Don't Wanna Lose You Now by Kyrie
Chapter 1 by Kyrie

After Alissa left, AJ called the DNA lab and realized that it was a phony name and number. He had also found out that Adam had paid this woman to come to his house and pretend to be an old girlfriend. He waited for Alissa to call or come home but she never did.


Alissa had been gone for weeks and AJ hadn’t left the house. He didn’t want to see anyone or take anyone’s calls. The only person he called was Brooke. He kept checking every week to see if Alissa had called her. So far, nothing. There were no clues as to where she went and no one was able to find her. AJ didn’t know how much longer he would be able to take it. He was at his breaking point and had become very angry at Alissa. He couldn’t understand why she had done this to him.


Denise and the guys wanted to give AJ the space he needed but they finally decided that they had had enough. They couldn’t let him sit and wallow in that house any longer. It was only a matter of time before he started drinking again, if he hadn’t already.


The guys decided that Nick and Brian would go over and talk to him. Someone needed to get through to him and stop him from self-destructing. So, Wednesday night after work, Nick picked Brian up and headed over to AJ’s. Since AJ had refused to see anyone, they didn’t bother knocking on the door.  They went around to the back because they knew the slider had a latch that could be unlocked from the outside if you knew how to do it. The guys let themselves in and were shocked to see the state of his house.


Everything had been torn apart. The furniture was in pieces and everything that could be shattered, was. It looked like a tornado had blown through the downstairs.  The guys were becoming afraid of what the upstairs would look like.


They raced up the stairs and noticed that the door to AJ’s bedroom was closed.  Nick barged in not knowing what they would find and was surprised that he wasn’t there. Brian checked his office and he wasn’t there either. When they entered the guest bedroom, they saw AJ curled up in a chair facing the window.


“Hey J.” Nick said quietly.


“What do you want?” he snarled without even turning around. “I thought I was pretty clear when I told everyone to stay away from me!”


“We can’t stay away any longer man.” Brian said. “You need to leave this house, go somewhere, do something. None of us can stand seeing you like this any longer. Do you think Alissa would like seeing you like this?”


AJ jumped up, knocking over the chair and slamming Brian into the wall.


“Who the fuck do you think you are, saying that to me? She didn’t die! She left! She left me!” AJ screamed in his face. “She doesn’t care what I do!”


Nick tried to pull AJ away from Brian. “J, she left because she thought you got another girl pregnant. She loves you so much and that must have killed her.”


AJ turned on Nick. “I didn’t have another girlfriend! She was a fake, someone Adam found on the street. Alissa should have known it wasn’t real, that I would never do that to her. She didn’t even have enough faith in me to give me the benefit of the doubt!”


AJ finally let go of Brian and sank to the floor and put his head in his hands. “I can’t take this anymore!” he said and started to sob.

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