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FS for May: Story #100 - Hope is the Last Thing Ever Lost by Mare

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Erika - thank you and okay, maybe I'll forgive you for never leaving reviews. Lol

I'm so glad you came back to the fandom and started posting your stuff. Your stories are a breath of fresh air. I'm glad I helped you jump back into things!

Lennii!!! I always feel like I need a few exclamation points when it comes to you & your constant enthusiasm. I love how much you have loved the Importance of Fly Fishing. Thanks for always being so supportive!

Rose- thanks so much. Being compared to Stephen King in any king of analogy is just mind blowing! I forgot that scene in It Stays. I'm a real whacko! lol I loved that whole little man debate. Sometimes I wish I could just force the guys to live in the world I made for them. Wouldn't that be nice? Hey sounds like a great new story idea! ;) lmao

Steph - thanks! As for the cookies I dropped the ball this time around. Lol I'll make it up to you though, I promise.  I'm so glad we became friends. You're awesome! :)

Tracy - thanks so much for all the kind things you said. Since the very first time you told me how you're my number one fan, I've been so flattered and grateful. I have always appreciated your reviews and enthusiasm when it comes to my writing. Sometimes you have been my sole motivation to keep going. Thanks for always being there!

Jessica - thank you for calling me a gorgeous human being. That was such a nice compliment! We miss you over here. I hope we see more of you soon!

Pammy - you've been supporting me for as long as I can remember. I mean even my very early Mizpah days you were right there. I love reading your feedback and your insight into my plots and characters. You sometimes make me see things I didn't even see. Thank you so much! 


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