Love me by nicky
Chapter 1 by nicky

“You need to say it now, the guys, will understand” I was looking at the rearview mirror while I give myself a pep talk. I wasn’t scared that the guys wouldn’t understand that I couldn’t stay tonight. It’s more that I soon as I said it to the guys, there was no turning back. And that what scares me the most.

“What if I wanted to much to soon?” “What if? “ “oh come on, stop question yourself. I can do it, don’t over think it just do it. Just go inside and tell them. ”I get out, locked the door and took a took some deep breaths.

“Hey Brain, you make it. You’re late man, what took you so long?” AJ was standing on the patio smoking a cigarette. I walked to AJ and gave him a big hug,

“It’s something wrong? I mean, you’re late and now a hug, that’s nothing for you man?” AJ was staring at me and whit a face that you could tell that he was wondering what was going on.

“Well why don’t you put you cigarette away and come inside with me? And I will tell you and the rest what’s going on.” I chuckled while I was walking to the front door that AJ left open. “Hello guys, I’m sorry that I’m late”

“I hope you have a damn good reason for coming more than an hour late, and let me starving to death. You know that Kevin..”

Kevin stood up and looked over to nick while he starts talking “ Nick don’t be such a baby, and nobody starving here, people in …”

“Yeah Kevin I know, I’m hungry. That’s better?” Nick winked at Brian.

“That’s a lot better, and if it makes you happy I will start to make some food. Hey D can you help me?” Kevin didn’t wait for an answer. Howie stood up and followed Kevin to the kitchen.

“I don’t understand why Kev. still react so strong on a simple word as Hungry. But it still works for changing the subject ” Nick stood up and walked over to me .

“I know, Thank you. And thanks for not telling them, but to be hones I wish you did.” There I was standing in the living room of my cousin feeling like a little child.

“What? For once I manage to keep my mouth shut and you wish that I didn’t? Why could you not tell me that sooner? Did you know how hard it was not telling them? The next time you tell me something and ask me not to tell, I will tell. Don’t you ever forget that” I looked at Nick not knowing what to say.

“Hey it’s okay B. I was just joking, just trying to…” “I know Nick, I know you’re joking. But I’m freaking out here. Maybe I shouldn’t.. Maybe I wait a ..” While I was saying that I was staring at my shoes.

“Oh hell no? Are you crazy? Don’t get the nerves changes you mind. You can do it and you want to do it. So go and do it.” Nick was talking loud and I was hoping that the rest of the guys could hear Nick and asking him what was going on.

“If you don’t I go and do it. And I mean it B.”

“Wow Nick, Do you mean it? I mean will you ask?” I looked at him not knowing what to think.

“I will do it for you, not for myself are you crazy? You know that I would never do that to you”
Nick and I were looking at each other and started laughing and couldn’t stop anymore.

“What are you two laughing?” Asking AJ while he walked in.

“I tough that Nick wanted to ask Leighanne to marry him” I said whit tears in my eyes from laughing.

“Yeah, can you believe that? I asking her?” Nick saw Kevin and Howie heading to the table with food “Finally we can eat, are you AJ are you coming or are you just going to stand there?”

“Why so you only aske me? B is also here.” AJ was looking confusing over from nick to brain and wondering whats going on. “And why tough Brain that you wanted to ask his girl to marry you, Nick? And why do you think that’s funny, I mean you tough that Nick wanted to marry Leighanne? What’s going on here?”

Kevin and Howie stood by the table still holding the food and waiting for wat going to happen next.
“Uh, yeah, I just. Nick just. Well” I didn’t know how to say it so I started to mumble and in the mean time I was trying to get eye contact whit Nick so he could help me to find the rights words.

“Really J. Do you need to do this to B? Don’t you see that he have a hard time? Just give him a moment to breath and relax and wait till he is ready to tell you all. And till then I do want promise Brain to do and that is not telling you. And you all will be surprise but for once I didn’t tell and you know what B was saying? He was hoping that I would tell you. But I can’t B. I’m sorry but this is too big. You really need to tell them yourself. So can we now eat?” everybody was staring at Nick and me even when Nick finish there all still stood still like they are frozen.

Nobody moved till I started moving to the table. Kevin and Howie finally putting the food on the table and went back to the kitchen to get the rest of the food. “That’s all, I hope it’s enough, Do your thing B.” Kevin said and walked over to his chair.

“Dear god. Thank you for the food we can eat today. I’m sorry to ask you know, but can you please give me the strength to do the things I planned for tonight and give me the strength to ask Leighanne to marry me.” The rest of the guys except Nick open there eyes and look at each other and wondering if they here it right.
“ I promise I would love here, take care of here in the good and the bad for the rest of my life. But I need you help to find the strength to aske here. Thank you God and bless everyone”

I keep my eyes close longer than I usually do, but as soon as I finish I realis what I had said. When I open my eyes I saw that everybody were staring at me with their mouth open except for Nick, he was still seating whit his eyes close. I didn’t not know what to do, so I staring at my hands.

“So that’s what you’re talking about?” AJ was the first one to open his mouth and Nick open his eyes.
“uh, well yeah. I told Nick a couple weeks ago that I wanted to ask Leighanne and ask him to help me do that” when I said it I was hoping that they didn’t where disappointed that I only ask Nick.

“And you never told anyone Nick? How did you do that? Are you finally learning to keep a secret?”
“I guess Kev.” “Well I’m proud of you Nicky” Kevin pats nick shoulder while he was on his way to give me a big hug and wish him luck. The rest of the guys followed Kevin and did the same

“When are you propose to her?” Howie was the last one to wish me luck.
“To be hones I need to go now, If I don’t I will be too late” I was glad that the finally know but I also starting to sweat.

“Here” Nick come to me and give me the cd. “just turn it on and it will start, you know every single word so nothing can go wrong. And the ring is in your right pocket. Good luck man and go now”

“yeah tanks. I own you Nick” I said as I walked to the car hoping that everything went the way I wanted.

The group

“Wow I can’t believe that I keep it from you all for such a long time. I’m glad that you all know it know” Nick was starting at the window looking for Brain to walk away and hopefully walking to his new further.

“I can believe it either god job. But what did you give Brain”
“Just I CD Kev. But are you all ready to go? Because we also need to leave if we will make it on time.”

“What about dinner?” Howie was looking at the food “you don’t want to eat? I thought you were..”
“Howie, I don’t care about the food at this moment, the only reason I said it was to get Kevin of off Brains back.” Kevin wanted to open his mouth but before he could say anything Nick continued “Don’t say anything or ask. We all know that when one of us say that we are hungry that you start about it and that you forget where we talking about. But can we go know?”

“Where are we going to?” AJ was grapping his jacket like the rest.
“You will see. Brain have something romantic planed and ask me if I would make some picture’s from this moment”

“And how are you going to do that with all of us?”
“Just to go to the place where the magic is going to happen Howie, just relax I know what I’m doing. You all can come. They can’t see us so let’s go.”

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