Best and Worst Mistake by Stephie
Chapter 1 - That One Time at a Backstreet Boy concert by Stephie
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It all started as a one night stand and the best night of my life. I’m in my thirties and not married so I was taking life by the horns and trying to find the one person in this world I was meant to be with. I wasn’t the kind of girl who did one night stands in fact this was the first time I had done anything remotely like it. The man I slept with was not just some random dude but I’m pretty sure I'm not the first random woman he had been with. In my teens I had idolized this man and the band he was in! They are still making music and touring to promote a new album. When I heard tickets were available for a show nearby, I bought a ticket and a VIP as well. That’s where this all started! He invited me to the after party while giving a backstage tour and I decided to go. It was like an hour into it I wasn’t really feeling it and was getting ready to leave when he approached me. I guess you could say he made me an offer that the nostalgic teenager in me couldn’t refuse and I ended up in his bed. We didn’t exchange numbers and I left his room in the early morning hours. Fast forward 4 months later and I am fucking cursing my teenage nostalgia. I’m sitting in my doctor’s office waiting for an ultrasound! Yep, that’s right I’m fucking pregnant! I have no way to reach him not that he’d care but I think he should know anyway. I started the process of trying to get in contact with him when I found out I was pregnant but I haven’t had much luck. I never got very far because every time they’d just laugh in my face and blow me off. Once the ultrasound was finished I learned I was having boy…I have no doubt I’ll be living with a carbon copy of this man for the rest of my life! The genes were strong with him. His brother could have been his clone except for the eye color. Every time I get into an elevator memories of that night flood my senses. We were on the way up to his room but hadn't even made any physical contact at that point. We talked for hours after the party was over and we continued to talk after we got to his room. He is not to blame for us ending up in bed, that would be all me. I kissed him first. An alert on my phone went off as I stepped out of the elevator. I tapped the alert on my screen to find that he was doing a solo tour and would be at The House of Blues in 2 weeks. I was driving towards my studio apartment contemplating on whether or not I should buy a ticket. I decided to call one of my closest girlfriends and told her I was stopping by. I parked outside her house and walked to the door.

“You are absolutely glowing Katrina!”

“Thanks Jen! How are you?”

“I’m doing pretty well! So did you find out what you’re having?”

“A boy!”

“Congratulations! Have you had any luck contacting the baby daddy?”

“That’s why I’m here….he’s coming to town in 2 weeks and I think I’m going to need some moral support?”

“Are you finally going to tell me who he is? Obviously he’s not from around here.” She asked and I nodded my head

“You are probably going to think I’m nuts! That’s why I haven’t told you. He's performing at the House of Blues…”

“He’s a musician?” She asked surprised

“Yep! He's part of the band we saw at the concert we went to four months ago.” I said and she laughed!

“Oh my God Kat! Are you for real right now? Are you saying like in the band or do you mean a Backstreet Boy?”

"Backstreet Boy..."

"Please tell me it was a least the one that isn't married." She laughed again because she probably thinks I am making this up.

"Really Jen, I have some morals."

"So are you trying to tell me that Nick Carter is your baby daddy?"

“This is why I haven’t told anyone, I knew that nobody would believe me!” I said breaking down into tears.

“I believe you. I mean you did disappear on me that night. If I had known that you were off fucking Nick Carter I wouldn’t have gotten so mad.”

“Trust me, if I had known what the outcome was going to be, I wouldn’t have done it. No I take that back, I wouldn’t change anything because I love this little guy I was devastated when I found out about him but now I can’t imagine not being pregnant with him.”

“Are you going to tell Nick?”

“I want to try to because he deserves to know but he probably won’t believe me either.”

“Well you’ll just have to prove it once the baby is born.”

“Nah, I don’t want anything from him. If he doesn’t believe me then it’s his loss.”

“That a girl!”

“Will you come with me?”

“Of course! Just tell me when and where!” She said as we stood.

“Thank you! I’m going to go home and take a nap. Growing a human is exhausting!” I smiled as I headed for my car. This is going to be an excruciatingly long two weeks! I went to work during the week but the weekends were always the longest and the loneliest. Thankfully it was finally Friday and the day of the show. I took the day off of work and we got to the HOB fairly early. I was hungry of course so we sat down in the restaurant and ordered food. I was sipping on my water when he walked in. I started to choke which made Jen look up.

“Are you okay?” She asked “you look like you saw a ghost!” She turned to see what I was staring at.

“Jen don’t!” But it was too late.

“Nick!” She yelled! He looked over at us and smiled! I’m screaming profanities at Jen in my head right now. I can’t believe she just called him over here!

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