Backstreet Angel by frackandbonechick
Chapter Seven by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Eight...

I skulled the rest of my drink and looked out onto the dance floor.
"God you people really need to learn how to loosen up when your dancing," "Come on you two, were gonna show them how to really dance" I said dragging Leigh and Kris up with me.

The 3 of us let loose on the dance floor and I literally let my hair down (it was up in a clip but I took the clip out).

Back at the guys table...

"Ya know what? It feels like I have known Michelle for years instead of one day. I am just so comfortable around her and look what she had done to Leigh - I have tried to get her to loosen up since I met her and in what? 10 minutes Michelle has got her up on the dance floor dancing like that". Brian said

"I know how you feel Bri, look at Kristen - she is never like that. Michelle is a wonderful person Nick thankyou for bringing her into our lives" Kev said

"Just think if I would have listened to you guys about writing a letter to her none of this would have happened" Nick laughed

"Thank god you don't listen to us aye" Howie said laughing.

"Oh fuck! Curly is heading in the girls direction" AJ said getting up.

"AJE let Michelle handle it" Nick said with confidence and putting a hand on his shoulder.

On the dance floor...

"Shit Michelle, Timberlake is heading this way" Kristen said

"No problem" I said. I saw Justin's bodyguard. He had been watching me since I got up onto the dance floor. I walked up to him.

"Excuse me?" I said in a seductive/scared tone.

He cleared his throat "yes miss?"

"Do you think you could do me a huge favour?"


"See that guy over there (pointing to Justin who was talking to JC at that moment) Do you think you could keep him away from me and my 2 friends out there. Its just because he has been hassling me and I don't like it. And I asked you because you are bigger than all the other guys here and you look very strong so he shouldn't hurt me" I said in a seductive/scared voice.

"I will make sure he doesn't hurt you miss, I will keep him away"

"Really? Oh thankyou so much" I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Its ok really" he said blushing

"What's your name by the way?" I asked

"Frank - Frank Wellsis"

"I'm Michelle and you Frank Wellsis are the sweetest guy in the world" I kissed his cheek again and walked back to my friends. Leaving a smile plastered on his face.

Boys Table...

"Ok. Why is she talking to Justin's bodyguard? She kissed him and now she is back dancing. Ok what was that all about?" AJ said

"We will find out soon enough/" Nick said

"Ok Curly is here and Big Frank is off his stool..."

Dance Floor...

"So what did you say to that big guy?" Leigh asked

"Lets just say that Timberlakes bodyguard is now my bodyguard against Timberlake" I laughed.

Just then Justin walked up.

"What's you + me + My hotel room bed?" Justin asked

"Nothing in the Past, Present or Future. Now leave me alone" I said

"Come one Justin lets leave" Frank said coming and standing to Justin's right.


"But NOTHING lets go!" Frank said in a firmer voice and grabbing Justin's forearm.

"Ok, Ok, Ok" Justin said trying to shake off Franks grip.

"Later Babe" Justin said.

"Not if I have anything to do with it" Replied Frank and turned to leave with Justin. He took one last look at me to make sure I was ok and I smiled and mouthed "Thankyou" and he smiled and nodded.

"Michelle, Kirsten and I need a drink, you want one?" Leigh asked

"Yeah, I'll have one after this song has finished" I replied and carried on dancing with the person next to me who just happened to be Joshua Jackson.

"Hey guys what's up?" Leigh asked up coming back to the table with her drink.

"You'll find out later" Brian whispered in her ear.

Leigh slapped him and said "I'd better" laughing.

"So what did Michelle say to Big Frank - Justin's bodyguard?" Nick asked

"Dunno what she said but she told us and I quote 'Lets just say that Timberlakes bodyguard is now my bodyguard against Timberlake' She is one amazing women. Where did you ever find her?" Kristen asked

"New Zealand. I found her in New Zealand" Nick smiled.

3 songs later I thanked Joshua for the dance and came back over to the guys' table.

"You make friends with everyone don't you?" Leigh asked pointing to Joshua who winked when I turned around.

"Seems like I do" I laughed "Hey Leigh and Kris - when the guys are at rehearsal tomorrow do you guys wanna do our favourite thing?"

"Love to" they replied

"what you gonna do tomorrow?" Howie asked Me, Kristen, Leighanne, Kevin and Brian answered "SHOPPING" and then all cracked up laughing.


"Did someone say shopping?" AJ asked coming back to the table.

"Yeah, we are going tomorrow while you are at rehearsal. Why do you like shopping?" I asked

"Do I ever, I'll have to take you shopping with me and you'll never wanna shop with anyone else again, but can I go with you guys tomorrow I can miss rehearsal"

"Nope sorry babe, We will go with you another time but tomorrow is just us girls cuz us girls gotta girl talk" I said and all the guys moaned. They don't like girl talk cuz they get talked about (ya know what I mean).

The moaning reminded me of something. "Hand over your credit cards"

Then 5 credit cards were in my hand.

“Um… I meant Kev and Bri’s, not you 3 also”

Aj and Howie took theirs back but Nick wouldn’t.

“Nick I am NOT using your credit card” I protested

“YES you are!”

“No I’m not”

“We will talk about his at home” Nick said in a firm voice

“You can talk all you like – I’m not gonna use your card, plus you know I have my own money - I love you I really do but you don't have to spend your money on me." I said.

The Next Day... - In a coffee shop with the girls...

"I still can't believe that Nick got you to take his card" Kris said

"Well I took it but I never said I was gonna use it" I laughed

"You bad bad girl" Leigh laughed

"I know don't ya love me" I said then laughed

Back at Nicks that afternoon...

"Hey Shell, how was shopping?" Nick asked when I walked in the door.

"I had so much fun. I brought a whole new wardrobe - kidding I got a new skirt and top and underwear"

"So you had fun?"

"Yep - heaps of fun. Leigh and Kris are so nice"

"I know they are aren't they. I have something important to ask you" Nick said

"Ok What is it?"

"Well last night while you were dancing the manager of us was watching and she was wondering if you could be one of our dancers because of them quit last night and she thinks you will be perfect"

"I would love to dance with you guys"

"There is one small problem"

"What is it?"

"Well you have to learn the dances in 1 week but the good thing is, is that you are my dance partner so we can learn it here also and plus you are gonna get paid for dancing as well"

"Well I think I can handle that. I am a very fast learner and dancing with you and getting paid is an extra bonus. When's practice?"

"20 minutes"

"Well I better go change"

20 Minutes later at Rehearsal...

Brian, AJ, Kev and Howie went through the routine so I could see what the dancing initialed. There were a lot of toughing and sexy moves, which I was happy about cuz Nick was my partner.

"I got it" I said.

"Yeah right, she thinks she can do it by just watching us do it once" One of the dancers said. I heard but just smiled.

"Come-on Nicky, lets show these people how its done" I said grabbing his hand and pulling him to his feet.

The music started and we started dancing I got it in one just like I thought.

"Shit Nick, she even makes you look good" AJ said and everyone laughed

"Shut up J" Nick said but I could see the smile playing on his lips.

That practice I learnt 4 of the 9 dances. Afterwards the other 4 girls congratulated me on learning them so quick.

4 days later at Rehearsal...

(Tour starts 13 June...)

We were all having a 10 minute break and I was grabbing a bottle of water out of the vending machine when the other girls came over.

"Hey girls, what's up?" I asked

"Can we ask you a question?"

"Yeah go for it"

"How come the guys are so comfortable around you?"

"Dunno, I've never really thought about it"

"Oh ok, um how long have you known the guys?"

"um... a week, yeah a week"


"Yeah, I've known Nick for 9 months but I have only known the other guys for a week but with Nick and I we only met eachother in person 2 1/2 weeks ago"

The girls look confused.

"I wrote a letter to Nick and he wrote back and then we became friends and emailed and called eachother then he surprised me on my birthday 2 1/2 weeks ago and invited me on the tour then I got this dancing gig 5 days ago and now I'm dancing with you guys"

"Oh so that's why you leave and come here with Nick, I thought you guys were a couple"

"Nah, were not a couple, not that I wouldn't wanna date Nick he's a great guy inside and out, he's just not a pretty blue-eyed blonde he's got a great heart and a fantastic personality to go with his looks he is just a perfect person"

"You really like him don't you?"

"yeah I do, but he doesn't like me that way but I'd rather have his friendship than nothing"

"Well Nick would be lucky to have you"

"Aww thanks you are so sweet"

"After the tour are you gonna go and live with Nick again?"

"Maybe for a week but then I'll go back home"

"Where's home?"

"New Zealand"



"Wow - so that's where the accent comes from"

"Yeah" I laughed.

We practiced for another 2 hours. I had every dance down and I was actually good at it.

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