This Is Us by Little Star
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I have to admit, I have been known by my friends to be a bit of a BackStreet Boys snob but since the NKOTBSB tour came about, I've been extremely partial to NKOTB and have a bit of a thing for Donnie but seeing as I'm eighteen and Donnie is 41, i decided I'd maybe go with a Father/Daughter Fic and have the BackStreet Boys in it seeing as I'm closer in age to Nick :) Anyway please enjoy and don't forget to review and make my day!!

Meet Madeline Wahlberg by Little Star
Author's Notes:

so just letting you know, the italics are Madeline's thoughts and the bold is Donnie's thoughts. The beginning of the chapter is Madeline's POV.

“Madeline, can you come down here for a minute?” I heard my Dad, Donnie call from the kitchen.

“Coming Dad.” I replied as I got up from my desk where I was writing the thankyous for the album I was preparing to release.

 I went into the kitchen and found Dad and all his New Kids on the Block bandmates sitting around drinking beer.

“Hey guys, what’s happening?”
“Maddy, we know you’re preparing to release your album, so we were thinking, do you want to audition to be our opening act?” Jordan, one of the guys asked.

“That’d be an awesome oppurtunity.”

“We’d let you be the opening act regardless but you have to auditon cause the BackStreet Boys have an idea for an opening act as well.” Dad said reassuringly.

“Who?” I asked.

“Jordin Sparks.”

“There’s no way I’d be better than her! She’s incredible and she won American Idol. I’m just a girl from Boston who appears to be using her family name to get famous.”

“That is a load of bull shit Madeline. You are incredibly talented. You have been working on your talent for twenty years and you deserve every amount of fame you get. You’ve stayed in the background and worked quietly. Now is your time to shine. You just have to prove to the BackStreet Boys that you’re a million times better than Jordin Sparks, which you are.” Dad reassured me.

“Thanks Pop.”


My name is Madeline Wahlberg, I was born on November 8 1988 to Donnie Wahlberg and Jamie Maddison. Dad and my Mum split when I was three. I went and lived with Dad, even though he was on tour with the boys. Jordan, Jonathan, Danny and Joey were like brothers to me. They treated me like a little sister. They let me hang out with them on stage when they were doing soundchecks and I got to go into the studio with them. Jordan used to give me piano lessons and singing lessons and so did Dad. Things started to change in 1992. Dad started dating my Step-Mum, Kim and she took over everything. It was all about what she wanted and what she wanted to happen at home. I never minded all the screaming girls that followed Dad and the boys but I honestly never liked Kim.


In 1993, my stepbrother Xavier was born, I was five and Dad and the boys started seeing less and less of each other. I remember I kept asking Dad if I could go to Jordan’s house or Joey’s house but he kept saying I had to stay at home and help look after Xavier. Dad kept giving me singing lesson and piano lessons. When he and the boys broke up the band, things got very quiet in the house. My uncle Mark always dropped by with presents, he was the cool one out of my Dad’s siblings but I think it’s because he and Dad were always close. Uncle Mark used to take me to LA with him when he had film premiers.


In 1999, my worst nightmare came true, after seven years my Dad married Kim. I was eleven at the time and dressing up in a little white dress to be a bridesmaid was not my idea of fun. I was a tomboy and one of the boys. I always wore shorts and singlets and sneakers, played baseball and football in the backyard with Dad and rode motorbikes on weekends for fun and played basketball. Kim wanted me to be a girly girl no matter how much I protested, she made me wear make up and pink. Dad was starting to wonder why I never went out and played Baseball with him anymore or ride the motorbikes Kim wouldn’t let me. I had to start acting like a lady. I wasn’t allowed out to parties or anything like that. Dad always used to wonder why I just spent my weekends in my room watching TV or doing homework.


When my other stepbrother, Elijah was born, I decided to rebel. I was thirteen. I don’t think you can be a Wahlberg and not rebel; it’s in our genes. So I’d sneak out or get Dad to take me to parties without Kim finding out. It never really ended well. In 2006 when I was seventeen nearly eighteen, my dream came true; Dad and Kim started fighting all the time, and one day Dad took Xavier, Elijah and I and we left and stayed at our Uncle Mark’s for a couple of weeks. When the court order came through, my name was nowhere to be seen. Kim only wanted full custody of Xavier and Elijah. When Kim and Dad divorced in early 2008, Kim got shared custody of the boys. I was twenty then but still living with Dad. He had brought an amazing mansion on Boston and he fitted it out with a studio for us to use and he told me that I could start recording my own album. So I’ve spent the last two years recording my own album. Dad helped me write and record the album, he’s a really good writer.


However, I have found that since I turned eighteen he has become really overprotective. I went to college for two years to study Drama because I found as I was growing up, acting was a good release along with music and in that time I brought one guy home, his name was Brodie. He was my age and was from Australia. He was absolutely amazing, he was so caring and kind to me but Dad managed to scare him off. Maybe that was a good thing, I’ve seen his facebook lately and he’s turned into a complete docuhe so I’m glad that ended.


Ever since the New Kids signed up for the joint tour with the BackStreet Boys, it has brought me back to my childhood love of boybands like the BackStreet Boys and Nsync. I found all my old CDs I had collected over time and had begun listening to them. I was into alternative, indie music and a bit of old rock music as well. My album I was writing was going for a more edgy pop feel,


Maddy is my eldest, she is five years older than my son Xavier who was born to my ex-wife Kim. Maddy was born in 1988 to my girlfriend Jamie Maddison. We split when Maddy was three because my touring was getting too much for Jamie so I told her I’d take Maddy. I haven’t heard from her since. While I was married to Kim, I noticed Madeline’s attitudes to her personality and appearance changed. She went from having cropped hair to long wavy hair, wearing make up and acting like a princess. She used to play basketball, ride motorbikes, play baseball and football with me and my brother Mark. I realised what was happening when she was about thirteen. Kim was forcing her to act like a girl, she knew Maddy was a tom boy, it was just the way she was brought up hanging around my bandmates. Now she is twenty-two and is back to her old self, hanging with the boys. She has completed a two year degree in Drama at Boston University and is now working on her solo album with a bit of help from the boys and I. We really want her to open on the NKOTBSB tour we’re doing with the BackStreet Boys but the BackStreet Boys seem keep to have Jordin Sparks. So we’re going to put Maddy and Jordin to a panel of judges. I had a feeling Maddy would be picked, I just had to work intensly with her leading up to it and also help her finish off the album AND focus on the tour at the same time AND work on my TV show Blue Bloods. Life as Donnie Wahlberg is never relaxing, let me tell you now!

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