Faded Dreams by ambitious_alaina
Story Notes:

Rating for mature conversations.

Chapter 1: Allow me to introduce myself by ambitious_alaina
Author's Notes:

A short intro. Longer chapters to come. *grammar edited*

"Annie!" I heard my mom's strong Jersey accent yell up the stairs.

I had just turned on a movie in my room and had plans of laying in bed to relax before falling asleep.

Those plans were interrupted by my best friend, Nick.

"Tell him I'm alseep." I yelled back.

I had heard the phone ring. I knew it was him. He was the only person who ever called our house passed eleven.


Now, it isn't that I wanted to be rude to him. I just have a really early day tomorrow.

Ya know, maybe I should stop and introduce myself. I'm Annie. My real name is Louanne but I hate being called that. My real dad named me after his grandmother a few months before he decided to bail on my mom and I.

I just turned 23 about a week ago. I live in New York with my mom Michelle, her husband Jerry and my half sister Ariel. Ariel is 15 and while I love her she can be thee most annoying person in the world.

I'm about half finished with my schooling to be a professional hair stylist. The technical term is Cosmologist. I prefer hair Stylist cause it's not so formal sounding.

One other important thing you should know about me is that my best friend is Nick Carter. Remember, the one calling me? I met him when I was 14. My mom had gotten me tickets to a concert he and the backstreet boys did here in New York. She surprised me when she dropped me off for the show by handing me a backstage pass.

At the time I had no idea what the little plastic pass would do to my life. It changed and altered my world in a really dramatic way. See that pass allowed me to meet my at the time idol, Nick. When I met him... well... maybe I should just tell it to you like it happened.

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