Even the best fall down sometimes by Annie Lisa
When Backstreet falls apart by Annie Lisa
-Even the best fall down sometimes-

Brian yelled angrily, insults and accusations flying like poisonous daggers at the men he once called ‘brothers’.

-Even the strongest of us cries-

Howie cried silently behind his hands, despairing at the state of the band. They were family, they couldn’t fall apart.

-Even the heroes are afraid-

Kevin was afraid. The fear, despair and loss clear on his face. A childish part of Nick still thought of Kevin as Superman, someone who was always there, always strong, always making everything alright. But he wasn’t. And that scared Nick more than their situation.

-Even brothers can betray-

AJ was full of guilt and self-hatred. But it didn’t stop him. He was still leaving. He couldn’t handle the pain. He was abandoning his brothers and he just hoped they would forgive him. They always did.

-Sometimes love is not enough-

Nick was not breathing. Kevin cradled his baby brother’s lifeless body close and wept. He pleaded with him to “wake up, please Nicky. Open your eyes. I love you little buddy please…..” But love wasn’t enough. Love couldn’t save them. Love couldn’t save Nick.

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