WHIP IT GOOD by yorkielover88
Story Notes:
Ok so, Annabelle and I were watching the WHIP IT GOOD video of BSB and started talking about some of the questionable comments the boys make. It all spiraled into this fiction. If you have not seen the video you really should before reading this! here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCAmfq2nBFY
Chapter 1 by Annabelle
"Hey Howie?" Kevin called walking out of the bathroom. "Yeah man?" He said sounding a little more Latin then normal. Kevin didn't even question it. He simply kept talking, "We have to leave for soundcheck in about half an hour. Are you ready?" "Yes Kevin. You know I'm the only one you don't have to worry about." Howie rolled his eyes. "Yeah, true. You wanna go with me to check on them?" Kevin asked pulling on his shoes. "Sure, If Nick and Brian are playing video games it'll take both of us to drag Nick back to he and AJ's room to get ready." "No kidding." Kevin replied walking out of the hotel room door.

Howie grabbed the key card and slid it in his pocket. "Let's check Brian's room first." He said walking past Kevin who held open the door. "Good thinking." Kevin replied. The two of them walked down the long hall way to the room the knew was Brian's. They knocked a few times and got no response. "Maybe he's down in Nick and AJ's room." Howie suggested. "Could be. Let's find out." Kevin said. The pair began to walk even further down the hall.

As they walked up on the door marked '348' Howie raised his hand to knock but stopped when they heard AJ's raspy voice say, "I want to feel pain." Howie backed away from the door a little bit and looked to Kevin. "What?" He asked. Howie pointed to the door but said nothing. Kevin looked from Howie to the door just in time to hear Nick's smooth voice say "No, do me first." Kevin cocked his head a little and turned back to Howie. "Here, I'll hurt you both." Came Brian's voice with it's distinct southern twang. Kevin and Howie looked at each other then to the door then back to each other. "Uh..." was all Kevin could say. Howie opened his mouth to speak but Nick's voice cut him off. "Yeah, that'll hurt better."

A laugh was heard then Nick's voice again, "Just go for it." Howie gave Kevin a look, Kevin returned the look and opened his mouth to say something but Nick cut him off, "No it didn't hurt. Do it again." When the two guys heard this their jaws dropped, "What is going on?" Howie whispered. Kevin put a finger to his lips to saying "shh."

Brian's voice came Next saying, "Lets give him more." Then a second of silence and then a scream then AJ's voice, "What the hell Bitch!" Kevin looked at Howie and mouthed, 'Do you think they're...' Howie quickly clapped his hand over Kevin's mouth not wanting to know what he was going to say. "Alright, my turn." AJ's voice was heard. Nick's voice replied saying, "No, turn around." Suddenly Brian's voice was heard screaming. Howie and Kevin looked at each other. "Do me now!" AJ said. "I will." Came Nick and then a reply from AJ. "No dude, you're the worst." "Oh look, it's welting up." Brian was heard.

Kevin and Howie once again exchanged looks of worry. "Is my ass red?" AJ's voice asked. Howie's eyes got big. "That's my cousin. I can't listen to this dog." Kevin said and tried to walk away but Howie grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. "Why are you showing me your butt?" Brian's voice was heard. Then Nick's reply, "Cause he loves that."

Just then two older woman began to walk by. Howie and Kevin quickly pulled their ears away from the door and pretended to lean against the frame as if it were normal. The two ladies gave them dirty looks and kept walking.

A soft, "Shit. Shit." was heard but they could not tell who it was. "Not that hard!" AJ's voice said. Howie bit his finger to keep from saying anything. "Whatever dude!" Brian shouted. Kevin pressed his ear against the door and listened. "You're stronger then me." AJ said. "It sounds like they are having..." "Dont say it." Kevin quickly warned in a whisper. "Did you hear that? He said, 'You're stronger then me' ." Brian said. "Ok just do it! Do it!" AJ yelled. "Bend over the fish tank!" Nick yelled.

"Those poor fish." Kevin whispered.

"Do it!" AJ's high pitched voice yelled. Then Brian's voice was heard making a 'hiyah' kind of sound and suddenly AJ yelled. Nick began to laughed as AJ screamed, "For the love of God!" Brian's voice replied, "I got you really good." "Son of a..." AJ's voice came. Then they heard Nick laughing and Brian yell, "Dang it!"

Howie backed away from the door as did Kevin. "What do we do? We can't tell anybody." Howie looked to Kevin. Kevin leaned back in to the door and heard someone say, "We're gonna be late." The voice was close to the door. Howie and Kevin quickly tried to move away from the door but they banged into each other.

"...Every opportunity..." Brian's voice came as Howie and Kevin tried to get to their feet. Suddenly the door swung open. Howie and Kevin's eyes opened wide. "What the hell?" AJ asked. "Were you guys out here listening to us?" Nick asked looking angry. "Well what the crap were you guys doing?" Kevin asked. "You can't ask them that. Brian's your cousin." Howie said smacking him. "Excuse me?" Brian asked. "We were beating each other with sticks." AJ said. Howie and Kevin looked at each other then back to their band mates. "Really?" They asked together. "Yes! What did y'all think we were doing?" Nick asked. "Uh... Not that!" They replied. "You guys are sick!" Brian said looking disgusted. "What? You're the one who shouted 'Here I'll hurt you both'." Kevin defended. "Yeah and then Nick yelled bend over the fish tank." Howie added. "Not to mention AJ's little 'is my ass red' comment." Kevin said. The three men just shook their head. "You don't believe us do you?" AJ asked. Howie and Kevin looked at each other.

"Oh fuck y'all." AJ said as he and Nick pulled them into the room. "Show them Brian." Nick said. "No no no! We don;t wanna see!" Kevin quickly said. Brian didn't listen. He grabbed his lap top and pulled open his video files. "Oh God they taped it." Howie covered his eyes. He peaked through and looked at the computer screen. When he saw the video he moved his hands. "Wow. I'm sorry." Kevin said seeing that they were not lying. "Did you guys honestly think we were in here fuck each other?" AJ asked. Kevin and Howie blushed. "Can you blame us?" Brian looked to AJ and Nick and said, "He's got a point." Nick clicked to replay the video. Once the three of them heard some of the comments they had made they all began laughing. "Lesson of the day: Watch what you say while goofing off."

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