For The Undead, it may be about a zombie apocalypse but it feels so real, the characters are well written and the story is fantastic.  Same with everything else I've read by Rose.  In fact, I even cried during one story and that doesn't happen very often lol.

Well done Rose, you deserve this Smiley

Quote from: Kyrie on January 09, 2015, 07:41:50 PM
Hi Mare,
I think my favorite of hers is Just Another Day. I like pretty much all her stories (the ones she writes as a single author) because she's great as descriptive writing and first person POV. Hope this helps!


I really loved Remember Me This Way because I went through having a loved one with Alzheimers disease. It kind of gave me some closure. Reading about Nick having it even though it's fiction.


My favorite story from Rose? Surrrre...that's EASY!!! Remember Me This Way! Poor Nick.  The dude just can't catch a break with Rose.  What I liked the most about this story was, it was something that hadn't been done before...early onset Alzheimer’s.  It's such a touching story of him dealing with this disease and everyone around him dealing with it as well.  About him trying to make his mark on the world, so that he is remembered the way HE wants to be remembered. And the ending is probably one of the most touching endings to a story I've ever read.   The whole story was so well written and just so touching.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yay, congratulation s Rose!

Awwww Julie! I heart you so much. Seriously. Reading that made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And LOL yes, I'm a total sadist in my writing. Maybe one day I'll write a story where Nick has nothing to angst about? No torture...pssh h I can't even type that with a straight face! Besides, that'd be boring LOL.

Thanks all of you, for your compliments. I'm really bad at taking them LOL. I always feel like saying thank you gets repetitive. But thank you!

And Julie knows me well cause of course now I'm up to 56 stories  :D.


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