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FS for April: story #99 Broken by RokofAges75

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... I was a new author in search of someone to host my first story. I fell in love with the stories on Dreamer's Sanctuary and decided to ask the owner of the site if she would allow "Mizpah" to call her site home. Thankfully, she said yes and the beginning of a friendship was born.

I have known Julie probably longer than anyone else active in the fandom these days, heck even people who have left ages ago. Sometimes when I try to think back to when I first got into this fandom, it's hard for me to wrap my head around but Julie has been right there my entire fanfic life lol

I can say, I have seen her grow up. I remember her working in the summer, cleaning at her Mom's school? I remember her graduating high school and going off to college. I loved reading about her adventures in Scotland as she studied abroad. I cheered when she was hired as a fourth grade teacher and now seeing her settle into a house of her very own and working towards her Masters degree, I can't help but feel so proud of her.

One thing that really sticks out in my mind while reading "Broken" the featured story this month, I think I audibly gasped at the level of writing I was witnessing. Her writing in that moment had completely transformed and moved onto this higher plain that we are all now so used to when we think of a typical Julie story. To watch her evolution has been almost as fun as reading one of her stories.

I really could go on and on, but I'll stop because she's going to be receiving lots of love and rightly so.

I am so happy that you all love Julie as much as I do and that you have voted her #2 all time favorite author on AC.

Please leave your comments and questions for Julie in this thread and hopefully she'll be able to sneak in from time to time to answer some questions.

Congrats, Julie! Enjoy your month! :-)

Now here is The other half of your double rainbow...

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--- Quote from: Rose on February 22, 2015, 04:57:51 AM ---Julie.

Just what does one SAY about a writer like her? Julie’s been well known for almost as long as I’ve been into fanfic. I remember visiting Dreamer’s Sanctuary when still hosted Real People Fanfic. She’s a legend, pure and simple. One of the few from the “glory days” that didn’t go away. I became a fan of hers with a story I’m sure many don’t really associate her with these days called Identical and never stopped. She keeps getting better. Something I keep thinking isn’t possible! Because she writes so well and so you figure she reaching her peak and then she turns around and surprises you. I remember vividly how shocked I was that she wanted to collaborate with me personally. Mainly because she’s such a legend in this fanfic fandom. She’s not just a rainbow. No that sort of special beauty isn’t enough. She is truly a double rainbow in fanfiction. A spectrum of colorful talent that doesn’t fade away no matter what the genre. There’s no one else like her.

So here are the ways I know Julie is “Double Rainbow All The Way”.

D is for Decisive – This refers to the fact Julie will write the story she wants to and nothing will shake her from that once she’s committed. She doesn’t care if people like it or not. Look at her most recent Pandaskunk story. It’s random beyond belief and having the same sense of humor, I adored it. It parodies everything under the sun while still remaining coherent and keeping as many backstreet-isms as possible. It’s not the type of story that will bring in tons of reviews like most of her others but she doesn’t care. For her the reviews are secondary to the joy writing itself brings. In a fandom where I often see tweets mentioning a lack of reviews this sort of writing for one's self first is forever a breath of fresh air.

R is for Rainbow – Somewhat cheating. But by rainbow I’m referring to the fact she really HAS written in every single genre at some point or another. For horror she has countless kills in 1000 Ways and our collab Song For The Undead. Slash she has Sick as My Secrets or it’s one-shot prequel Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon. Supernatural we have Secrets of the Heart and Drama/Angst? We have countless stories like Broken or Curtain Call both of which incorporate romance. There’s fantasy with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Backstreet Boy. Not to mention the sci-fi in Hybrid or our collab 00Carter. While she favors Angst/Drama and considers it her best I think she shines equally in whatever she writes. Hell it was her writing that got me to read romance back when I hated all of it, and most recently BSB Slash.

A is for Anal – This is a compliment in the best way. I know I have a little bit of a reputation for doing a ton of research but what’s so funny about that is that it originated from Julie. I remember when I first started writing Code Blue with her back in 2006. Mind you again, she was a legend and while I was excited to join the story, I was also very intimidated. I’d never done a medical drama before and I was writing with one of the greats. I saw just how much research went into this story and started adopting that into my own writing in my hopes to someday match her skill. The way Julie researches is insane. She’ll go through countless links to get every bit of information possible. But the really shocking thing? You can’t tell. She has that rare skill of being able to weave it throughout the story and if you didn’t know better you’d think she was following that rule of “writing what you know”.

T is for Torture – If there’s a writer who’s after my own heart in this sense besides Julie, I’d love to meet them. She just isn’t afraid to go there! She can kill a Backstreet Boy at the drop of a dime and doesn’t hesitate to give the real consequences of her plots. Whether she’s chopping legs or giving babies AIDS. She’s fearless. She’ll explore every aspect and without fear tell the story she planned to tell. I remember reading Broken and literally yelling at my screen “HOLY SHIT!” when she did her first go at “choppage” LOL. There were plenty of cancer fics back then but she was the first to take it to the next level. The same is still true now. She did a slash story as part challenge/part joke. It led to AIDS babies and dark moments but she never shied away. Just remember, she’s called the Choppage Queen for a reason!

W is for Weird – Julie is a little weird but that’s what’s so great about her LOL. This is the same girl who teaches by day and has a random things collection featuring things like Hitler Skunks! (No lie). She may say I’m creative but she’s the one with a weird enough brain to manage to take whatever crazy thing I think of and find a way to connect it back into a reality based idea/plot. How many people can do that? It’s easy enough to come up with the random shit, but it’s another to make them work! The way she’s able to find logic for ideas that have none amazes me every time. She doesn’t give herself enough credit for just how creative she truly is.

Across The Sky – Julie is the kind of writer that inspires you to be better. I really don’t think I’d be the writer I am today if I hadn’t become friends with her. Just as rainbows might inspire artists, she is the writer who helps you want to be more.

Julie you’re one of the best things I’ve ever found in this fandom and one of my best friends. You deserve to be so high on this list and I can’t think of anyone else to be the #2 author on AC. Thank you Mare for letting me write this long (and rambly) tribute to her. Congratulation s ZDR!

There you go! I didn't wanna forget to do it LOL.

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And now from someone you look up to and admire....

--- Quote from: Jenna on February 23, 2015, 05:15:30 PM ---

I love reading your stories, especially the way you would describe a person made you feel like you were there!  I would look forward to updates and many times would find myself checking more than twice a day to see if anything was there!  So often you made me one pathetic soul searching for updates LOL.  You would keep me motivated when I was writing my own fan fics and I was flattered when you would leave me feedback on a story. It was always that little nudge to keep me going….
If I had to pick one story you’ve written that would be my all-time favorite, it would have to be the Broken Series. We both love to torture Nick and you would always graphically capture all the events and medical diagnoses! You always rocked!!
I admire you oh Queen of Choppage!!
Congratulation s on being author of the month! You deserve it!!

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I'll be back with more love when I get home from school!

Aww, you guys!!!  Thank you so much!  Thank you first of all for the votes that earned me this spot on the list, but especially thank you Mare, Rose, and Carrie for those awesome tributes!  I had such a smile on my face reading those.  I had to get up an hour early for an event before school today, but I'm glad I made time to check this because it totally made my morning.  I have more to say, but don't have the time to post all my thoughts right now, so I'll be back at some point.

I'm excited that Broken is being featured this month!  I actually threw it onto the poll more as an afterthought because I felt like I needed a third story to round it out, and believe it or not, Broken had never been a featured story.  But even though I felt like I've talked about Broken a lot, I am always happy to talk more LOL.  Like Mare said, that really is the story that helped me grow up as a writer and take it to the next level, so it will always be special to me.

Thanks again! :)


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