First Impressions by Kyrie
Chapter 1 by Kyrie
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“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this again Kat!”


Katherine Brady laughed as she watched her best friend Brenda Davidson try to pop her ears so she could hear again. She and Brenda had been best friends for years and they worked together teaching at a local middle school. They were like family and did most things together, including going to the Backstreet Boys concert that night in Boston. Kat knew that Brenda had gone to make her happy and she appreciated her friend making the sacrifice. She had always been that kind of friend and Kat couldn’t ask for a better “sister”.


“Laugh it up chica, you think I’m joking! You’re gonna pay for my Miracle Ear when I need one!” Brenda hit the side of her head again.


“Oh come on. It’s wasn’t that bad. The women weren’t as loud as they usually are.”


“Women? Women? I’m going deaf because of you! You scream louder than any person I have ever met. You act like a mature adult anywhere else, but when you see those guys, you turn into a star struck teenager every time!”


“I do not!” Kat said smacking her friend on the arm.


“You do too! I don’t wanna be there on the day that you get to meet them. Everyone in a ten mile radius will go deaf.”


“I wish! There’s probably a better chance of hell freezing over than me actually getting the chance to meet them.”


“You never know.” Brenda winked. “Maybe AJ will fall in love with you and sweep you off your feet.” she said teasing her friend.


“Ok, now I know you haven’t just lost your hearing but you’ve lost all your marbles too! He’s in a relationship and I’m not, I repeat NOT, the type of girl he would ever go for.”


Kat was a plus size girl who was cute but didn’t think anyone ever looked at her as being anything special. She had long, layered brown hair, blue eyes, glasses and what people told her was a cute smile. She was confident about her personality but still was touchy about the weight issue.


Brenda put her arm around her friend’s shoulders. “That’s not true Kat. You’re a terrific catch and he’d be lucky to have you. I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself and that you could see yourself the way everyone else does.”


“I wish I could too. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t ever meet his ideal girlfriend standards.”


Brenda started to say something but Kat cut her off.


“I don’t even know why we’re discussing this. It doesn’t matter. Let’s head home. The kids will be off the wall tomorrow since it’s our first day back from vacation. We need to be prepared!”


Kat laughed as Brenda groaned. “Don’t remind me.”

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