Backstreet Angel by frackandbonechick
Chapter One by frackandbonechick
3 months after I posted the letter

July 10 2001

"Man I am so bored" Nick complained

"Go play your video games then" said an annoyed Kevin

"Nah, I have played them to many times there just plain boring now"

"Did I hear you right? Video games boring?" AJ gasped then laughed.

"Why don't we read fan-mail" Howie suggested

"Why not we don't have anything else to do" Brian said.

Kevin got up and went back to the end of the bus and picked up 6 small bags (One for Howie, One for Brian, One for Nick, One for AJ, One for himself and One that had letters addressed to all of them in it) - this should keep us occupied, Kevin said taking them back.

About 1/2 hour later...

Nick was getting tired of all the "I love you's" and "Marry Me's" so he picked up the bag that was full of the letters addressed to all of them. 'To The Backstreet Boys', 'Backstreet Boys', 'The Backstreet Boys', then he found one addressed to all of them by name. Nick put the others down and opened that letter. Nick read the letter and laughed at the part where Michelle's friend was bugging her.

"What's so funny Frack?" Brian asked

"Oh nothing, hey guys do we have an atlas on the bus?" Nick asked

"Yeah over there somewhere. Why?" Kevin asked while nodding to a pile of books in the corner. "No reason" Nick said. He put down the letter and went to find the atlas.

Brian picked up the letter and smiled when he saw the bit written to him and Kev. Brian handed the letter to Kevin, he read it and then passed it on to the other two.

"This Michelle chick sounds nice" AJ said as Nick came over with the atlas.

"What? What are you doing? Give that back!" screamed Nick with steam coming out of his ears.

"Is that why you wanted an atlas - to find out where New Zealand is?" AJ said with a sly smile on his face.

"Your not thinking of writing to her are you Nick? You know were not allowed!" Kevin said.

Nick knew he wasn't allowed but something drew him to her in this letter, he wanted to know her so he decided to write her a letter without the others knowing. "No, I'm not going to write her a letter, I just wanted to find out where New Zealand was that's all" Nick said.

Nick grabbed the letter off the table and started to read about New Zealand. "Shit did you guys know that there are only 3.9 million people in the whole of New Zealand" Nick said astonished

That night Nick sat in his bus-bed bunk and wrote Michelle a letter.

Dear Michelle,

Hi, this is Nick. I shouldn't be writing to you because it is not allowed but I felt drawn to you in your letter even though you didn't write much but what you did write I loved and thankyou but don't say sorry for other peoples actions that are not your own. Kev and B-Rock got smiles on their faces when they read the part to them congratulating them on getting married. Thankyou for that.

I would really like it if you and I became friends. Since you live so far away why don't we email and talk to eachother on the telephone. But before that happens I would like it if you could answer 3 questions about me and please answer them honestly don't go looking them up just to please me ok.

Q1. What is my shoe size?

Q2. What is my favourtie Basket-Ball team?

Q3. What is my favourtie colour?

Please write back to me and I will email you when I get your letter.

Love Nick Carter

3 weeks later

August 1 2001

"I can not believe Jeff broke up with you? Did he give a reason?" Dezerae asked

"No, he just said it wasn't working out, but I know he was cheating on me, he got real distant really quickly" I replied. I met Jeff while posting my letter to The Backstreet Boys. Dezerae and I talked for a while longer then I hung up and went down stairs of my father's house.

"Michelle, you have mail" Dad said

"Thanks" I picked it up and went threw it - Junk, Junk, Bank statement, Letter from Dion (a friend in Australia) and a letter with no return address. I went back up stairs to my room going threw my mail, curiosity got the better of me and I opened the letter with the no return address on it first.

Dear Michelle,

Hi, this is Nick..."who's Nick?" so I scanned through it and it finally hit me "NICK CARTER wrote to ME!". After the initial shock wore off the whole "Nick Carter wrote me a letter" stardom thing wore off after all Nick was just a normal guy, so I wrote him back.

Dear Nick,

Hey, how are you? Personally I am not to good but I will get into that another time. Ok Nick I will answer your questions even though they are as weird as hell.

Q1. What is your shoe size?

A. I personally don't care plus how would I know how big your feet are. (Mine are 8's if ya wanted to know)

Q2. What is your favourtie Basketball team?

A. Sorry don't know again I don't follow Basketball.

Q3. What is your favourtie colour?

A. I think it is green, I read it in an article some where I think. (Mine is Baby Blue).

Nick why did you ask those questions? If they were to see if I was a dedicated fan, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I know nothing about you, heck I don't even know how old you are. All I know is who is who in your group and that Kev and Brian got married, that's it.

I'd better go, Write Soon



Nick Name in chat room: babey_blu_babe

4 weeks later

September 3 2001

For the past week and a half Nick has been frantically checking the fan-mail for Michelle's letter. Each day he was disappointed, he was starting to think she wasn't going to write back. But today he found her letter.

"YES!" Nick screeched

"What are you yes'sin about?" Brian asked

"Oh nothing" replied Nick.

Brian shook his head and walked off.

Nick went to his hotel room and sat down and read Michelle's letter eagerly.

'Thank god she isn't an obsessed fan' Nick thought, he had tested her on what she knew about him.

Nick walked out of his hotel room and banged on Brian's door.

"Nick what da ya want?"

"Can I borrow you lap-top until I get a new one in a couple of days?"

"Yeah sure..." Brian couldn't say anymore Nick was in and out of there so fast with a grunted "thanks" as he walked back past Brian into his own hotel room.

Nick got his email address and nickname up and running. Email

Nick Name: nintendofreak

He emailed Michelle and explained why he asked those weird questions and then told her a bit about himself and asked her to tell him about her.

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