Past Life by rebellious_one
Prologue by rebellious_one
Author's Notes:
The prologue starts off with dialogue from past interviews and self recordings.
1993: Backstage Interview

Interviewer: Here we are with the Backstreet Boys!
Kevin: Hey, wassup?!
Interviewer: Starting from over here, what’s your name buddy?
Interviewer: Full name.
AJ: AJ McLean
Brian: Brian Littrell… B-Rok!
Kevin: Kevin!
Interviewer: Kevin who?
Kevin: Kevin Richardson.
Howie: Howie D.
Nick: Nicky C., actually Nick Carter
Interviewer: And, uh… what are you guys planning on doing tonight? How many songs you gonna sing?
All: We’re gonna sing two and a half!
Interviewer: Two and a half songs? Why the half?
Nick: Because… that’s the intro!
Kevin: We don’t have much time, so… we’re gonna do what we can while we’re out there.
Nick: We wanna make them drool!
Interviewer: I think this was the guy here that they wanted the most! *camera zooms in on Nick* I don’t know why.


1997: All Access: Making Of Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Fatima: So what makes the Backstreet Boys? You have Kevin who’s like, the father of the group; he makes sure everything is running tight, everybody’s where they’re supposed to be at all times. Nick and Brian, who are like, the playful ones out of the group; Brian’s so silly, he makes everybody laugh. Jim Carey and Ace Ventura, they’re just ridiculous! And then you have Howie who’s the humble one out of the group. You know, Howie is… Howie is neutral, he stays neutral with everything. And AJ’s the rebel of the group I think… yeah, he’s the mac, he kinda does his own individual thing. We’re connected you know, and we just work really well together.


1998: Live with Regis & Kathy

Regis: And Nick, since you joined the group, you got your high school diploma? You joined at an early age right? You’re the youngest member of the group?
Nick: Yeah, 13, 14.
Kathy: So nice you finally accomplished something like that.
Nick: Yeah, its just I mean, being the fact that I’ve been, we’ve been together all this time, I never got to experience high school, but at the same time, I mean of course there’s things I always wish I could do, like play basketball on a team, you know, do the normal high school kid life, but at the same time I wouldn’t give this up for the world, I mean it's an opportunity of a lifetime.


2000: Diary Of The Backstreet Boys

Howie: Being in a group is a very unique situation. We definitely had to learn to balance the chemistry, to have that chemistry that could compliment each other, instead of work against each other. You know, AJ being the rebel type, Brian being the boy next door, me being the, I guess the Latino type, Nicky being the young heartthrob, and Kevin being the older brother. We had to get used to each other’s different personalities.


2005: UK Television Exclusive

Kevin: We took the break because it was much, much needed. AJ went into rehab, with 9/11 going on, we weren’t having as much fun anymore, we were burnt out, Brian needed some time, he just had a new baby boy. We all needed to do our own thing and breathe for a minute.


2013: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of Documentary

Brian: Shut the fuck up and let me talk!
Nick: No you shut the fuck up! You shut the fuck up! You shut the fuck up! I swear to God, don’t fucking talk to me that way!
Brian: I’ll talk to you however I want to talk to you!
Nick: You don’t get respect out of me that way! Don’t be a fucking dick like everyone knows you are! You understand what I’m saying?
Brian: You don’t want to hear it!
Nick: Don’t be a fucking dick! Don’t be a dick! Trust me, you don’t want it from me baby! Trust me!
Brian: Like I’m shaking!
Nick: I’m not afraid of you anymore!
Brian: Dude, what… you were afraid of me?!


2015: Movie Tickets Interview

Interviewer: Share with me a little bit, you guys are older now, so what challenges did that create for you?
AJ: In making the film I think honestly going back and kinda digging up some of our old past videos or old past feelings about Lou’s situation, going back and taking these hometown trips and really whatever it is, and really seeing where each of us came from. I think that was challenging, therapeutic, it brought us closer, it made us understand each other, and how we all kinda… tick.
Interviewer: So Nick, share with me about the brotherhood… how are you guys brothers?
Nick: It’s something kinda unexplainable, its kinda magical in a lot of ways. I don’t think that the people who sort of put us together really thought that this would ever happen, but that’s kinda the mystery of life and how things can happen. So, you know, we’re brothers because we love each other.


2015: End of “In A World Like This” Tour

Group: Hey, we’re the Backstreet Boys!
Howie: Hola! We’re reporting live all the way from Mexico! The very last stop of our…
AJ: Long ass!
Howie: Long butt tour, two years to be exact, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Brian: Our 20th Anniversary tour; go big or go home baby!
Howie: And it’s all thanks to you guys that we’ve been here this long, for keeping the Backstreet Pride alive, so this tour was all for you!
Kevin: But now that we’re finally done, what do we do now? What’s next for us fellas?
Nick: Lets do it all over again!
AJ: I don’t know… maybe another album, what do you guys think?
Kevin: I think we could whip something up…
Nick: We’re headed back into the studio baby!
Kevin: That’s right, we’ll be back in the studio, writing, producing, singing, doing it all over again, and we hope to give you more information on that and possibly a time frame for our NINTH album drop real soon!
Brian: Aww, c’mon Kev, don’t go building us up buttercup baby just to let us down; you know our time frame sucks!
AJ: Backstreet Time… blame Backstreet Time!
Kevin: That’s why “hope” and “possibly” were thrown into the mix.
Brian: But how are we gonna top this boys? I mean, this last album was our first under our own record label, it helped commemorate our 20 years together, we released a documentary in theaters… any more grand master plans Nick?
Nick: Of course! I always have plans!
Howie: Shouldn’t have asked that…
Nick: I’m thinking… one band. one island. five guys. five cameras. different pasts. all present. taking on the future. What happens when we stop being fake, and start getting real…
AJ: Sounds like if Survivor, The Blair Witch Project, and The Real World were to have a baby, it would be our new show. Oooh, that could be the name of our album and documentary… Project Survivors of The Real World!
Howie: Am I the only one thinking that the last person I’d like to be stuck on an island with is you Nick? No offense of course!
Nick: Ouch bro, where’s the love? I thought we were best friends… we’re brothers, till the end! I love you guys man!
Kevin: You see now, this is where I gotta cut the line! Thank you to all our fans again for coming to see ya boys this tour, we can’t wait to do it all again… stay tuned, and we’ll be seeing you all again real soon! Peace and love!


2015: Present Day

AJ: Hey my Skulleez, this is ya boy’s cam! We out here in the middle of… bumfuck nowhere. I seriously have no idea, and don’t remember where we are right now! This… is what happens… when you leave it up to the youngest to plan everything. Nick literally Google’d “isolated places in the US”, and boom… here we are… lets go see what the other fellas are up to… hey Rok, get over here buddy!
Brian: Wassup Bone diggity dawg!
AJ: Come and say hi to our fans!
Brian: Hey fans! We out here in Hinsdale County!
AJ: Leave it to these Kentucky guys to know where we are!
Brian: Speaking of Kentucky, where’s Kev… lets go get him in on this…
AJ: He’s probably hugging a tree and kissing the sides of these mountains.
Brian: Well, there’s Howie… hey Howie, what ya doing?
Howie: Shh… be quiet.
AJ: Why, what’s going on? Why are you hiding, and what are you looking at?
Howie: Nick…
Brian: Why are you looking at him?
AJ: Is he talking to himself? What is he doing?
Howie: I’m still trying to figure that out. We had gone from talking about amenities to him asking me how I used to catch rabbits when we seen a few wild ones hopping around. Next thing you know, he ventured out here and has been like this for the last ten minutes or so…
AJ: Why don’t you just ask him what he’s doing, Hey Nick!
Howie: Ugh, Aje!
AJ: What the hell are you doing over there dude?
Nick: What?
AJ: I said what are you doing over there, you’re freaking D out over here!
Howie: Really AJ?!
Brian: *whispers* Looks like he caught those rabbits.
Nick: Nothing, just caught our dinner…
AJ: You do realize that’s why we went grocery shopping on our way up here right?
Nick: I know, but I just wanted to see if I coul… what are you doing?
Brian: What, what is who doing?
Nick: Why are you guys all staring at me? Why do you have that, were you recording me?
AJ: Seriously? This was your idea dude… all of us would have a camera and we’d film ea-
Nick: Turn the camera off.
Brian: What’s the big deal?

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