A McLean Unexpected by NiKevAJ132
Unexpected by NiKevAJ132
Author's Notes:
I have had this idea ever since A.J. announced Rochelle's due date. Let's just hope it doesn't really happen this way...

Rochelle McLean smiled, watching her amazing husband work the stage from a monitor in the backstage green room.

The Backstreet Boys' Larger than Life residency had been open a full week in Las Vegas, and fans were flocking from all corners of the world to show their love and support.

Just as exciting was the anticipation of her and Alex�s next baby girl. Rochelle's due date was days away, but they anticipated the little one to arrive later than expected. Ava, after all, had born three days late.

Rochelle watched as A.J. got the audience pumped up as the opening chords to 'I Want It That Way' filled the Axis.

A familiar pain suddenly went through her stomach and lower back. She pressed her hand to her spine, wincing.

"Braxton Hicks," she sighed. "Just like last time."

Rochelle leaned back resting against the cushions of the sofa and continued to watch the show. As Alex went into his verse, the baby gave her a hard kick near her ribs.

"Oof," she grunted, and rubbed her hand over her belly. 'You just love hearing Daddy sing, don't you?" she said laughing.

Suddenly an even sharper pain came waving over her and her laughter turned to a gasp. "Okay"� she grimaced. "That wasn't fun." With a deep sigh she brought her legs up to lay across the couch as comfortably as she could.
"Let's take it easy now, ok girlie?"

Rochelle was able to settle down and continue watching the show, with the occasional twinges she kept track of as they came and went.

It wasn't until the encore had just started that the pain really intensified, this time with a warm wet gush between her thighs. "Crap!" she groaned. This wasn't a drill.

Slowly and carefully she sat up, breathing slowly as the next contraction ran its course. Looking back at the monitor, she saw the boys were just taking their final bow.

"Okay, just hang on, baby." Rochelle grimaced. "Daddy's on his way. Then we can...ow!"

Another contraction already? This wasn't good- how could this labor be going so fast? She sank to the carpet, onto her knees one hand cradling her bump and the other bracing the floor. She started panting as the pain became more and more severe.

"Rochelle?" She looked up and saw Kevin and Nick in the doorway. "What's going on?" Kevin came over and knelt next to her. "Is it time?"

"Sort of," she nodded. "Where's Alex?"

"He's just down the hall; I can get him!" Nick ran back out, while Kevin stood by the laboring mother's side.

"How long?" he asked rubbing her back. "My water just broke, but I've..." Rochelle grabbed his hand as the next contraction started. "...feeling something for a while." she managed to finish saying. "I didn't want Alex to miss the show; I thought it was just a false alarm!"

"Don't worry about that now," Kevin comforted her. Remembering when Kristin had been in labor, he took a firm grip on Rochelle's squeezing fingers and let her lean her forehead into his shoulder.

"Just breathe," he told her softly. "He'll be here soon."

As if on cue, A.J. ran into the room with Nick trailing behind him. Rochelle outstretched her arms to him and he collapsed in front of her, kissing her forehead. "Nick, tell security to get the car," he called over his shoulder.

"How far apart are the contractions, babe?" A.J. asked her gently, moving to take Kevin's place supporting her. "I don't know," she sighed, then gasped and dug her nails into his shoulders. "Not...very long!"

" It's okay! It'll be okay," he soothed, pressing his hand to her belly. "Hang in there, little girl."

Just then Nick came in along with some of the management and security teams.

"We may have a problem." One of the security guards spoke up. 'The streets outside the resort are currently shut down."

"What the shit!? My wife's having a baby, how are we supposed to get to a fucking hospital?!" A.J. groaned. "Can't we try an ambulance?" Kevin suggested. "There's got to be an exception for this kind of thing."

"We'll see what we can do," the officers agreed. They bustled out of the room.

Still keeping his wife steady in his arms, A.J. looked over and nodded to Kevin, who still knelt next to the couple.
"Thanks for staying with her, man." His bandmate nodded back with a faint smile.

"So, we're just going to wait here?" Nick said aloud. "Maybe we should go to the lobby; it'll be faster for them." Rochelle shook her head. "I can't even get up," she sighed. Then yet another contraction wracked over her. "Ow!"

Just then, Brian and Howie came rushing in. "Hey, we just heard!" Howie exclaimed.

"Yeah, security's trying to get us a ride," A.J. said still kneeling beside his wife, rubbing her back and holding her hand as she rested her head on the couch.

"Dude, it's chaos out there," Brian shook his head. "How are they supposed to find a way through all that?"

"Well they have to find some way! This kid's not gonna wait all night!"

"Oh, God!" Rochelle cried out. "She's not waiting at all, she's coming now!" She turned over onto her back.

"What? No, she's not, no she's not!" A.J. tried getting her back up, but she only got as far as her knees before she doubled over again. "She is, Alex! She's coming right now!" Her face twisted as she unwillingly began to bear down.

"Holy shit! Baby, don't push!"


A.J.'s face went completely white as he watched Rochelle try to resist. He looked up at the other Boys. "Get help. Now!"

Howie, Nick, and Brian bolted from the room, Howie going one way and Nick and Brian the other. Kevin helped A.J. move Rochelle so she was sitting up against the welt of the sofa.

"Alex, please!" she said frantically. "You're gonna have to do it!"

"What?!" A.J. was shocked. Rochelle couldn't really be serious; him, deliver their own baby?!

"Baby, PLEASE!!" she pleaded.

He froze, but Kevin shook him by the shoulder. "Bone, snap out of it!" he prodded him. "You gotta man up, your wife needs you right now."

A.J. swallowed hard. "Right...but you..."

"I'll be with her, I'll hold her hand" Kevin nodded, offering his right to Rochelle as he slipped his left arm over her shoulders. "You've gotta do this, bro."

He knew he was right. A.J. knew he had to be brave for both himself and his wife, and their daughter. Plus he was almost certain that Rochelle would never let him live it down if he let any of the Boys near her downstairs.

So A.J. gave in and knelt at her feet, removing his glasses and his blazer. "Okay. Okay, monkee, we're gonna do this together." He leaned in and kissed her forehead, his hand bracing her knee gently. "Let's bring our little girl out here."

Within seconds the next contraction came and Rochelle was pushing, clutching Kevin's hand as he and Alex kept her calm and focused through her agonized moans.

Howie, Nick, and Brian burst back in and stopped short when they saw the scene in front of them, Brian almost dropping the handful of towels he had swiped from a housekeeping cart.

"What the...?!" Nick stammered.

"Dude, not now!" Kevin snapped. "Brian, bring those here."

As his cousin rushed over, Howie and Nick kept clear out of the way by rushing right back out down the hall and yelling for help. "Well, thanks a lot!" Brian called after them, annoyed.

Back on the floor Rochelle continued to push. "There you go, baby." A.J. coaxed her on. "You've got this, you...shit, that's her head! Come on, one more time, baby! One more!"

She screamed, and then a tiny but strong wail came into the room.

Laughing and crying, A.J gazed down at his newborn child as she slid into his arms.

"I got her! I got her, she's here!" A towel was draped over the squalling infant , and he laid her onto Rochelle's chest and began to gently rub her dry. The new mother gasped looking down at their daughter. "Oh my God!" she sobbed.

Brian and Kevin sat back in awe as the baby�s cries turned to whimpers. "Praise Jesus," Brian whispered.

"Baby, I'm so proud of you! You did so good," A.J. murmured to his wife, kissing her over and over. "We did." She smiled, giggling joyfully. "Congrats, you guys," Kevin told them, blinking back tears at the miracle he beheld. "She's beautiful."

Suddenly, Nick's voice was heard out in the hall. "A.J.! Kev! B, the paramedics are pulling in around back!" He burst back in, Howie right behind him.

"How's..." they both froze, eyes going to the baby in Rochelle's arms. "Holy crap."

"Come on and meet our new niece." Brian called them over, and they crouched beside the others.

A.J. stroked his daughter's soft pink cheek with his finger, and her tiny hand stretched up and grabbed it. "Hey, my little angel," he cooed. "I'm your Daddy."

"And Mommy's so proud of him," Rochelle said softly.

She kissed her amazing Alex, knowing that this moment, as it had been with Ava, would be one that none of them would forget.

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