Fault Lines by Kyrie
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In A World Like This by Kyrie
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She sat there and stared as people passed by her, getting on with their daily plans and routines. Tucked in a corner surrounded by some potted plants, she curled deeper into her metal chair and adjusted her sunglasses. Her eyes were constantly scanning her surroundings as she pretended to read her book and sip the hot tea she had bought mostly for appearances sake.

Her concentration was broken as five men took over the table diagonal to hers. They acted just like brothers but she didn’t think they weren’t really related. The older one was tall, with dark hair and eyebrows as well as a serious expression that made him seem like the “father” of the group. There were two blondes, one tall and lanky and the other one shorter and as energetic as the Ever Ready bunny. Another was a handsome looking Latino that oozed charm and had a captivating smile. The last was the one that caught her eye the most; he was medium build with sunglasses hiding his eyes and tattoos running over what looked like most of his body. She could tell he was the bad boy of the group and the reputation was probably well deserved.

The two blondes were trying to fight for the last two chairs and left the bad boy with no place to sit. She cringed as she saw the older one motion to the tattooed one and then point to her table. Knowing there was no place for her to go, she silently prayed that he would pick a chair from another table; she wasn’t that lucky. As he approached, she curled tighter into that chair and resisted the urge to bolt. He politely asked if anyone was sitting there to which she nodded her head no. She nodded yes when he asked if he could take it and breathed a sigh of relief when he dragged the chair away.


“That was really weird.” AJ said as he returned to the table.

“What was weird?” Nick asked.

“That woman over there didn’t say a word to me when I asked for the chair. She just nodded.”

“Maybe she’s a mute.”

Kevin smacked Nick on the back of the head.

“What? She could be.”

Brian finally looked over. “She looks kind of sad.”

“Well she is sitting by herself in a crowded bus terminal. Maybe she’s waiting for someone.”

The guys had taken their buses back to the terminal and were getting picked up by family. They were tired of flying everywhere and figured this was a change of pace.

AJ considered the idea and looked back over at her. Their eyes, or at least their sunglasses, met and she turned her head away as fast as she could. Her whole demeanor presented as though something was really off and, even though he knew it wasn’t his business, he was surprised at how badly he wanted to know.


Why do they keep staring at me, she thought to herself. She started to panic and looked around for a way out. As quickly as she could, she sprinted towards the nearest exit and headed out into the busy sidewalk. She needed to find somewhere else to go.


“She took off like a bat out of hell.” Nick pointed out as he looked over at the woman’s table. “Maybe you scared her J.”

AJ looked over and saw the empty chair; he hadn’t even said anything to her.

“I don’t understand what I did. All I asked for was the empty chair.”

“Maybe she thought you were an alien. I mean you do where those crazy sunglasses everywhere.” Brian added.

“But they’re my thing.”

“But she doesn’t know that.”

“She’s probably some fan that freaked out when she saw us.” Kevin piped in with the voice of reason. “You do have that affect J. Woman stop being able to talk around you and she might have been embarrassed. I think you guys are making a big deal over nothing.”

“Maybe.” AJ responded.

Kevin was probably right, it was just some fan who got unnerved by meeting them. He really wanted to believe that but he just felt like something wasn’t right.

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